Deidaa reviews Vincent Van Gogh and the Seasons

‘The sadness will last forever’ – these were the famous last words of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. One of the most influential figures in the history of Western art, fame eluded Van Gogh in his lifetime.

The exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria shows four seasons. It explores Van Gogh’s interpretation of nature in different seasons. This is the largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings ever exhibited in Australia.

In 10 years, Vincent Van Gogh produced landscapes, still lifes, portraits and self-portraits. For Van Gogh, the connection between nature and art was inextricable. Vivid colour and nature inspired him. Van Gogh said, ‘… in… nature, in trees for instance, I see expression and a soul, as it were.’ He painted landscapes, seasonal harvests, local landmarks and wheat fields. Floral bouquets and seasonal produce like potatoes, apples and pumpkins inspired Van Gogh. He used yellows, purples and ultramarines. Deidaa takes a leaf out of Van Gogh’s aesthetic and draws from local cultures, people and nature. Deidaa’s 2017 range of kaftans and floral scarves celebrate local flora and fauna.

Van Gogh was an avid collector of Japanese woodblock prints. His robust use of colours and patterns derived from Japonism. Japonism is Japanese influence on European art, architecture and the arts. Van Gogh’s passion for Japonism was best illustrated in his paintings of trees in full bloom in spring. The orient has left a deep impression on Deidaa. Deidaa incorporates Japanese motifs like the butterfly in her cotton scarves. Chrysanthemums adorn her silk scarves.

Van Gogh painted flowers – roses, irises, lilacs and sunflowers. His paintings of flowers were a tribute to the language of colour and to Japanese woodcuts. Deidaa celebrates colour in every form. Vivid red poppies adorn Deidaa’s cotton scarves. Cheerful daisies bloom all over Deidaa’s floral maxi dresses. Deidaa’s scarlet rose and damask rose printed silk scarves are acclaimed bestsellers.

Van Gogh painted portraits to capture emotions and character of his subjects. His self-portraits were introspective, often reflective of his physical and mental state. Deidaa’s creative outcomes are reflective of introspection and self-reflection.

Vincent Van Gogh died a failed man, but his legacy continues to live. Several of his paintings have sold for over $100 million. His life epitomises the melancholia of an artist plagued by delusion and psychosis.

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