5 Fashion Tips to Rev Up Your Winter 2018 Wardrobe

Brrrr! The freezing weather is sending shivers down our spines! The frost queen is casting her spell with icy winds! If the grey skies are playing havoc with your mood barometer, here are some tips to add a zing to your winter.

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Fashion Lessons Learnt from the Royal Wedding

There was much anticipation. We waited with bated breath to see what the bride would wear on her wedding day. I am, of course, talking about the royal wedding of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex to Meghan Markle. Come D- day and there she was, walking down the aisle, in a Givenchy gown, elegant in its simplicity.

Fashion lessons learned from the royal wedding, elegance prevails:

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Fashion Trend Winter 2017 – Are You Getting It Right?

Fashion trends are like migratory birds – they come and go. Instead of being intimidated by trends or becoming trend addicts, we should bend the trends to suit our lifestyles, preferences and body shapes.

What are the fashion trends we can play with in Winter 2017?

Fashion trend winter 2017 tickled pink

Did you love fairy floss as a little girl? Well then, Winter 2017 is your season. Not just fairy floss but the entire pink palette – baby pink, coral, fuchsia, old rose – is ruling this season. Are you one of those who hide beneath layers of blacks and greys every winter? Liven up your winter wardrobe this year with a pink pashmina. Infuse new life into your slightly jaded LBD with a statement pink handbeaded clutch.

Get crafty:

Ever since Gucci put artisanal embroidery on bags and shoes, everything has gone crafty. Embroidery this season is rough and textured. It is a melange of bits and pieces patched together.

Unleash the wild side:

Anything animal is on trend. The tables have turned. From leopard printed scarves to zebra striped clutch bags, the animal kingdom is ruling mankind.

Go vintage:

Get ready for some old world Hollywood charm. Lace, velvet and faux fur abound. I am sceptical about how many of us can carry velvet clothes head to toe, but most of us can get our fashion quotient right with a black velour clutch bag encrusted with diamantes’.

Stay ruffled:

Ruffles and layers are making waves this season. Wear feminine blouses with ruffled and fluted sleeves. Pair them with frothy lace skirts in pink tones.

Mix the mismatched:

Think outside the box this season. Push the boundaries and bend the rules.  Wear socks over tights, oversized puffas and bomber jackets over slip dresses and head scarves with caps.

If pink is not your poison, opt for greenery, fire engine red, canary yellow and deep purple.

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Deidaa wraps up Melbourne Spring Racing Festival 2016

Melbourne Spring Racing Festival 2016 Cup Day

What a grand spectacle! The sun was shining, the roses were in full bloom, the frocks were a feast for the eyes and fillies were faster than lightning. That was the Emirates Melbourne Cup Day 2016. It was a riot of colour, tangerine, cobalt blue, emerald green, sunflower yellow, vivid red and coral. Floral prints vied with the spectacular roses of Flemington Race Course for attention.  Frocks were slim ‘6os shift dresses, lace sheaths or tiny off shoulder numbers. Ruffles made their presence felt. Shoulder barred or spaghetti strap maxi dresses in sorbet colours reinforced the summer theme. Headwear ranged from bold fascinators to floral wreaths.  Turbans, hair jewelry and tiaras were cheek by jowl with fedoras and wide brimmed sun hats. Clutch bags with side slings were popular because of their obvious convenience.  When it came to silhouettes for clutch bags, boxy minaudieres and envelope clutch bags won hands down. Punters put scarves to good use. Animal print scarves were draped over bare backs to prevent sunburn. Solid scarves were wrapped around the waist like a sarong when the micro minis rode too high for comfort and pashminas were twisted around sun hats and left free like tassels. A few anomalies like Hawaiian shirts and jeans snuck in quietly. At least one man was spotted committing the ultimate blasphemy, turning up dressed in a pair of board shorts.

Melbourne Spring Racing Festival 2016 Crown Oaks Day

Melbourne Cup Day was followed by Crown Oaks Day. If you were at the Oaks Day luncheon at the Crown Palladium and rubbed shoulders with film, television and sports celebrities, you were prepped up for the most feminine event of the Melbourne Spring Racing Festival.

The morning punters were out early, dressed in soft pastel colours, demure floral and muted graphic print dresses. Silhouettes were mostly slim and figure hugging. Lace sheath dresses and layered skirts were aplenty. The overall mood was ladylike and elegant. However, the odd peek a boo top appeared now and then. The cutaways on these tops were discreet nonetheless, with no show of the belly button. Some ladies were accompanied by gentlemen in morning suits offset with colourful pocket squares and bow ties. Others were obviously in the company of their bffs and clearly having a blast. Headgear was sculpted and hair jewelry was inspired by the coral reef. Myer Fashion on the Field had 60’s dresses in coral and ivory competing with shift dresses in vivid floral prints or solid colours like fire engine red and buttercup yellow.

Melbourne Spring Racing Festival 2016 Emirates Stakes Day

The final event of the spring racing festival was Emirates Stakes Day. Stakes day was about family and fun. It was about relaxing the rules and stepping outside the norm. Stakes Day had a carnival atmosphere. Fascinators were replaced with sequined berets,  colours were bright and styles were funky . Juniors and families can showed off their race wear at the Junior Fashion on the Field event.

Emirates Stakes Day was full of joie de vivre. Families were out early with the mini punters taking to the fashion scene with gusto. Siblings were dresses in red and white coordinated frocks and sun hats. Little boys carried their Homburgs with élan. Nautical stripes were a major influence on the junior punters as were sailor caps. Tartans, lace and accordion pleats adorned young and the not so young alike. Stylish top hats were worn with ruffled shirts. Floral and maxi dresses worn with floral headbands were a distinct favourite this spring racing season. Fresh flowers in headwear epitomized the spirit of spring.

Emirates Stakes day had a different feel to it. Candy floss added to the festive mood as did pony rides, fun and games, crafts and several other outdoor activities. Boys and girls held their own at the Junior Fashion in the Fields competition. As families sashayed down the runway, it was obvious the junior punters did not lack in confidence.

As the day drew to an end, a sea of tired yet happy faces made their way to the exit gates. Wins were celebrated and losses shrugged off. At the end of the day, it was all about the satisfaction of a day well spent in the company of those that matter the most and excitement in anticipation of another spring racing festival in 2017.

As another Melbourne Spring Racing festival came to an end, it was time to relive the memories. Who won in the best dressed category, who staged a fashion coup with offbeat headwear, clutch bag or wrap and who committed a fashion faux pas?

Each year, the Melbourne Spring Racing Festival relives the era of elegance and gaiety. We forget our worldly worries these few days and live in times where carefully coiffured ladies partook of high tea served in sliver service and bone china and dandies roamed the streets of London. Till next time!


Deidaa Frocks Fillies

Deidaa Frocks Fillies… Fashion Tips for Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival 2016

Come spring and Melbourne wears a festive look. Board shorts and scruffy t-shirts are replaced with dapper suits, ties and pocket squares. Women vie with one another to get the right mix of dresses, heels, hats and bags. Melbourne Spring Racing Festival is as much about the frocks as it is about the fillies. The races are attended by celebrities and royalty from all over the world.

Fashions on the field at the Melbourne Spring Racing Festival sets many a heart aflutter. However, one must appreciate the subtleties of race wear before attempting to put together a spring racing carnival ensemble. One should follow some cardinal rules, when dressing up for the spring racing festival.

Deidaa Frocks Fillies Rule No 1.

Do not wear cocktail dresses to the races. Race wear and club wear are not the same. Fashions on the field is a blend of elegance and pizzazz. A race wear dress can be off shoulder or can have a deep back. If you are not comfortable with hosiery you may go bare legged. But do not combine bare legs with deep back and plunging décolletage. Draw the fine line between sexy and crass.

Deidaa Frocks Fillies Rule No. 2:

Do not follow fashion blindly.  Fashions on the field is about highlighting your positive assets and minimizing your negative features. Wear shapes that suit your silhouette and colours that complement your skin tone

Deidaa Frocks Fillies Rule no. 3:

Fashions on the field apply to the complete outfit, from head to toe. Start with the dress and match the shoes, bags and scarves.

Deidaa Frocks Fillies Rule No. 4:

Accessorise correctly for fashions on the field.  Add a new lease of life to your classic LBD with an on trend boxy clutch bag. The boxy clutch bag or the oversized envelope bag with jewels and rhinestones are what the fashion punters are backing this season. Clutch bags with extra features like side slings leave your hands free for the canapés and champagne.  Combat possible rain and chill with a Pashmina or a silk scarf that can be discreetly tucked away and brought out if the weather plays a few tricks on you. A note of caution, do not over accessorise. If you carry a diamante clutch bag, go easy on the jewelry.

Deidaa Frocks Fillies Rule No. 6:

Be comfortable: Sky high stilettos look cool but do not feel cool when stuck in the grass. Spare yourself the embarrassment of walking bare feet at the end of the day. Fluorescent wedge heels in smart patent leather offer colour, comfort and safety for fashions on the field.

Deidaa Frocks Fillies Rule No. 7:

Follow Deidaa Frocks Fillies series for more tips on spring racing fashion.



Racewear and Degas

Racewear and Degas Introduction:

Edgar Degas, the French painter, sculptor and print maker is regarded as a pioneer of the Impressionist movement. Degas himself preferred realism to Impressionism, painting common subjects like dancers, racehorses and cotton merchants. Degas frequented racecourses where the movers and shakers of French society congregated. At the racecourse, Degas found ample opportunity to study the movements of man and beast.

Racewear and Degas Hats and Scarves:

Degas collected fashion accessories. His penchant for hats and scarves finds expression in several of  his paintings where his subjects wear headgear ranging from bonnets,  veils and headscarves to top hats, middle eastern caps, trilbys and sunhats. In one of Degas’ early works, a pensive Roman beggar woman sitting on a a window sill, her head covered with a plaid scarf in neutral colours, epitomises melancholy and destitution. Degas painted his friend Alice Vilette in front of a window in his studio in rue Blanche. The red scarf and the black head dress could have been suggested by the artist himself.

Racewear and Degas Inspiration:

Degas touched the lives of everyday performers – dancers, jockeys and working men and women – through his sculptures and paintings. As we approach yet another spring racing carnival, we can learn a lesson or two from Degas’ works of art to accessorise correctly for fashions on the field. The fashion punters are backing the boxy clutch bag or the oversized envelope bag embellished with jewels and rhinestones this season. A statement clutch bag can rejuvenate a slightly weary dress. Clutch bags with extra features like side slings leave your hands free for the canapés and champagne.  Combat possible rain and chill with a Pashmina or a silk scarf that can be discreetly tucked away and brought out if the weather plays a few tricks on you.

Emulate Degas this Spring racing season, his eye for detail and mastery over colour and form to achieve that perfect blend of sensuality and sophistication in your racewear.