Online fashion shop – to trust or not to trust

Online fashion shop – to trust or not to trust

Recent reports of how an overseas online fashion shop is luring unsuspecting customers into long term commitments, set me thinking. How is it that you go back to some online fashion shops time and again; others you would not touch with a barge pole.

Online fashion shop a case study:

Deidaa is an established online fashion shop in Australia. If you are looking for paisley pashmina scarves, digital printed scarves, tie dye kaftans or hand beaded clutch bags, you are likely to land up at Deidaa’s online fashion shop. How does Deidaa offer best value and a pleasant online shopping experience to its customers?

Deidaa online fashion shop loads quickly:

How many of us have walked away from sites that take forever to load? This is a balancing act for an online fashion shop. An online fashion shop, by its very nature, has to be image rich. However, images can slow down a website, as can superfluous content. Deidaa makes an effort to optimise images and  minimise irrelevant content.

Deidaa has an attractive landing page:

An attractive landing page is like an eye catching shop window. Deidaa’s landing page does not tell all, but gives a clear insight into what Deidaa offers e.g., handcrafted and artisan made paisley pashmina scarves, tie dyed kaftans, digital printed dresses, hand beaded clutch bags and more.

Deidaa provides adequate information:

Deidaa’s products i.e.,  dresses, kaftans, clutch bags and scarves are backed up with clear images and ample information. If a floral maxi dress or a kaftan comes in multiple sizes or colours, this is obvious to the customer. The customer can easily select the preferred colour or size.

Deidaa responds quickly and effectively:

Deidaa is quick to respond to customer queries and requirements.  A customer from Kualalumpur, Malaysia urgently need a paisley clutch bag for a wedding. Deidaa made sure that the bag reached her within the deadline. Deidaa, thus, scored a happy customer. She went away with the promise to recommend Deidaa to all her friends.

Deidaa invokes trust:

Will you put your money in a black hole? Neither will I. A website that does not create trust resembles a black hole. Deidaa gives the customer a sense of security. Deidaa is security certified. The landing page has glowing testimonials and reviews from happy customers. Deidaa offers easy and quick transaction.  Its payment gateway is safe, simple and has universal currency. With world wide free shipping, cumbersome calculations are history.  You pay for the product only. Refund is assured. Thoughtful gestures like free gift wrapping on request add the icing on the cake.

Deidaa takes the risk out of online shopping. It makes  virtual shopping experience as real as possible. Happy customers are the key to Deidaa’s success. Customer satisfaction is Deidaa’s supreme mantra.