Boxing Day Sale – How Not To Commit A Faux Pas

Boxing Day sale works around two myths.

Boxing Day sale is an annual event.

Boxing Day sale used to be a much awaited annual event. Since the economic downturn, markets have never recovered. Retailers are capitalizing on every opportunity to declare a sale. Easter weekend sale, Anzac Day sale, Mothers’ Day sale, Valentine’s Day sale, EoFY sale, they have it all. Boxing Day sale has lost much of its sheen. Before you flash your plastic fantastic, ensure the discounts  are genuine.

There are genuine markdowns on full priced goods at Boxing Day sales:

 This may be partly true, at best. Many stores create a ‘seconds’ line for sales and factory outlets.

Follow a few simple rules to shop savvy at the Boxing Day sales:

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Brownlow Awards 2017 5 Fashion Trends

I will let you into a secret. I am very ‘unsporting’, and yes, the pun is intended. I have no interest in sports.The only game I play with a degree of skill is a game of chess. Why do I, then, await the Brownlow Awards night? No prizes for guessing. It is the WAGS, of course! The AFL Brownlow awards night has an aura of anticipation. This sense of anticipation and excitement is not far removed from the Oscars or Emmys.
What will the wives and girlfriends of footballers wear? Who will make it to the best-dressed list and who will the critics demolish? What trends, emerging from the Brownlows, will rule local fashion in the coming months?
The following trends emerged from:
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The Brownlow awards 2017 – larger than life:

The silhouettes of the red carpet dresses were larger than life. Meringues, trains, pleats, frills and ruffles dominated the red carpet. Tiers of tulle were cheek by jowl with beaded lace. Sculpted pleats rivalled oversized sleeves. Deidaa’s Mimi skirt replicates this trend of tiered lace. This skirt requires 40 metres of lace. Lined with soft voile, it is available in blush or black.

Pretty in pink:

Every second person wore pink. The entire palette of pink was on show, ranging from candy floss to oyster to coral. Marsala, emerald, yellow and fire engine reds were the other popular colours. Deidaa has included the pink palette in her silk and wool pashminas. These pink scarves, known for their warmth and soft feel, are flying out of Deidaashop.

Score with a clutch:

Almost every WAG was carrying a boxy minaudière or an envelope bag. Deidaa’s clutch bags are popular on the red carpet and as racewear. That they come with a side sling is the icing on the cake. The sling allows the hands-free option as you nibble on canapes’. The sling goes into the bag, when not in action.

Shake a leg:

The WAGS took a leaf out of Angelina Jolie’s fashion book and wore dresses with sky high slits. Sheer overlays shimmied over short shift dresses giving a glimpse of ample derrières. Wear Deidaa’s sheer floral maxi dress or kaftans over short dresses to achieve this look.

A bun in the oven:

Several WAGS sported baby bumps. You have to get that on your own! Deidaa’s kaftans are, nonetheless, very popular with would be mums. They are free flowing, easy to wear and have room for growth. Some have zips down the front and are ideal for breast feeding.

Wish to know more about Brownlow awards 2017?

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Melbourne Fashion Week 2017 – Deidaareview

As the spotlights switch off, what trends emerge from Melbourne Fashion Week 2017?

Melbourne Fashion week 2017 In full bloom

At Melbourne Fashion Week 2017, florals ruled the runways. Bold flowers in vivid colours complemented demure floral sprays in primrose. Deidaa’s floral maxi dresses, adorned with poppies and daisies, resonate with this theme.

In sync with nature

Tropical themes influenced the prints, silhouettes and embellishments on playsuits and dresses. Cockatoos and Macaws
nestled amidst hibiscus and frangipani. Designers at the Global Indigenous Runway excelled in this. They gave a contemporary twist to raffia dresses, woven corsets and face masks. Deidaa has a close affinity with the Pacific nations. The tropical theme is close to Deidaa’s heart. Deidaa’s digital tropical printed kaftan and hibiscus silk scarf are best sellers.

All stitched up

Cow girl embroidery adorned sheer frocks, playsuits, midi and maxi dresses. Deidaa works with master embroiderers. Deidaa’s beaded clutch bags are an ode to beaders and embroiderers.

Over the rainbow

For once, the Spring – Summer runway felt like spring. Fire engine reds, hot pinks, yellows and tangerines took precedence over winter colours. Deidaa celebrates colour in all its manifestations. Deidaa’s Australia scarves celebrate the colour of Australian flora and fauna.

Borrow stripes from drapes and awnings

Bold stripes from the furnishing department reinforced the resort look. Preppy black and white stripes were cheek by jowl with curtain and awning stripes. Deidaa’s kaftan dress, with bold black and white stripes, incorporates this trend.

Sparkle in silver

Metallics are not going away. Silver bomber jackets and dresses paired up with understated skirts and blazers. Do you yearn for the metallic look but will not wear metallic all over? Deidaa’s beaded clutch bags in gold and silver tones can add the metallic quotient.

Swinging sixties

Frills and ruffles were everywhere. Red dresses with tiered ruffles, palazzos and culottes, playful tops showed up everywhere. Deidaa’s ruffled lace skirt is a fine example of this.

Embrace diversity

This show was inclusive. It catered to women of all sizes. Models belonged to different ethnicities, age groups and genders. Deidaa applauds fashion week for doing this. Deidaa upholds diversity. Deidaa caters to women of all sizes, ethnicities and preferences.
Melbourne Fashion Week 2017 was by far the most eclectic show. It showcased new talent alongside veterans like Carla Zampatti.
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Last Minute Easter Tips Deidaa

Has Easter snuck upon you? Are you underprepared and overwhelmed this Easter? Once again, guardian angel Deidaa has come to your rescue. Why not follow these last minute Easter tips to do things differently this Easter?

Last minute Easter tips – chocolates with a twist:

By now, we are all aware of the ill effects of sugar. Obesity, hyperactivity in children and several other nefarious illnesses can be traced to these innocent looking white granules. Many of my friends are actively trying to wean their children off sugar. But what is Easter without chocolates? With a little bit of imagination you can strike a balance between healthy eating and chocolate crush. Coat fruits like banana slices, strawberries, raspberries or blueberries with melted chocolate. Make kiwi fruit paddle pops. Kids will snap up these healthy treats in no time. Better still, involve your kids in this chocolate making activity. Make sure they wear their kids’ aprons or else you wll end up with chocolate coated kids. In fact, Deidaa’s parent and child party animal apron is ideally suited to a parent and child joint cooking spree. Don’t limit yourselves to chocolate making. Simple baking or making edible Easter eggs can be as much fun.

Last minute Easter tips – get crafty:

Are your kids driving you up the wall these Easter holidays? Worse still, have they become mini webaholics? Give them some fun projects this Easter. Get them to decorate Easter eggs with foil wraps, stamps and stickers.Create Easter grass by putting green wrapping paper through a paper shredder. Wrap fuzzy twine around bowls to create bird’s nests. Use egg shells as candle holders for votives or stick a few lavender sprigs in carefully cut eggshell mini vases and voila’ – your stunning centre piece for Easter brunch is ready. Ideas are endless. Empty coffee bottles can be given a coat of paint and a pair of bunny ears to become Easter lolly jars, buntings can be made out of bunny or Easter egg cutouts, old shoe boxes can be covered in foil and decorated with tinsel to become treasure chests for Easter egg hunts.

Last minute Easter tips – reinvent and reuse:

Think differently this Easter. Fashion bunny fold napkins from inexpensive cotton scarves. Opt for funky designs like butterfly or cheetah prints. These scarves could be little takeaways for your guests that will remind them of happy times spent together.

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Happy Easter and thank you for your continued support to Deidaa

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Fashion Trends Winter 2017

I was greeted by a dismal grey sky this morning. I realised, to my dismay, winter is around the corner. How do we brace ourselves for winter? Do we follow fashion trends winter 2017 and add colour to our winter wardrobe or do we drown in a sea of grey and black?  Follow deidaatip for fashion trends winter 2017 and steal a dash of sunshine to warm the cockles of your heart this winter.

Fashion Trends Winter 2017 Greenery:

Fashion trends winter 2017 is driven by nature. Colour forecast for winter 2017 is awash with veggie patch greenery, azure, primrose and cobalt blue. Not inspired by green or yellow? Select a shade from the blue palette that is emerging strongly in 2017. Azure, cornflower blue, lapis are ruling the runways.Going out for a formal evening? Opt for Deidaa’s cobalt blue dress with peek a boo shoulders. Team it up with a grey chantilly lace wool scarf, as an accent. Light and elegant, this lace scarf is the perfect wrap for nippy winter evenings. Other than blue,  various shades of pink are emerging as an option. Show your support for the sisterhood of women by carrying a hot pink beaded clutch bag. A shocking pink pashmina and a dash of candy floss pink lipstick can be the perfect pick me up combo for a dull winter morning.

Bringing in the ’80s

Hippie themes of the ’70s is giving way to the glitz and glamour of ’80s. Usher in the ’80s with Deidaa’s rhinestone encrusted, beaded clutch bag, a perfect pick me up for any plain dress.

Head to toe florals:

If head to toe florals are not quite your cup of tea, you may add florals to your winter wardrobe with a designer silk scarf. Opt for the regular floral scarves or go for one of Deidaa’s Australia scarves, if you are passionate about Australian flora and fauna.

Statement stripes:

Wondering how to get away with the bold, graphic striped look that has fashion in its grip this winter? Combine vivid stripes with neutrals. Layer Deidaa’s striped black and white kaftan with a neutral cardi and master the art of tackling four seasons in a day.

Trends come and go. The trick is to not be intimidated by them but bend the rules to suit your lifestyle and preference. Need a  little bit of help in the styling department? Send a message to and Deidaa’s wardrobe uplifters will find the right mood elevators for you in the styling department.





Survival Tips Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017 is around the corner and you are losing sleep over how to get it right this Valentine’s Day. You could be predictable and give roses, but a little more imagination when it comes to V-Day planning has never hurt anyone. Deidaa’s V-Day rescue team has the following survival tips for you.

Valentine’s Day 2017 Observe and Learn:

How well do you know your Valentine? Is she arty or sporty. Does she get her mojo from beach surfing or intrepid traveling.

If she is a beach babe, give her some digital printed kaftans this Valentine’s Day she can use as beach cover ups or cotton tie dye kaftans she can wear as short beach dresses. Top up with animal printed cotton scarves that double up as bandannas or sarongs. Dangled from floral beach bags, these summer scarves complete the ’70s boho look. Off shoulder floral maxi dresses or spaghetti strap maxi dresses complete the beach boho look.

Your Valentine is a eco warrior and a lover of all things natural. Replace the hackneyed roses with a plantable card that has seeds embedded in it. Select a designer silk scarf from Deidaa’s 2017 range of Australia scarves. Inspired by Australian flora and fauna, each Australia scarf depicts a unique Australian flower.

Valentine’s Day 2017 gift ideas for men:

At Deidaa, we have not forgotten the men either. We have sleek Cashmere men’s scarves for the metro sexual man. If your man is a fair dinkum Aussie, passionate about the bush and barbeque, select the party animal bbq apron for him and his mini me.

Valentine’s Day 2017 preference for handmade:

Your Valentine is a culture vulture with a preference for handmade. At Deidaa, Australia’s leading online store, you have an eclectic choice of handcrafted goods. Select from a wide variety of world renowned paisley pashmina scarves or exquisite beaded clutch bags.

You are single on Valentine’s Day 2017? But you have this special friend or family member who makes you laugh and supports you through thick and thin. Acknowledge your pillar of strength with a little something – a beaded bag, a digital printed kaftan or a designer silk scarf. Let him or her know how much he or she means to you.

Some Valentine’s Day trivia for you. Know your colours when you select Valentine’s gifts. Red depicts love, dark pink or violet indicate enchantment and excitement. When it comes to roses, white and yellow are no go zones on Valentine’s Day. While the former represents melancholia, the latter hints at infidelity!

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. On Valentine’s Day 2017, celebrate love in all its manifestations. Happy Valentine’s Day to all members of Deidaaratti from deidaateam. We at Deidaa, love you for your continued support and encouragement. XXX.


Celebrate Australia Day 2017 Deidaatip

Are you in love with Australia’s sunny beaches, its unique flora and fauna, its laidback lifestyle? Celebrate Australia’s larrikin spirit on Australia Day 2017 with recommendations from Australia’s leading online store, Deidaa.

Australia Day 2017 chuck a shrimp on the barbie:

Like a true blue Aussie, round up friends and family and have a backyard bar be que. Needless to say, this is the perfect occasion to flaunt your culinary skills and statement apron. You and your mini me can wear a coordinated parent and child bbq apron and chef hat and be  neighbourhood bbq celebrities.

It the weather man predicts sunshine, you can head to the beach on Australia Day 2017. What could be better than a good swim to shed the extra kilos gained over the festive season? Wear a poppy print floral maxi dress, feel the sun and sand on your face, carry a lightweight kaftan in your beach bag to throw over bathers and a cotton pompom scarf to wear as a bandanna. Barely 40 klometres from the CBD, the Mornington Peninsula is dotted with spectacular beaches.

Head to the bush:

If you would rather be in the bush, pack your worldly possessions in a sturdy canvas tote and pitch your tent at a regional camping site.

Pack a picnic:

Have you decided to do the right thing and not ‘chuck a sickie’ on Friday to make a long weekend of the Australia Day holiday? You can still take a day trip to nearby hotspots. Wear a pretty floral dress, pack some freshly baked scones in a retro print shopping bag and have your Jane Austen moment at Werribee Park or Carlton Gardens.

Do nothing:

At times doing absolutely nothing can be refreshing. Grab a good book, wear a kaftan lounger and lie in a hammock in your backyard with a pot of freshly brewed tea by your side.

Present day Australia embodies the spirit of friendship and diversity. Let us embrace this spirit on Australia Day 2017.


Style Tips for Spring Summer 2014

Style Tips for Spring Summer 2014

Slowly, somewhat erratically, spring is making inroads into the dark days of winter. You are bored with the blacks and the greys, tired of carrying around the puffas and hiding your face under the somewhat menacing hoodies. You yearn for the sensuality of flowing maxi dresses, the freedom of flirty, floaty kaftans and the splash of colour to uplift your soul. But you are not quite sure what are trending this spring summer 2014.

Look no further. Follow the key trends of Spring Summer 2014 listed below and ride the wave of fashion.

  1. The white shirt: The basic white shirt is a fashion staple. However, in 2014, the white shirt is not so basic anymore. It comes with a twist. It can be asymmetric or embellished with fabric manipulations like appliqué. A reverse appliqué white shirt is a good investment.
  2. Geometry: Geometry may or may not have been your favourite subject in school but remembering the geometric shapes will stand you in good stead in 2014. Graphic prints rule the roost. Graphic or Aztec printed kaftans are trendy, versatile and comfortable in summer 2014.
  3. Bling is king: The jeweled look is abundant, in clothes and accessories. Make sure your Aztec kaftan is highlighted with crystals and your beaded clutch bag sparkles with faux gemstones
  4. Ladylike: Voluminous lady like silhouettes like gathered or puffball dresses and tiered skirts are ideal for the spring racing season and lazy summer afternoons
  1. English countryside: The demure damsel look is reinforced further by delicate floral prints in pink, coral and aqua blue. Think coral red poppies and bright yellow daisies.
  2. Lace: Lady like and lace are never apart. Lace in garments like skirts and accessories like scarves completes the Jane Austen look. Finish the look with a lace parasol.
  3. Black and white: Black and white is here to stay. It manifests itself in stripes, graphic prints and chevrons.
  4. Cold shoulder: The ’70 flower power theme is taking over the runways. A flowing spaghetti strap maxi dress is reminiscent of the boho chic of the ‘70s. Complete this carefree look with pompom scarves and crochet kaftans.
  5. Metallic: Metallica and psychedelica bring back the disco fever. Opt for chainmail, sequins and grunge.
  6. Go orange: Go orange instead of going bananas. Orange is the new black. Wear an orange hand tie dyed kaftan and get your Woodstock look right this summer.