Racewear Trends 2018 Style Tips

What are the racewear trends for Melbourne Cup 2018? How will you ace the racewear trends 2018?

The trick to getting it right is about adding a central focus to your outfit. Accessorise a  flamboyant frock with muted accessories. A bejewelled clutch should be offset with minimal jewellery. A statement hat should be worn with an understated dress.

Monochrome Musings:

The inaugural event of Melbourne Spring Racing Festival, Derby Day is a traditionalist’s delight.  Derby Day is set in the classic mode, with strict etiquette and dress code to follow. Derby Day is about monochrome,  tints and tones of black and white. 

Black and white, in all its avatars, took over the city on Derby Day 2018. The sea of monochrome seemed to complement the grey skies. Men veered towards tints and tones of grey, ranging from silver to charcoal. Women wore lace dresses – white lace on white – black lace on white. Polka dots, big and small, were visible on swinging wrap dresses. Some women shimmered in head to toe silver. There were solid black dresses or white. Colour blocking on dresses, alternating between black and white, made bold statements. Clutch bags in black, white and silver completed the Derby Day outfits. Hats ranged from fascinators to the more versatile tiaras, boaters and sun hats. Some brave racegoers defied tradition and chose to dress as colourful as the Rosellas.
What are the racewear trends for Melbourne Cup Day 2018?

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DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas Christmas 2017

We are ten sleeps away from Christmas. Your gift buying has gained momentum. Buying gifts is only a part of the game. Presenting gifts in an interesting manner, completes the package. You have two options. You can get a shop assistant to wrap your gifts in nondescript wrapping paper. You can put some tender loving care into DIY gift wrapping ideas.

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Get your regifting karma right

Holidays are over, a new year has dawned upon us with promises of new beginnings. A niggling problem persists. After every Christmas, most of us end up with gifts we have no use for. Do we regift these unwanted gifts? On an emotional level, using the gifts is the least we can do for someone who has spent time, money and effort to source these gifts for us. Rationally thinking, regifting is not such a sin it is made out to be. Regifting is recycling. It minimises waste. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.The digital printed kaftan you received as a Christmas gift may be too flamboyant for you. It is an ideal regift for your cousin in Cairns who would love some colourful throw overs for bathers.

How do you get your regifting karma right?

Thoughtful regifting:

Think if your regift will be useful to the receiver. The long floral maxi dress is a little too long for you. Perhaps your lissom cousin has the right body shape for it. You are a homebody, while your bff is an avid party goer. She will use the beaded clutch bag more than you would.

Regifting outside the same circle of friends or family:

Regifting within the same circle of friends or family has bruised many friendships and created bad blood between family members. If you regift your mother in law the designer silk scarf she bought for you after intense research, you will no longer be her favourite daughter – in – law.

Regifting new items:

Do not regift an item if you have used it. Remove tell tale signs that may give away your little secret. Re wrap the regift in new packaging. Look carefully for gift tags and personal notes. These have an uncanny knack of surfacing at the most inopportune moments. Come clean if you are caught in the act. Explain to the original giver or the receiver why the gift was not right for you but why it could be right for some one else.

Regifting to charity:

Spread some cheer for the less fortunate.  Regift to charity. Be mindful of the fact that charities are not dumping grounds.Do not give anything that is unusable. Unfortunately, charities have to spend time and money to get rid of dumped goods. These resources could be better used elsewhere.

Have a swap party:

How about a post Christmas girls’ night in? You could swap your unwanted gifts over cupcakes and matcha tea. Your child may have to wait for a few years to grow into the kids apron chef hat set she has received from her favourite aunt, but your friend’s daughter, who is a whiz kid in the kitchen, is the right size for it.

Follow a few simple rules and regift with confidence.

Have you been regifted your own gift? Share your thoughts on regifting with Deidaa.

Free Express Post Australia Post

Free Express Post

Do you still have to do last minute Christmas gift shopping? It is not too late yet. Shop with confidence at Deidaa. On request Deidaa offers free express post from 18.12.2016 to 22.12.2016. In addition, Deidaa offers a free gift wrapping service. On request, Deidaa will wrap your gifts with free recycled, handmade paper and send it to your designated address. Deidaa takes the stress out of gift shopping this Christmas. Follow Deidaa’s giftopedia on http://www.facebook.com/deidaaforum or @deidaafashiononline on instagram to cure your giftophobia (fear of giving and receiving gifts). Read deidaablog for gift buying and wrapping ideas! SWtill stranded? SOS Deidaa at info@deidaa.com.au

Deidaatip DIY gift wrapping

As we inch towards the silly season, we tend to get drawn into a gift buying frenzy. Buying gifts is only part of the game, presenting gifts in an interesting manner, completes the package. When it comes to gift wrapping, you have two options – you can get an already overworked shop assistant to wrap your gifts in some nondescript wrapping paper or put some tender loving care into DIY gift wrapping.

DIY gift wrapping – raid your pantry:

Stain or marble butcher paper or plain brown paper with beetroot or turmeric. Decorate with stamps made from cross sections of okra or potato.

Stimulate young minds:

Get the youngest members of the family involved. Ask them cut out Santa or Christmas tree stencils and put these on plain paper. Spray colour on the exposed area with tooth brush. You may use two or three colours. Make sure you get rid of excess paint before you start spraying. Otherwise you will end up with blobs. Remove the stencils and scribble some hand written personal messages within the Santa or Christmas tree shapes. Won’t nan and pop love this? They will also love gifts wrapped in paper decorated with impressions of little hands and feet. You can get the family pet to join in the fun. Spread out some plain paper in the backyard. Put some edible food colour under the paws of your four legged friends and give them a free run of the backyard. Soon you will have DIY gift wrapping paper printed with pug marks.

Explore the outdoors:

Explore the bush or  foreshore for sea shells, driftwood, flowers, leaves, twigs, driftwood and pine cones. Give them a coat of metallic paint or use them untreated as gift toppers.

Re-use and recycle:

We, at Deidaa, don’t let go of any opportunity to use remnants of trims and baubles. Use vintage photographs, twines, lace, doilies, fabric, buttons and embroideries from discarded clothing to decorate your gifts. Recycle wicker baskets, empty coffee jars and cardboard boxes. Make bon-bons out of mailing tubes. You may personalise gift wrapping by using old maps and travel brochures to wrap gifts for a friend who has a nomadic streak or use sports pages from old newspapers as gift wrapping paper for the soccer crazy dad.

Practise Furoshiki:

Practise the Japanese art of Furoshiki i.e., use cloth or scarf to wrap a gift. The cloth or scarf can be re-used later.

If you are running short of ideas, reach out to Deidaa for help. Deidaa offers free gift wrapping. Please visit http://www.deidaa.com.au/faq/ for more information. On request, Deidaa will wrap you purchase in handmade recycled gift wrapping paper – free of cost. Deidaa donates all fabric shreds to a handmade paper making unit that transforms these fabric remnants into recycled paper.

More Deidaatips coming your way this festive season.




Deidaatip – Overcome fear of buying gifts

Are you that auntie or uncle who turns up at the family bar-be-que with boring gifts wrapped in listless packages? Does the thought of Christmas gift shopping give you the heebie – jeebies?  You are suffering from giftophobia and you are not the only one. Giftophobia is common around this time of the year – the fear of giving and receiving the wrong gifts? We know it is the thought behind the gift that matters. However, won’t it be nice if your near and dear ones actually find your gifts useful?

Here are the top 5 tips to master the art of buying gifts

 Buying Gifts Observe:

Research the people you are buying gifts for. Observe their lifestyle, hobbies and interests. Your favourite aunt is Scottish, crafty and crotchety (pun intended). She is an active member of the lacemakers’ guild and loves all things handmade. Will she not love a paisley kaftan with a hand crochet yoke?

Mummy dearest is an avid gardener and roots for all things Australian. Deidaa’s Australia scarf, featuring Australian flora will be a tribute to her green finger and patriotism.

The colleague who sits next to you loves the neutral palette. However, she does wear a statement scarf when attending boardroom meetings. A digital printed scarf will add an accent to her understated elegance.


Be a good listener. What has your bestie been talking about lately? The big wedding she has to attend shortly and how she is desperately looking for some beaded clutch bags to go with her spectacular outfits. Or how she can’t wait for the holiday in Bali, where she will do nothing but soak up the sun. This one could definitely do with the tropical kaftans and beach bags.


Your little niece is not that little any more. She is taking baby steps towards adulthood. She is experimenting with beauty and fashion. She will love the pompom and fringed scarves or the sequined beanies.


For your other half, who also wins the title of the ‘Barbeque King’ hands down, you may pick up some cooking aprons with funky slogans. If mini me usually accompanies the dad, you can buy the parent and kids apron.

Go by the stars:

Follow astrology. I am a typical Virgo and love organizers and memo boards, while my charismatic Libra friend loves flamboyance and colour.

You could do all of the above or take the easy way out by giving cash, gift cards or vouchers. These are practical and quick, but lack the personal touch. And most of these gift cards simply sit in our wallets, till they are past their use by dates!

If you are still in trouble over buying gifts, follow Deidaa’s giftopedia series @deidaafashiononline on Instagram, full of helpful gift buying tips. Watch this page. Our next post is about creative gift wrapping.




BMW Caulfield Cup 2016

How to Dress for BMW Caulfield Cup 2016

Curtains rise on Melbourne Spring Racing season 2016 with BMW Caulfield Cup Day. The elaborate marquees with their opulent décor offer intimacy and comfort. Each year the marquees have different themes ranging from over indulgent Rococo to provincial shabby chic. A safari themed marquee can be cheek by jowl with an English garden.  You can rub shoulders with celebrities, sip Moet & Chandon and nibble hors d’ oeuvres created by master chefs.

BMW Caulfield Cup 2016 Fashion Forecast

While there is a strict dress code that rules out shorts, denims, parkas, pullovers and thongs, among others, the atmosphere at the BMW Caulfield Cup 2016 is a little more relaxed and youthful. The weather is benign this Caulfield Cup Day. Sunshine will yield to windy gusts.  Mid length dresses with fitted torsos will be abundant.  Punters will opt for the classic white on white or vivid colour blocking. Neutral dresses will be complemented with bright hats and clutch bags and vice versa. If you happen to be in a Safari themed marquee, a luxe animal print dress will flaunt your wild side. Go easy on spaghetti straps and cropped tops, warm weather notwithstanding. Too much skin showing is frowned upon. If you are unsure about how much skin to show, you may carry a light floral scarf, in case you are caught unawares.

BMW Caulfield Cup 2016 Fashion Accessories

Race wear is incomplete without accessories. Opt for the classic fascinators or you may dare to be different and wear your favourite scarf as a turban, a sequined beret in a fluorescent colour or a flapper headband. If you are having an anti – fashion moment, you may tie a bright graffiti patterned scarf around your head.  A handbag with zebra motif will add pizzazz to your entry into the safari themed marquee while the ethnic bags with pompoms and danglers will infuse boho chic into your racewear wardrobe. There is a ‘70s revival on the runways and flower girls and psychedelic prints are hot trends to be followed.

Innovations like clutch bags with side slings or mobile bags are a boon to the 21st century race goer. They combine classic elegance with contemporary convenience. So does footwear like wide pumps or wedges that save you the discomfort of twisted ankles and trips to the podiatrist after the races. The floral printed ones or the nautical themed ones complement your floral or striped dresses. Bright coloured patent leather shoes are a safe choice if you prefer the spotlight to be on your bejeweled clutch bag or headscarf turban.

More on the next Spring Racing event next week!!

Bulgari Deidaa Handmade

Bulgari Deidaa Handmade Introduction:

In the movie, The Visit, Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman wore a brooch that replicated the effect of quivering flowers. The brooch was created by Bulgari. This Italian jewelry and luxury goods company was founded by Sotiris Boulgaris, a Greek immigrant in Italy. He developed a unique Italian style, combining contemporary design with artisan crafts.

Bulgari Deidaa Handmade Aesthetic:

Bulgari has, since, continued to strike a balance between contemporary design and artisan crafts. Bulgari’s design aesthetic strikes a chord with Deidaa. Deidaa has been relentless in her effort to blend contemporary fashion trends with artisan crafts, using traditional techniques and artisan input to create the Deidaa range of scarves, hand beaded clutch bags, kaftans, dresses and other lifestyle items.

Bulgari Deidaa Handmade Serpenti:

Diana Vreeland, the high profile editor of US Vogue, began a trend when she wore a specially commissioned Bulgari serpenti belt.  The serpenti or the snake shaped bracelet watch with a time piece concealed in the bejewelled snake’s head, has been a signature piece from the Bulgari collection. Borrowing heavily from history, folklore and mythology, the serpenti bracelet uses time tested techniques like enameling to create the ‘scales’ of the serpents. Deidaa too, uses traditional techniques like weaving, block printing, crochet and tie dyeing to create her kaftans, bags, scarves and dresses.

Bulgari Deidaa Handmade Melone Bag:

The iconic Melone bag from Bulgari’s repertoire is an oval shaped clutch bag with a mirror, comb and lidded compartment inside. This bag is inspired by its predecessors from the 1920’s, when women began to smoke and apply make – up publicly and carried lipstick, rouge, perfume and cigarettes in compact oval shaped or cylindrical bags. The Melone bag can be hand held or suspended by interchageable silk cords with tassels. Like the Melone bag, all of Deidaa’s clutch bags come with metallic side slings, thus providing the hands – free option.

Deidaa emulates Bulgari’s prolific use of coloured gemstones, beads and coins to achieve vivid elegance. Deidaa is inspired by Bulgari’s bespoke convertible jewelry that can be worn as a neck piece or pulled apart to be worn as two bracelets. Deidaa’s trans – seasonal kaftans can be worn across seasons and contribute to versatility and sustainability.

Patronised by royalty and celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Gina Lollobrigida, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and the royal family of Qatar, Bulgari continues to be a trendsetter. As Richard Burton pointed out, in the nine months Elizabeth Taylor spent in Rome, filming Cleopatra, she learned only one word of Italian, ‘Bulgari’.

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