Cannes Film Festival 2017 – Bollywood Babes Sizzle

Cannes Film Festival 2017 is the hottest event on the social calendar, south of France. Cannes Film Festival is as much about red carpet fashion as it is about cinema. Distinct from the Met Museum Gala’s avant garde aura, the red carpet at Cannes combines elegance with glamour.

The 5 hottest trends to emerge from the Cannes Film Festival 2017 are as follows:

Cannes Film Festival 2017 Slashed Hems:

Bare legs became a red carpet sensation at Cannes 2017. Supermodel Bella Hadid in an Alexander Vaulthier gown and social media sensation Emily Ratajkowski in an oyster pink slit dress bared their impeccably toned legs with aplomb . Uma Thurman was statuesque in a pale pink sculpted dress with a high slit. Bollywood star Deepika Padukone made her first major appearance at Cannes dressed in an emerald green off shoulder dress offering a sneak peek of her never ending limbs. But it was 70 year old Susan Sarandon who proved that age is no bar to a flash of exposed leg.

Bollywood rules:

Bollywood diva Aishwarya Rai was the toast of papparazzi in a Cinderellaesque powder blue hand beaded gown created by Phillipino designer Michael Cinco. She followed it up with a ruffled Ralph and Russo gown. For her maiden appearance at Cannes, as the newly recruited brand ambassador of L’oreal cosmetics, Deepika Padukone wore an emerald green Brandon Maxwell sheath with thigh high slits. The clean, no fuss look was highlighted with peacock eyes and diamond ear cuffs. Looking for Bollywood inspired fashion? Your search ends at Deidaa. Shop at Deidaa for designer silk scarves, maxi dresses, digital printed kaftan dresses, handmade beaded clutch bags and more.

Champagne flows:

Champagne flowed physically and metaphorically as the stars made a big switch from the flamboyant to the subtle. Emily Ratajkowski, Uma Thurman and Bella Hadid showed off cleavage baring corsetry and figure hugging silhouettes in champagne and nude colours. Elle Fanning wore a Vivienne Westwood off shoulder gown scribbled with signature Westwood motifs.

Colour my world with cobalt blue and vivid red:

Winnie Harlow’s cobalt blue Zuhair Murad dress provided the perfect foil to the neutrals and shell pinks as did Julian Moore’s burgundy lace halter gown. In her alternate Cannes avatar, Bella Hadid wore a quilted red dress with a necklace from Bulgari’s iconic serpenti range. Harley Baldwin’s cobalt blue peplum dress with a deep cleavage added to the colour quotient.

Embroidery and beading hold their own:

If you are talking glamour, you can’t go beyond beading and embroidery. Princess of Venice and French actress Clotilde Courau did full justice to her royal lineage, dressed in a pale pink Elie Saab gown with a beaded bodice. Eva Herzigova added glamour to the red carpet, dressed in an opulent metallic Roberto Cavalli couture gown. Jessica Chastain wore an Alexander McQueen dress with an embroidered torso. Chris Lee in a cheong sam inspired dress spangle with embroidered tigers and Jessica Chastain in a beaded mini dress with floor length fringed tassels kept the handmade banner flying.

Craving a dash of red carpet glamour? Deidaa’s cobalt blue silk dress accessorised with one of Deidaa’s exquisitely handcrafted clutch bags  can unleash the diva in you!

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Valentine’s Day gift ideas Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to the memory of St Valentine, who secretly performed weddings for Roman soldiers forbidden to marry. Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to woo your beloved with flowers, cards, gifts or candlelight dinners or a combination of all of these.  How do you make this day memorable for your loved one? Are you running out of Valentine’s Day gift ideas? At a loss, when it comes to buying Valentine’s Day gifts? With a little help from Deidaa, you will emerge a winner this Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day 2017, you can be predictable and do the following:

Valetnine’s Day gift ideas buy flowers:

Flowers take the stress out of Valentine’s Day gift shopping. Unless your lady love suffers from hay fever, you are unlikely to go wrong with flowers. But have you tried buying flowers on Valentine’s Day? Chances are, you will fork out five times the amount you will normally pay. The flowers will be in full bloom. They will end up in a rubbish bin a few days later, taking with them the memories of another Valentine’s Day!

Organise a candlelight dinner:

You are unlikely to get a booking at a decent restaurant on Valentine’s Day, unless you have booked well in advance. You may have to pay extra surcharge on Valentine’s Day. Many popular restaurants do not take bookings. Valentine’s Day romance may vanish into thin air while you wait in serpentine queues before you can squeeze in. Once in, you may be so close to your neighbouring table that you may be able to eavesdrop into their romantic conversation and vice versa. And if the weather gods turn their wrath on you, your Valentine’s Day celebrations may have a soaking finale.

You can follow Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Deidaa and do things differently this Valentine’s Day:

Plan a romantic getaway:

You may hire a beachfront bach. There are several options available to suit different budgets. It will be wise to invest in a designer silk scarf with red roses printed on it. The roses on the scarf will last a long time and so will the memories associated with Valentine’s Day. Follow Deidaa’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas and place the scarf  in a gingham lined hamper along with a floral maxi dress. You may add a hand beaded clutch bag for special effects.  Do not forget to put a sprig of lavender and some pink ribbons. Place the gift hamper on a table decorated with soy candles and laden with cheese, wine and fresh fruits. You will be geared up for one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.

Depending on your lady love’s preference, you may substitute the beachfront bach with a mini cruise. You may like to swap the dress for designer silk kaftans and the rose scarf for beach bags with roses printed on them.

At the end of the day, what makes a Valentine’s Day memorable is the spirit of caring and thoughtfulness. Love defies age. It transcends barriers and conquers all. Let us celebrate love and romance this Valentine’s Day.

Share your Valentine’s Day experience with Deidaa.

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Fashion Trends 2017 Natural Handmade Multicultural

Fashion Trends 2017 Natural Handmade Multicultural

The end of year holidays and New Year’s eve festivities have made way for a new dawn. We are in the new year and looking forward to new beginnings.

What is your fashion mantra in 2017? Follow 5 simple tips and you will be in sync with fashion trends 2017.

Go green:

Think organic.  Look at your veggie patch or the neighbourhood beach for inspiration. Colour your world with kale, sage, cobalt, azure, primrose and tangelo in 2017.

Embrace handmade:

If organic is making headlines, can handmade be far behind? Opt for artisan made – crochet kaftan dresses for women, macramé bra tops, beaded plus size kaftans and maxi dresses.

Earn your stripes:

Bold stripes rule the runways in 2017. This is good news for fashionistas. Stripes are naturally flattering. They add height and subtract weight. If you are already tall, you may minimise the linear effect with a combination of narrow and wide black and white striped kaftan.

Reinvent the ‘80s:

Flaunt the baubles. Drown in ruffles and flounces, sparkle in spandex leggings and neon sweaters.  Carry beaded clutch bags unabashedly adorned with sequins and super sized rhinestones.

Go pint size:

Talking of bags, the other bag that is making waves is the ‘mini’. This ‘mini’ bag barely has room for a lipstick or two. It is the minimal accessory with the maximum effect.

So what is out? Go easy on skinny jeans. Replace white sneakers with flamboyant athleisure shoes. Kitten heels make a comeback. The cold shoulder look makes way for cut away sleeves or the one shoulder silhouette. Corsetry takes a backseat. Relaxed elegance makes its presence felt.

Stay tuned for exciting posts on fashion trends, events, party wear, race wear and beach wear tips. Are we missing something? Can we do better? Don’t forget to send in your suggestions and comments.


Free Express Post Australia Post

Free Express Post

Do you still have to do last minute Christmas gift shopping? It is not too late yet. Shop with confidence at Deidaa. On request Deidaa offers free express post from 18.12.2016 to 22.12.2016. In addition, Deidaa offers a free gift wrapping service. On request, Deidaa will wrap your gifts with free recycled, handmade paper and send it to your designated address. Deidaa takes the stress out of gift shopping this Christmas. Follow Deidaa’s giftopedia on or @deidaafashiononline on instagram to cure your giftophobia (fear of giving and receiving gifts). Read deidaablog for gift buying and wrapping ideas! SWtill stranded? SOS Deidaa at

Frida’s imprint on Deidaa

Frida’s imprint on Deidaa: Introduction

Frida Kahlo, undoubtedly, was Mexico’s most celebrated creative personality. Born of a German father and a Mexican mother, Frida was a heretic who gave a new meaning to Mexican folk art through her paintings. Under a veneer of femininity and tradition, Frida’s paintings spoke of her personal battles with ill health, deprivation that rose from her repeated failure to have children, her volatile relationships with artists and politicians like Leon Trotsky and the chronic infidelity of her long standing partner, Diego Rivera. Frida was known for her self portraits. She painted herself because, as she mentioned, ‘ … I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.’

Frida’s imprint on Deidaa: Influence

With her flowing maxi skirts ( which she wore to hide a physical deformity), ethnic jewelry, signature floral turbans and vivid red scarves, Frida had a profound impact on many fashion designers including Deidaa. Not directly related to fashion, Frida was a fashion icon. She was photographed with a regularity reserved for for movie starts and celebrities.

Deidaa borrows from Frida’s flowing costumes, her eye for embroideries and printed detail, her love of colour and her penchant for symbolism. Frida’s celebration of tradition had a rebellious streak. Deidaa, too, engages in reinventing artisan crafts, without destroying their essence and in collaboration with the makers.

Frida mentioned. ‘I paint flowers so they will not die.’ Inspired by this, Deidaa decorates her kaftans and scarves with impressions of Australian flora and fauna, for present and future generations to cherish and enjoy.

Frida’s imprint on Deidaa: Conclusion

Her several personal battles notwithstanding, Frida Kahlo celebrated life. Eight days before she died, Frida painted watermelons. She inscribed ‘long live life’ on the painting. Deidaa takes a leaf out of Frida’s never say die attitude and indomitable spirit. Like Frida,  Deidaa too, soldiers on, celebrating sustainability, nature and artisan crafts.

Death claimed Frida Kahlo in 1954. Her legacy lives on in La Casa Azul or the Blue House, Frida’s beloved home in Mexico City.





Make the most of EoFY sale

How to make the most of EoFY sale?

This long weekend, I did something out of character. I decided to go shopping. I am not a big fan of traversing the length and breadth of shopping malls. Nonetheless, inspired by the shop windows festooned with EoFY sale signs in bold red, I decided to take the plunge and go shopping. I was firm about buying exactly what I needed. Armed with a detailed shopping list, I hit the neighbourhood mall. The shopping expedition began well. I found a parking space without picking up a fight and felt like I had won the lotto. After spending a day at the mall, rummaging through piles of merchandise that looked alarmingly similar in store after store and braving the store assistants who uttered ‘next please’ in unison, I came back with aching legs, a dull headache and a few sundry items I am not sure I need! Soon enough, I was reminded, not so gently by my other half, that I had completely forgotten about the critical items I had set out to buy in the first place.

eofy sale – online vs bricks and mortar stores

That is when it hit me – am I better off shopping virtually, from the comfort of my home, dressed in my fleece robe, sipping my favourite cuppa and adding some designer silk scarves, paisley pashmina scarves, dresses, jackets and other bargains to my shopping cart at the click of a mouse?

Online vs bricks and mortar shopping – give it a thought and let’s have a discussion on how to use the EoFY sale to your advantage? Coming soon on Deidaa!

Is the coral scarf the right colour choice?

What is the right colour choice for your complexion?

We covet what we do not have. We go under the knife, use spray tan and botox, to achieve what we aspire to be. However, you do not have to go to such extreme lengths. Using a few simple tricks to select right coloured clothes and accessories you can look good in your own skin.

Right colour choice – Colour is relative

Let us clarify at the outset, colour is not absolute. A shirt or top may look pristine white in broad daylight. Under fluorescent light it will acquire a tinge of blue. An incandescent bulb will impart a yellow tint to the shirt. If you wear the white shirt under artificial light, it may add a ghostly pallor to your face.

Right colour choice – Working with primary colours

As a rule of thumb, primary colours like fire engine red draw colour from the face. Red and white are advancing colours. They make you look bigger than you are. However, you can work around the primary colours by using the tints and tones of these colours. You may opt for a coral dress instead of a red version or an emerald clutch bag as an accent to break the monotony of a black dress. Pure black sharply defines your body contours, so stay away from black unless you are blessed with an hour glass figure.Charcoal or ivory are more flattering than stark black or pristine white.

Right colour choice – Working with pastels

Pure pastels like baby pink, lilac and powder blue are traditionally deemed right for girls with light eyes and hair. However, dusty pastels like peach, caramel and sage are flattering to most complexions and body shapes.

Right colour choice – working with vivid colours

It is high time we shattered the myth that girls with pale complexion should stay away from wearing vivid colours. Bright colours like rust, coral and tangerine add warmth to your cheeks and sparkle to your eyes. This summer, it is about colour and bling, so wear your vibrant kaftans and colourful maxi dresses with aplomb. Still a little diffident? Make small beginnings, start with a colourful beach bag or a fringed scarf and come back for more when you collect compliments by the bagful.

Go girls! Get your colours today!

Is your summer wardrobe beach and travel ready?

Is your summer wardrobe beach and travel ready?

Thirty Four sleeps to Christmas!! The holiday season is nearly upon us. After working hard throughout the year, we are ready to spend a few days soaking up the sun at the beach, catching up with friends and family at backyard barbeques or packing the bags and traveling to exotic locales.  Are our wardrobes keeping pace with our holiday plans? Is our summer wardrobe beach and travel ready or festive enough?

Summer wardrobe – beachwear

Australian beaches are pristine and Australia is famous for its beach culture worldwide. Beach culture goes hand in hand with beachwear. Beachwear should be flirty, floaty and feminine. Lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, chiffon and georgette are ideal for beachwear. Silhouettes like wrap dresses, drawstring tunics and kaftans in floral, graphic and animal prints are on trend this season. Quick to dry and water repellent beachwear dresses can double up as cover ups over bathers or swimsuits.

summer wardrobe – travel

If you are traveling, pack lightweight clothes. Blended georgette dresses and tops are sturdy, crease resistant and take the rigours of travel well. If you are heading off to Northern hemisphere you may want to carry tops and dresses that can be paired with cardis, worn over pullovers or under blazers.

summer wardrobe – maxi dresses

Maxi dresses can double up as casual daywear and beachwear. They come in a wide variety of fabrics ranging from floral cottons to georgettes in vibrant colours. Maxi dresses can be dressed up and down and are ideal for poolside bar be ques.  Accessorised with hoop earrings, stacked bangles and espadrilles maxi dresses make that easy transition from casual to party wear.

summer wardrobe – scarf

Carry a lightweight scarf. Scarves can be worn as sarongs over bathers, can be wrapped over bare shoulder or tied around the neck for some added warmth.

During the holidays, your little ones can be quite a handful. Why not try something different this season?  Replace the usual toys with eye catching kids’ apron sets as stocking fillers and your little will soon be engrossed, decorating the Christmas cake or roasting corn cobs at the bar be que, leaving you with some ‘me time’.

Last but not the least, if you are planning the great outdoors experience do not forget your slip, slap, slop kit – a box of wet wipes, a spritzer, a lip balm fortified with UV protection, a sun block and moisturiser. Carry a floppy hat. Complement your sexy summer clothes and beach wear with comfortable flip flops and have a blast!!