Men’s Fashion 2018 – Deidaa Offers Styling Tips

Guilty as charged… I have been procrastinating. I am getting requests from male members of Deidaaratti (Deidaa Mail Club), for a post on men’s fashion 2018. I have not risen to the occasion so far. Not that I am sitting quietly. My notebook is filled with jottings from several fashion shows. I am following the fashion pundits with the fervor of a keen fashionista. I have, now, collated the nuggets from several sources. Below is the gist of my research… 5 major trends that are emerging in men’s fashion 2018. Continue reading Men’s Fashion 2018 – Deidaa Offers Styling Tips

Survival Tips Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017 is around the corner and you are losing sleep over how to get it right this Valentine’s Day. You could be predictable and give roses, but a little more imagination when it comes to V-Day planning has never hurt anyone. Deidaa’s V-Day rescue team has the following survival tips for you.

Valentine’s Day 2017 Observe and Learn:

How well do you know your Valentine? Is she arty or sporty. Does she get her mojo from beach surfing or intrepid traveling.

If she is a beach babe, give her some digital printed kaftans this Valentine’s Day she can use as beach cover ups or cotton tie dye kaftans she can wear as short beach dresses. Top up with animal printed cotton scarves that double up as bandannas or sarongs. Dangled from floral beach bags, these summer scarves complete the ’70s boho look. Off shoulder floral maxi dresses or spaghetti strap maxi dresses complete the beach boho look.

Your Valentine is a eco warrior and a lover of all things natural. Replace the hackneyed roses with a plantable card that has seeds embedded in it. Select a designer silk scarf from Deidaa’s 2017 range of Australia scarves. Inspired by Australian flora and fauna, each Australia scarf depicts a unique Australian flower.

Valentine’s Day 2017 gift ideas for men:

At Deidaa, we have not forgotten the men either. We have sleek Cashmere men’s scarves for the metro sexual man. If your man is a fair dinkum Aussie, passionate about the bush and barbeque, select the party animal bbq apron for him and his mini me.

Valentine’s Day 2017 preference for handmade:

Your Valentine is a culture vulture with a preference for handmade. At Deidaa, Australia’s leading online store, you have an eclectic choice of handcrafted goods. Select from a wide variety of world renowned paisley pashmina scarves or exquisite beaded clutch bags.

You are single on Valentine’s Day 2017? But you have this special friend or family member who makes you laugh and supports you through thick and thin. Acknowledge your pillar of strength with a little something – a beaded bag, a digital printed kaftan or a designer silk scarf. Let him or her know how much he or she means to you.

Some Valentine’s Day trivia for you. Know your colours when you select Valentine’s gifts. Red depicts love, dark pink or violet indicate enchantment and excitement. When it comes to roses, white and yellow are no go zones on Valentine’s Day. While the former represents melancholia, the latter hints at infidelity!

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. On Valentine’s Day 2017, celebrate love in all its manifestations. Happy Valentine’s Day to all members of Deidaaratti from deidaateam. We at Deidaa, love you for your continued support and encouragement. XXX.