Fashion Trend Winter 2017 – Are You Getting It Right?

Fashion trends are like migratory birds – they come and go. Instead of being intimidated by trends or becoming trend addicts, we should bend the trends to suit our lifestyles, preferences and body shapes.

What are the fashion trends we can play with in Winter 2017?

Fashion trend winter 2017 tickled pink

Did you love fairy floss as a little girl? Well then, Winter 2017 is your season. Not just fairy floss but the entire pink palette – baby pink, coral, fuchsia, old rose – is ruling this season. Are you one of those who hide beneath layers of blacks and greys every winter? Liven up your winter wardrobe this year with a pink pashmina. Infuse new life into your slightly jaded LBD with a statement pink handbeaded clutch.

Get crafty:

Ever since Gucci put artisanal embroidery on bags and shoes, everything has gone crafty. Embroidery this season is rough and textured. It is a melange of bits and pieces patched together.

Unleash the wild side:

Anything animal is on trend. The tables have turned. From leopard printed scarves to zebra striped clutch bags, the animal kingdom is ruling mankind.

Go vintage:

Get ready for some old world Hollywood charm. Lace, velvet and faux fur abound. I am sceptical about how many of us can carry velvet clothes head to toe, but most of us can get our fashion quotient right with a black velour clutch bag encrusted with diamantes’.

Stay ruffled:

Ruffles and layers are making waves this season. Wear feminine blouses with ruffled and fluted sleeves. Pair them with frothy lace skirts in pink tones.

Mix the mismatched:

Think outside the box this season. Push the boundaries and bend the rules.  Wear socks over tights, oversized puffas and bomber jackets over slip dresses and head scarves with caps.

If pink is not your poison, opt for greenery, fire engine red, canary yellow and deep purple.

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Winter 2017 – what is in and what is out

As I was soaking up the sun this morning, I was painfully aware this sunshine will not last for long.  Winter 2017 is just round the corner. Most of us need to revamp our wardrobes every season – but how? How do we know what is in and what is out? What is this year’s fashion and what is recycled from last year? How do we separate wheat from chaff? Here are a few Deidaatips for Winter 2017.

1. WINTER 2017 Stock up on basics:

Winter is about utilitarian garments. Stock up on bomber jackets, trench coats and puffas. Try off beat colours like baby pink and pastel blue. Top up with scarves, beanies and gloves.

2. Include oodles of pink:

Invest in a pink pashmina, wear designer silk scarves splattered with hot pink fuchsias.

3.Wear velvet:

Yes, velvet. This vintage fabric is back with a bang. If you are unsure about wearing velvet in your main garments – after all, velvet is shiny and makes you look bigger than you are – wear it in accessories. You can’t go wrong with a black velour clutch bag, embellished with diamantes’.

4. The small bag returns:

Totes have been replaced with mini bags or small bags. Remember winter 2017 is ruled by the ’80s. Flaunt your bling. Carry a small bag covered with rhinestones. Wear it as a sling bag or carry it as a clutch.

5. Wear your stripes:

Loose, flowing garments in bold stripes is what the fashion pundits are excited about. Wear a bold black and white striped kaftan with leggings or tights. Another ’80s icon, leggings and tights are back. As the mercury dips, top up the kaftan with a puffa jacket. I love my puffas and can be guilt free about wearing puffas in winter 2017. The humble puffa is fashionable all of a sudden. Again, the trick lies in trying new colours like purple in puffas.
Opt for greenery, ’80s shoulders, flower power, shimmer and pleats. Follow deidaatips for fashion trends in winter 2017 and beat the winter chill with new found confidence.
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