Fashion Trends 2018 – Style Tips from Deidaa

Coming back to blogging after a brief hiatus. Was snowed under with wholesale orders and Valentine’s Day sales at the beginning of the year.

Some of you have written to me asking for a post on fashion trends 2018. Here it is then, the top fashion trends 2018.

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Gift Shopping for Christmas 2017

Does the thought of Christmas gift shopping give you the heebie-jeebies?  You are suffering from giftophobia and you are not the only one. Giftophobia is common around this time of the year – the fear of giving and receiving the wrong gifts? We know it is the thought behind the gift that matters. However, won’t it be nice if your near and dear ones actually find your gifts useful?
The top 5 tips to master the art of gift shopping are:

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Are you running out of gift ideas this Mother’s Day?

The countdown has begun. It is barely a week before Mother’s Day. Are you running out of gift ideas this Mother’s Day? To make matters worse, you are time poor and on a budget. Do not leave Mother’s Day planning till the end. Last minute gift shopping can be a recipe for disaster. You may end up picking up the wrong colour or a size too small, or something that does not suit your mother’s style.

Most mums do not look for expensive gifts or elaborate rituals. They look for thought and action that reflect how well you know them and care for them. How well do you know your mum? Is she a traveler or a crafter? Does she have green fingers? Is she a domestic goddess? Does she belong to the pearls and twin set club or is she the ’70s wild child?

There are several options. If your mum has roving feet, put current travel catalogues in one of  Deidaa’s colourful canvas tote bags and place it next to her favourite armchair. A bone china tea service and some sachets of her favourite cuppa may add to the ambience. I will let you into a little secret – a little bird told me I am getting a box of Harrods Earl Grey tea this Mother’s Day!

A haute mum will appreciate a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme with a concoction of Chantilly lace wool scarves, pearl strands, blue china and soy candle.

A mum who loves a bit of retail therapy will love an improptu shopping spree wrapped up with coffee and macaroons at her favourite cafe’.

Every mum will appreciate a handmade coupon book of household chores which she can encash for some ‘me time’

At the end of the day, most mums would like to spend quality time with those they have brought into this world and/or nurtured.

Don’t have your mum with you any more? Do not despair. Shower your love on a mother figure who has inspired you or made a difference to your life or even the friendly elderly neighbour who makes it point to stop and say hello every morning. My mother – Deidaa of Deidaafashiononline – succumbed to an incurable illness prematurely. She was generous to a fault and I try to live up to her giving spirit by spreading a little bit of cheer every Mother’s Day.

Got some tips of your own this Mother’s Day? Post comments and suggestions on deidaablog or at,  #regram @deidaafashiononline, tag #deidaafashionline. Each post, comment or regram is rewarded with a #coupon code for 10% discount across all products at deidaashop. For more Mother’s Day photos,  follow Deidaa at or on instagram @deidaafashiononline.

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Silk – the story

Silk – the story background

Since time immemorial, silk has been coveted by common man and  royalty alike. Known for its luster and drape, silk derives from the larvae of the silk worm that feed on the leaves of the mulberry tree. Silk originated in China. The Chinese kept the technique of making silk a secret for a long time. As per folklore, the secret was smuggled out of China by Byzantine monks and taken to Constantinople. Silk was soon available in Europe, the Middle East and India.  The routes associated with silk trade came to be known as the famous silk route or the Silk Road.

silk – the story features

Silk is soft, smooth and lustrous and absorbs dyes brilliantly. Hence, it has been popular with dressmakers for formal and bridal wear and accessories like  designer silk scarves or for beaded clutch bags. However, like all natural fabrics, silk reacts to elements. It shrinks, catches mildew and fades in sunlight. To make it more sturdy and suitable for everyday use, silk is blended with viscose or man made fibres. Blended silk scarves are strong. Silk and wool scarves are warm and have less static.  Polyester silk kaftans can take the rough and tumble of travel, daily wear and beachwear.

silk – the story process

The silk worm spends part of its life cycle inside a cocoon it spins from its own secretion. Commercial silk is made by boiling the cocoons while the worm is still inside. For this reason, commercial silk is shunned by vegetarians, vegans and anyone against cruelty to animals. Wild silk or peace silk is a non – violent alternative to commercial silk. Termed non – violent or Ahimsa silk by Mahatma Gandhi, wild silk or tussar silk is made by collecting the cocoons after the silk worm has emerged out of the pupa. The cocoons are not commercially farmed but are collected by tribal communities residing in the forests. Wild silk, thus sustains the environment and the communities. Wild silk lacks the luster of commercial silk and shows slubs or impurities. These characteristics add to the handcrafted look and the understated elegance of tussar silk. Tussar silk fabrics are sought after by eco friendly designers. Tussar silk scarves are an ethical and fashion forward alternative to silk scarves.

Next time, more on how to follow fashion with a conscience.