Fashion lessons Marilyn Monroe

 fashion Lessons Marilyn Monroe:

Norma Jean Mortenson or Norma Jean Baker was just another girl next door. What transformed her into the sex symbol of all times, Marilyn Monroe?

Was she the most beautiful woman in Hollywood? Not quite. She was certainly not the most gifted actor. So how did Norma Jean become the ultimate symbol of sex appeal?

Marilyn played the dumb blonde on screen, with the little girl lisp and the sexy pout. In reality, she was far removed from the dumb blonde girl she played on screen. She was an astute business woman, who carefully cultivated a brand image.

You too can acquire a Marilyn persona in a few simple steps.

fashion lessons Marilyn Monroe : Follow the maximise minimise rule

Take a good look in the mirror. None of us are perfect, but we are all blessed with one thing or the other. Identify and highlight your assets. Do you have the decolletage women will die for? Are you bootylicious? Highlight what you have and play down what you do not. Marilyn Monroe wore fitted dresses that emphasized her ample bosom and clinched her waist. Not once was she seen in public, in sloppy, lack lustre clothes.

 fashion lessons Marilyn Monroe : Build up your own Persona

Are you a stay at home mum? A busy career woman? Or perhaps a bit of both? Are you a traveler? Are you a redhead or do you have beautiful blue eyes? Build up a signature style around your lifestyle requirements. Acentuate physical features e.g., repeat the colour of your eyes or hair in your scarf or dress.

Fashion lessons Marilyn Monroe: Wear red

Marilyn’s famous pout had a lot to do with red lipstick. The colour red is sensuous and sultry. It adds warmth to your face and sparkle to your smile. A red scarf acts as a mood elevator, especially in winter. It is the perfect antidote to grey mornings and overcast skies.

Fashion lessons Marilyn Monroe: Accessorise

Marilyn accentuated her natural good looks with jewelry and fur. Not all of us have access to precious baubles, but we can look for interesting costume jewelry, beaded clutch bags embellished with diamantes’ and rhinestones or silk scarves in vivid colours.

Fashion lessons Marilyn Monroe: embrace metallics

Metallics are an obvious choice for adding the glamour quotient. Metallics are sexy, metallics are fun. If you are not intrepid enough to wear metallic lame’ gowns a la Marilyn, opt for metallic accents. Wear metallic eye make up or carry metallic clutch bags.

Fashion lessons from Marilyn Monroe: show some skin

Wear halter dresses or off sholuder dresses that show off your cleavage. Dresses with deep cut necklines like the sweetheart neckline can work wonders . Bare your shoulder or arms. Show off your swan like neck. Flaunt a tiny waist with empire line dresses.

With a little effort, we can all look a little like Marilyn and that is Marilyn’s real legacy.