EoFY Sales – are you getting the right bargains

‘Sale’ is the magic four letter word that leaves us salivating for more. We love to splurge at the EoFY sales, picking up clothes, shoes and bags with the speed of lightning. We brave long queues in front of trial rooms and shrug off the indifference of shop assistants. But is it worth it? How do we get real value out of the EoFY sales?

Since the economic downturn, sales have become a dime a dozen. Retailers are trying to squeeze the last dollar out of a customer’s pocket. EoFY sales have lost much of their sheen. Nonetheless, it is a good time to buy, as most stores like to minimise inventory before tax time.

How do you shop savvy at the EoFY sales:

EOFY SALES Buyer beware:

Make a list of things you need and stick to the list. Inspect the goods at the point of sale. Unscrupulous sellers use sales to bump off defective pieces. It is illegal for retailers to sell defective goods unless stated at the point of sale.

Know your rights:

Most shops put a ‘no refunds, no exchange disclaimer’ on sale items. In reality, the same refund policy should apply to sale items as full priced ones. Do not shop at stores that put up notices like ‘no refund, no exchange on sale items’. Shop at Deidaa or like-minded stores who offer ‘no questions asked’ refund, even on sale items.

Avoid herd mentality:

Do not be a fashion victim and jump into the fray. Ask yourself three questions. Do you need it? Does it suit you? Will you wear it? Do you need half a dozen cheap t- shirts that will end up in a clothing bin – unused or should you invest in a few key pieces?

Get a shopping buddy:

Do not shop alone. Hire a personal shopper. At the very least, take a friend, sister or daughter who can give you an informed opinion.

Do not shop on an empty stomach:

It is a time – honoured fact that an empty stomach has a nefarious connection with shopping disasters.

Do not shop when angry or upset:

Retail therapy is like chocolates. It has the ‘feel good factor’. If you are having an emotional downturn, chances are, you will do binge shopping.

Do not shop in a hurry:

Take time to try on garments and footwear.  The right fit is critical to garments and footwear. If a garment is too tight or too short or the fabric is not comfortable next to skin, it is not a good buy. Shoes that look good in the store may end up giving you blisters, bruises and broken ankles.
Be relaxed while shopping at the EoFY sales. Enjoy the experience. Take a break at mid – day. Have lunch with your BFF. Who knows, at the end of the day, you may have unearthed a few hidden gems.

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Deidaatip – make the most of EoFY sales

Deidaatip – make the most of EoFY sale

‘EoFY sale’ – the word itself is enough to get most of us into a tizzy. We brave the winter chill, rug up in beanies and boots and march resolutely towards the nearest shopping mall, armed with our trusted credit cards! We scout the stores for best bargains, determined to nudge other like minded shoppers out of the race. The ‘brave’ among us thrive on ‘sales’, energised by the competition and aggression, while the timid cower in fear, elbowed out by their more aggressive counterparts.

How do we make the most of EoFY sale? Practise caveat emptor

EoFY sale is the mother of all sales. At the end of financial year, every store tries all the tricks in the trade to reduce inventory.  EoFY sale is on cars, clothes and household items. I even spotted an EoFY sale on printing ink! No doubt, more items go on sale at the EoFY sale than any other sale. Along with good merchandise, samples, seconds and rejects are also out in full force. It is a good time to practise the rule of ‘caveat emptor’ or ‘buyer beware’ i.e., the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.

Brave the serpentine queues in front of the trial rooms and try the clothes to ensure they fit you. Some garments look good on display but do not do you any justice, when worn.Trial rooms are safe havens for a close inspection of the clothes you have selected.  Do not take too long – unless you are unfazed by the ‘stony glare’ of the one next in queue. Shop for shoes in the morning. Feet swell up by the evening. Walk the length and breadth of the store wearing the shoes of your choice. Do they feel comfortable? Are they too snug or too narrow? You may seek advice from a qualified shoe fitter. Ill fitting shoes are best avoided. If in doubt, SOS Deidaa.  A couple of members in the Deidaa team are qualified and experienced adults’ and childrens’ shoe fitters.

How do we make the most of EoFY sale? get a shopping buddy

Do not shop alone. Take a trusted friend, sister, mother or daughter with you. You are likely to make less mistakes if you get some honest, unbiased advice. You could take your other half as well. Make sure he/she is an avid shopper like yourself. My other half has the ‘let me go ‘ expression within fifteen minutes of hitting the stores. Soon after, he nods off on the first empty couch he finds or heads to the food court.

How do we make the most of EoFY sale? be hydrated

Shopping at EoFY sales can be emotionally and physically draining. The crowds and the clutter can take a toll on your nerves. Trial rooms can be asphyxiating. Carry a mini water bottle with you. Make sure it is not leaking. I had an embarrassing moment once, when unknown to me, I was leaving a trail of my crime wherever I went. If you suffer from claustrophobia, go out for fresh air now and then.

How do we make the most of EoFY salE? shop online

You can do all of the above or shop online, far from the madding crowd, in the comfort of you own home, sipping  a hot cuppa, snuggling under a duvet, dressed in your jammies! Online sales often commence before sales at bricks and mortar stores. If you are a savvy online shopper, you are sure to scoop up a few bargains. Look for online fashion stores like Deidaa, who offer secure shopping, world wide free shipping, no questions asked returns and online support.

Use EoFY sale to your advantage. Do not shop on an empty stomach. Do not shop when you are feeling low. You may end up binge shopping. Detect the gaps in your wardrobe, draw up and adhere to a ‘critical items to shop for’ list. The list, however, does not prevent you from picking up a few precious gems! Do not fail to share your EoFY shopping experience with other members of Deidaaratti (Deidaa Mail Club) on this forum!






Make the most of EoFY sale

How to make the most of EoFY sale?

This long weekend, I did something out of character. I decided to go shopping. I am not a big fan of traversing the length and breadth of shopping malls. Nonetheless, inspired by the shop windows festooned with EoFY sale signs in bold red, I decided to take the plunge and go shopping. I was firm about buying exactly what I needed. Armed with a detailed shopping list, I hit the neighbourhood mall. The shopping expedition began well. I found a parking space without picking up a fight and felt like I had won the lotto. After spending a day at the mall, rummaging through piles of merchandise that looked alarmingly similar in store after store and braving the store assistants who uttered ‘next please’ in unison, I came back with aching legs, a dull headache and a few sundry items I am not sure I need! Soon enough, I was reminded, not so gently by my other half, that I had completely forgotten about the critical items I had set out to buy in the first place.

eofy sale – online vs bricks and mortar stores

That is when it hit me – am I better off shopping virtually, from the comfort of my home, dressed in my fleece robe, sipping my favourite cuppa and adding some designer silk scarves, paisley pashmina scarves, dresses, jackets and other bargains to my shopping cart at the click of a mouse?

Online vs bricks and mortar shopping – give it a thought and let’s have a discussion on how to use the EoFY sale to your advantage? Coming soon on Deidaa!