EoFY Sales – are you getting the right bargains

‘Sale’ is the magic four letter word that leaves us salivating for more. We love to splurge at the EoFY sales, picking up clothes, shoes and bags with the speed of lightning. We brave long queues in front of trial rooms and shrug off the indifference of shop assistants. But is it worth it? How do we get real value out of the EoFY sales?

Since the economic downturn, sales have become a dime a dozen. Retailers are trying to squeeze the last dollar out of a customer’s pocket. EoFY sales have lost much of their sheen. Nonetheless, it is a good time to buy, as most stores like to minimise inventory before tax time.

How do you shop savvy at the EoFY sales:

EOFY SALES Buyer beware:

Make a list of things you need and stick to the list. Inspect the goods at the point of sale. Unscrupulous sellers use sales to bump off defective pieces. It is illegal for retailers to sell defective goods unless stated at the point of sale.

Know your rights:

Most shops put a ‘no refunds, no exchange disclaimer’ on sale items. In reality, the same refund policy should apply to sale items as full priced ones. Do not shop at stores that put up notices like ‘no refund, no exchange on sale items’. Shop at Deidaa or like-minded stores who offer ‘no questions asked’ refund, even on sale items.

Avoid herd mentality:

Do not be a fashion victim and jump into the fray. Ask yourself three questions. Do you need it? Does it suit you? Will you wear it? Do you need half a dozen cheap t- shirts that will end up in a clothing bin – unused or should you invest in a few key pieces?

Get a shopping buddy:

Do not shop alone. Hire a personal shopper. At the very least, take a friend, sister or daughter who can give you an informed opinion.

Do not shop on an empty stomach:

It is a time – honoured fact that an empty stomach has a nefarious connection with shopping disasters.

Do not shop when angry or upset:

Retail therapy is like chocolates. It has the ‘feel good factor’. If you are having an emotional downturn, chances are, you will do binge shopping.

Do not shop in a hurry:

Take time to try on garments and footwear.  The right fit is critical to garments and footwear. If a garment is too tight or too short or the fabric is not comfortable next to skin, it is not a good buy. Shoes that look good in the store may end up giving you blisters, bruises and broken ankles.
Be relaxed while shopping at the EoFY sales. Enjoy the experience. Take a break at mid – day. Have lunch with your BFF. Who knows, at the end of the day, you may have unearthed a few hidden gems.

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Cannes Film Festival 2017 – Bollywood Babes Sizzle

Cannes Film Festival 2017 is the hottest event on the social calendar, south of France. Cannes Film Festival is as much about red carpet fashion as it is about cinema. Distinct from the Met Museum Gala’s avant garde aura, the red carpet at Cannes combines elegance with glamour.

The 5 hottest trends to emerge from the Cannes Film Festival 2017 are as follows:

Cannes Film Festival 2017 Slashed Hems:

Bare legs became a red carpet sensation at Cannes 2017. Supermodel Bella Hadid in an Alexander Vaulthier gown and social media sensation Emily Ratajkowski in an oyster pink slit dress bared their impeccably toned legs with aplomb . Uma Thurman was statuesque in a pale pink sculpted dress with a high slit. Bollywood star Deepika Padukone made her first major appearance at Cannes dressed in an emerald green off shoulder dress offering a sneak peek of her never ending limbs. But it was 70 year old Susan Sarandon who proved that age is no bar to a flash of exposed leg.

Bollywood rules:

Bollywood diva Aishwarya Rai was the toast of papparazzi in a Cinderellaesque powder blue hand beaded gown created by Phillipino designer Michael Cinco. She followed it up with a ruffled Ralph and Russo gown. For her maiden appearance at Cannes, as the newly recruited brand ambassador of L’oreal cosmetics, Deepika Padukone wore an emerald green Brandon Maxwell sheath with thigh high slits. The clean, no fuss look was highlighted with peacock eyes and diamond ear cuffs. Looking for Bollywood inspired fashion? Your search ends at Deidaa. Shop at Deidaa for designer silk scarves, maxi dresses, digital printed kaftan dresses, handmade beaded clutch bags and more.

Champagne flows:

Champagne flowed physically and metaphorically as the stars made a big switch from the flamboyant to the subtle. Emily Ratajkowski, Uma Thurman and Bella Hadid showed off cleavage baring corsetry and figure hugging silhouettes in champagne and nude colours. Elle Fanning wore a Vivienne Westwood off shoulder gown scribbled with signature Westwood motifs.

Colour my world with cobalt blue and vivid red:

Winnie Harlow’s cobalt blue Zuhair Murad dress provided the perfect foil to the neutrals and shell pinks as did Julian Moore’s burgundy lace halter gown. In her alternate Cannes avatar, Bella Hadid wore a quilted red dress with a necklace from Bulgari’s iconic serpenti range. Harley Baldwin’s cobalt blue peplum dress with a deep cleavage added to the colour quotient.

Embroidery and beading hold their own:

If you are talking glamour, you can’t go beyond beading and embroidery. Princess of Venice and French actress Clotilde Courau did full justice to her royal lineage, dressed in a pale pink Elie Saab gown with a beaded bodice. Eva Herzigova added glamour to the red carpet, dressed in an opulent metallic Roberto Cavalli couture gown. Jessica Chastain wore an Alexander McQueen dress with an embroidered torso. Chris Lee in a cheong sam inspired dress spangle with embroidered tigers and Jessica Chastain in a beaded mini dress with floor length fringed tassels kept the handmade banner flying.

Craving a dash of red carpet glamour? Deidaa’s cobalt blue silk dress accessorised with one of Deidaa’s exquisitely handcrafted clutch bags  can unleash the diva in you!

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Last Minute Easter Tips Deidaa

Has Easter snuck upon you? Are you underprepared and overwhelmed this Easter? Once again, guardian angel Deidaa has come to your rescue. Why not follow these last minute Easter tips to do things differently this Easter?

Last minute Easter tips – chocolates with a twist:

By now, we are all aware of the ill effects of sugar. Obesity, hyperactivity in children and several other nefarious illnesses can be traced to these innocent looking white granules. Many of my friends are actively trying to wean their children off sugar. But what is Easter without chocolates? With a little bit of imagination you can strike a balance between healthy eating and chocolate crush. Coat fruits like banana slices, strawberries, raspberries or blueberries with melted chocolate. Make kiwi fruit paddle pops. Kids will snap up these healthy treats in no time. Better still, involve your kids in this chocolate making activity. Make sure they wear their kids’ aprons or else you wll end up with chocolate coated kids. In fact, Deidaa’s parent and child party animal apron is ideally suited to a parent and child joint cooking spree. Don’t limit yourselves to chocolate making. Simple baking or making edible Easter eggs can be as much fun.

Last minute Easter tips – get crafty:

Are your kids driving you up the wall these Easter holidays? Worse still, have they become mini webaholics? Give them some fun projects this Easter. Get them to decorate Easter eggs with foil wraps, stamps and stickers.Create Easter grass by putting green wrapping paper through a paper shredder. Wrap fuzzy twine around bowls to create bird’s nests. Use egg shells as candle holders for votives or stick a few lavender sprigs in carefully cut eggshell mini vases and voila’ – your stunning centre piece for Easter brunch is ready. Ideas are endless. Empty coffee bottles can be given a coat of paint and a pair of bunny ears to become Easter lolly jars, buntings can be made out of bunny or Easter egg cutouts, old shoe boxes can be covered in foil and decorated with tinsel to become treasure chests for Easter egg hunts.

Last minute Easter tips – reinvent and reuse:

Think differently this Easter. Fashion bunny fold napkins from inexpensive cotton scarves. Opt for funky designs like butterfly or cheetah prints. These scarves could be little takeaways for your guests that will remind them of happy times spent together.

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Happy Easter and thank you for your continued support to Deidaa

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Survival Tips Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017 is around the corner and you are losing sleep over how to get it right this Valentine’s Day. You could be predictable and give roses, but a little more imagination when it comes to V-Day planning has never hurt anyone. Deidaa’s V-Day rescue team has the following survival tips for you.

Valentine’s Day 2017 Observe and Learn:

How well do you know your Valentine? Is she arty or sporty. Does she get her mojo from beach surfing or intrepid traveling.

If she is a beach babe, give her some digital printed kaftans this Valentine’s Day she can use as beach cover ups or cotton tie dye kaftans she can wear as short beach dresses. Top up with animal printed cotton scarves that double up as bandannas or sarongs. Dangled from floral beach bags, these summer scarves complete the ’70s boho look. Off shoulder floral maxi dresses or spaghetti strap maxi dresses complete the beach boho look.

Your Valentine is a eco warrior and a lover of all things natural. Replace the hackneyed roses with a plantable card that has seeds embedded in it. Select a designer silk scarf from Deidaa’s 2017 range of Australia scarves. Inspired by Australian flora and fauna, each Australia scarf depicts a unique Australian flower.

Valentine’s Day 2017 gift ideas for men:

At Deidaa, we have not forgotten the men either. We have sleek Cashmere men’s scarves for the metro sexual man. If your man is a fair dinkum Aussie, passionate about the bush and barbeque, select the party animal bbq apron for him and his mini me.

Valentine’s Day 2017 preference for handmade:

Your Valentine is a culture vulture with a preference for handmade. At Deidaa, Australia’s leading online store, you have an eclectic choice of handcrafted goods. Select from a wide variety of world renowned paisley pashmina scarves or exquisite beaded clutch bags.

You are single on Valentine’s Day 2017? But you have this special friend or family member who makes you laugh and supports you through thick and thin. Acknowledge your pillar of strength with a little something – a beaded bag, a digital printed kaftan or a designer silk scarf. Let him or her know how much he or she means to you.

Some Valentine’s Day trivia for you. Know your colours when you select Valentine’s gifts. Red depicts love, dark pink or violet indicate enchantment and excitement. When it comes to roses, white and yellow are no go zones on Valentine’s Day. While the former represents melancholia, the latter hints at infidelity!

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. On Valentine’s Day 2017, celebrate love in all its manifestations. Happy Valentine’s Day to all members of Deidaaratti from deidaateam. We at Deidaa, love you for your continued support and encouragement. XXX.


Golden Globe Awards 2017 fashion handmade, metallic

Celebrity fashion has a ‘trickle down’ effect on rag trade. While the Oscar film awards night is the holy grail of celebrity fashion, Golden Globe awards 2017 fashion is the prequel to  the Oscars.

Golden Globe Awards 2017 fashion metallics

What was trending on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards 2017? Golden Globe Awards 2017 fashion was ruled by handcrafted details and metallics. Monochrome was abundant to keep the black and white loyalists happy. However, true to the ’80s spirit, neutral dresses were peppered with sequins and beads. Blake Lively’s Atelier Versace dress with silver pockets and Thandie Newton’s Monse off shoulder white dress with a fiery hem were examples of the neutral with metallics accents trend.

Quantico star Priyanka Chopra shimmered in sequinned Ralph Lauren, as did Naomi Harris and Sophia Vergara. Drew Barrymore and Australia’s award hopeful, Nicole Kidman was resplendant in off shoulder silver dresses. Nicole was, however, upstaged by Emma Stone, who bagged the best actress award, dressed in a silver star spangled pale pink Valentino dress. TV actress Tracee Ellis Ross not only won the best actress award for her role in the TV comedy Black-ish, she easily was one of the best dressed in a hand beaded silver sheath dress.

Clearly, metallics will rule in 2017. If you are intimidated by metalics, try them as accessories. A metallic beaded clutch bag combined with a class LBD will ensure you are on trend.

Golden globe awards 2017 fashion pastel

Stark monochromes were softened by the presence of the pastel palette – dove grey, coral, salmon. Jessica Chastain’s cornflower blue Prada dress had beaded embellishments. Lily Collins looked exquisite in an old rose Zuhair Murad tiered lace dress with vintage Harry Winston diamonds.

Golden Globe Awards 2017 confirmed pastels highlighted with lace and hand beading will be cheek by jowl with monochrome in 2017. This new trend is reflected in pastel digital printed kaftans and designer silk scarves. Lace infused pashminas can add a touch of luxe to your formal wardrobe in 2017.

Golden globe awards 2017 fashion yellow

Sarah Jessica Parker gave a new meaning to versatility when she wore a Vera Wang bridal gown, reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress.

Natalie Portman paid tribute to Jackie Kennedy, a character she plays on-screen, dressed in a ’70s inspired long shift. Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis and Emily Ratajkowski were part of the yellow brigade.

Naomi Campbell, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Carrie Underwood were architectural in sculpted dresses, while Zoe Saldana was pretty in pink ruffles.

Evan Rachel Wood in an Altuzarra pant suit and Octavia Spencer in a navy suit kept the androgyny banner flying.

The animal kingdom did not go missing altogether. Kerrie Russell in leopard print, Anne Chlumsky in a kelly – green gown and Judith Light in zebra stripes rooted for the environment. Looking for leopard prints and zebra stripes? You may find them on Deidaa’s cotton scarves with fringes or beaded clutch bags.

Lifetime achievement award winner Meryl Streep’s fiery speech provided a fitting finale to yet another Golden Globe Awards night.

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017

As 2016 draws to an end, it is time to say goodbye 2016, hello 2017. Deidaa reflects on the year gone by with satisfaction and gratitude –  satisfaction for every milestone reached and gratitude for the support received from  loyal members of Deidaaratti (Deidaa Mail Club).

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017 – 2016 wrap up

2016 had its share of macro and micro challenges. Departure of stalwarts like David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Zsa Zsa Gabor and the incredibly sad deaths of mother – daughter duo Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher left the world of show biz poorer. Fashion lost a giant, Franca Sozzani, editor of Italian Vogue.

However, it was not all despair and gloom. There were new beginnings and new possibilities, like pizza delivering drones and the ninth planet.

On a micro level, 2016 worked well for Deidaa. Deidaa’s pre – Christmas sales sky rocketed in 2016, thanks to the patronage of old and new members of Deidaaratti. Deidaa’s 2016 range of digital printed plus size kaftans and silk dresses proved popular over Christmas. Deidaa’s Australia scarves, inspired by Australian flora and fauna were received well by one and all.

Deidaa was nominated for the Westpac Australian Business of Tomorrow award. Deidaa was mentored by a leading figure of the furnishing and home ware industry.

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017 – 2017 teaser

Not one to rest on its laurels for too long, Deidaa is already looking ahead. On the cards are an exciting new range of plus size kaftans, printed silk scarves, long floral maxi dresses and so much more. Little deidaarattis are not forgotten either. Deidaa’s hobbywear range of kitchen aprons and other lifestyle products are poised for major expansion. In addition, Deidaa has a few aces up her sleeve.

To keep abreast of what is new at Deidaa

Follow Deidaa on



In 2017, Deidaa will have more colourful boho fashion,style tips and trend forecasts for you.

Write to Deidaa at info@deidaa.com.au, leave product reviews and comments on http://www.deidaa.com.au. Your feedback and comments are of immense importance to Deidaa and inspires team@deidaa to do better

Wish all members of Deidaaratti a Happy and Prosperous 2017!


Holiday tips 2016 – how to recharge your batteries

Holiday tips 2016 – How to recharge your batteries

End of year holidays mean different things to different people – for some it is ‘we time ‘ with family and friends, while for others, it is recharging the batteries to face the year to come. While my other half likes to fill his holidays with activities, I like to soak up the atmosphere, explore local cuisine, culture and crafts, stimulate my mind and get the creative juices flowing. At this time of the year we are loath to talk schedules and planning, however if we avoid some ‘silly’ mistakes this silly season, the recharge and unwind exercise need not degenerate into a nightmare.

Holiday tips 2016 – Do your homework:

If you are traveling to hitherto unexplored territory, it pays to do some homework. Familiarise yourself with local culture. Learn about protocols you need to follow and precautions you need to take.  Carry a smart traveler booklet with you. Make photocopies of your travel documents and credit cards carry one set with you; leave the other set with a trusted friend or family member at home. Get sufficient travel insurance. Notify your bank about your travel plans. Buy a local SIM card (available at most airports) or use mobile apps to stay connected. Roaming facilities on your mobile phone can cost you an arm and a leg.

Holiday tips 2016 – Pack savvy:

Pack colorful, light weight and crease resistant kaftans. Rolled up, these little numbers can fit the nooks and crannies of your suitcase. Kaftans are perfect as daywear or beachwear. They can be dressed up and down. They are compatible with most cultures. Carry sturdy and comfortable shoes like ballet flats. It is a good idea to wear sneakers while flying. If you are changing flights, the trek from one gate to another can be a good 5 km walk. No kidding, I did that just yesterday at Changi International Airport and ended up feeling very sorry for the woman who was walking ahead of me, wearing a pair of high boots. Another travel friendly accessory is a sling bag. A sling bag holds your essential documents while leaving your hands free for the trolleys.

Holiday tips 2016 – Travel light:

It is wise to travel light. The fewer luggages you have, the less vulnerable you are to loss and theft. Think before you pack the evening dress or the fancy pair of shoes. Beautiful indeed, but do you really need it on a hiking trip? Carry minimal or no precious jewelry. Costume jewelry is fun and if you lose an earring or two it does not weigh on your conscience or your purse.

Holiday tips 2016 – Carry a scarf:

Carry a scarf, in fact two. I cannot highlight enough the versatility of the humble scarf. At the beach, a scarf is a pareo, a bandanna and a throw over bathers. On a sunny day, it is an effective headscarf. If it is nippy, a scarf tied in a dead man’s knot around your neck protects you against the chill. Some religious monuments require you to cover your head, shoulders or legs. Scarves are handy on such occasions.

Holiday tips 2016 – Expect the unexpected:

Go with an open mind. If you have seen ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ you will realize those that enjoy the most are the ones who embrace and accept. Explore local cuisine, crafts and culture. It helps though, if you make sure that the local signature dish does not contain seafood you are allergic to.

Last but not the least, unwind. After all, this is about recharging the batteries.



Giftophobia how to combat the fear of exchanging gifts

Are you affected by giftophobia around this time of the year – the fear of giving and receiving the wrong gifts? We know it is the thought behind the gift that matters. However, won’t it be nice if your near and dear ones actually find your gifts useful?

Here are the top 5 tips to master the art of buying gifts.


Get to know the people you are buying the gift for. Observe their lifestyle, hobbies and interests. Your favourite aunt is Scottish, crafty and crotchety (pun intended). She is an active member of the lacemakers’ guild and loves all things handmade. Will she not love a paisley pashmina scarf or a kaftan with a hand crochet yoke?

The colleague who sits next to you loves the neutral palette. However, she does wear a statement scarf when attending boardroom meetings. Pick up a digital printed scarf that will add an accent to her understated elegance.


Be a good listener. What has your bestie been talking about lately? The big wedding she has to attend shortly and how she is desperately looking for some beaded clutch bags to go with her spectacular outfits. Or how she can’t wait for the holiday in Bali, where she will do nothing but soak up the sun. This one could definitely do with some kaftans and beach bags.


Your little niece is not that little any more. She is taking baby steps towards adulthood. She is experimenting with beauty and fashion. She will perhaps love the cotton pompom and fringed scarves or the sequinned beanies.


For your other half, who also wins the title of the ‘Barbeque King’ hands down, you could pick up some cooking aprons with funky slogans.

COMBAT GIFTOPHOBIA – Go by the stars:

Follow astrology. I am a typical Virgo and love organizers and memo boards, while my charismatic Libra friend loves flamboyance and colour.

You could do all of the above or take the easy way out by giving cash, gift cards or vouchers. These are practical and quick, but lack the personal touch. And most of these gift cards simply sit in our wallets, till they are past their use by dates!

If you are still in trouble over buying gifts, write to us and we at Deidaa, the good samaritans, will come to your rescue.