Dior and Deidaa: Lessons Learnt

“We were leaving a period of war, of uniforms, of soldier women with shoulders like boxers”. “I turned them into flowers, with soft shoulders, blooming bosoms, waist slim… and skirts opening up like blossoms. ” Christian Dior, thus summarised his ‘New Look’. Continue reading Dior and Deidaa: Lessons Learnt

Christian Dior and Deidaa The Love Affair Continues

In the post World War 2 era, there was an overwhelming yearning for security and conformity. Men emerged as the primary breadwinners. Women were mothers, wives, and homemakers. In spite of criticism, feminine silhouettes resurfaced. Corsets and crinolines re-emerged. Christian Dior was a low profile freelancer for Elsa Schiaparelli and Balenciaga. He seized the opportunity and created the now famous ‘New Look’. ‘New Look’ dresses had nipped waist lines, sloping shoulders, and full skirts.
‘I designed clothes for flower like women’, said Dior. He inherited a love of gardening from his mother. Blossoming flowers inspired his Corolle (ring of petals) collection. Deidaa takes a leaf out of Dior’s book. Local flora and fauna inspire Deidaa’s collection of Australia silk scarves and floral maxi dresses.
An aspiring architect turned diplomat, Dior had a penchant for form and shape. He achieved the structural quality with layers of heavy boning, padding, and corset. Deidaa’s kaftans and silk dresses are free flowing. Deidaa embraces the structured quality in beaded clutch bags and minaudieres.
In ten short years, Dior became one of the most beloved couturiers of the world. He produced 70 collections in ten years. He died of a hear attack in 1957. Yves Saint Laurent took up the mantle of Dior after Christian Dior. In his later life, YSL developed his own aesthetic. Yet YSL inherited his love of couture and drama from his mentor. He acknowledged, ‘working with Dior was a miracle for me. My admiration knew no bounds. He has created a fashion house that was unique…. He was an extraordinary master, who taught me the fundamentals of my art. I owe a large part of my life to him… I will never forget the years spent by his side. Like Dior, Deidaa continues to nurture and mentor emerging designers.
Jacques Fath created similar silhouettes with a nipped waist, full skirt, and sloping shoulders. In later years, Vivienne Westwood and Gareth Pugh abstracted the Dior silhouette. Alexander Mcqueen used symbols and silhouettes from Dior.
John Galliano became the design director of Dior in 1996. His first collection for Dior coincided with the 50th anniversary of the House of Dior. Galliano rejuvenated the luxury brand.
Raf Simons followed Galliano. Simons gave Dior’s classic legacy a contemporary edge. He had a stellar collaboration with visual artist Sterling Ruby for Dior.
The Dior legacy continues, in the sculpted dresses, in the Lady Dior bags, in the signature perfumes, Poison and Miss Dior. Watch this space for a full review of The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.
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Fashion Edit Oscars 2017

La La Land got it… nearly! A monumentous mix up at the Oscars this year. Finally, it was not La La Land but Moonlight that took away the Oscar for best picture. It is time, however, to put the controversies aside and take stock of the frocks. Deidaa brings to you – fashion edit Oscars 2017.

Fashion Edit Oscars 2017 maxi Dresses:

The red carpet at Oscars 2017 was awash with red maxi dresses.Ruth Negga, the Ethiopian Irish actress, is known for her eclectic style. She shone like a freshly minted coin in a red Victorian Valentino maxi dress with high neck and long sleeves. Supermodel Karlie Kloss combined a sleek white Stella Mc Cartney maxi dress with a Mughal choker. Leslie Mann, the comedienne, knows how to rock yellow. She did full justice to a voluminous yellow dress. Colours like primrose and yellow are ruling the runways in 2017. If you are intimidated by the yellow palette, you may wear it in accessories. A yellow printed floral scarf adds a dash of colour to grey winter mornings. A tote bag splattered with yellow livens up a drab outfit.

Fashion Edit Oscars 2017 Metallics and Fringes:

Resonating the ’80s theme, gold and silver were everywhere – on dresses, handbags and jewelry. Jessica Biel wore her gold and silver Kaufman Franco dress with a fringed gold choker. Emma Stone took home the best actress trophy for La La Land, dressed in a fringed gold spaghetti strap maxi dress. Octavia Spencer, the very talented Hidden Figures actress, wore a dress with intense feather fringing. Wish to wear fringes casually? You cannot look beyond Deidaa’s animal printed cotton scarves with contrast fringes.

Fashion Edit Oscars 2017 Beading and Embroidery:

Oscars 2017 bore testimony to the popularity of handcrafting and beading. Australia’s own Nicole Kidman showed up on the red carpet with husban Keith Urban, wearing an Armani Prive’ hand beaded halter dress. Rumour has it that the dress gave her a rash! Singer – actor Cynthia Erivo wore a fully embroidered floral dress created by Adelaide based Paolo Sebastian.

Fashion Edit Oscars 2017 Beaded Clutch Bags:

Talking about accessories, hand beaded clutch bags like boxy minaudie`res emerged as strong contenders, as did cuffs, chokers and drop earrings.

Fashion trends to take away from Oscars 2017? Maxi dresses in many avatars, halter neck, spaghetti strapped, colours red, metallics and monochrome, hand beading and embroidery, lace, satin and velvet, statement fashion accessories like beaded clutch bags and jewel encrusted minaudie`res. You may not embrace it all – take your pick and adapt the fashion trends from Oscars 2017 to suit your style. Do not forget to reach out to Deidaa if in doubt!

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Get your regifting karma right

Holidays are over, a new year has dawned upon us with promises of new beginnings. A niggling problem persists. After every Christmas, most of us end up with gifts we have no use for. Do we regift these unwanted gifts? On an emotional level, using the gifts is the least we can do for someone who has spent time, money and effort to source these gifts for us. Rationally thinking, regifting is not such a sin it is made out to be. Regifting is recycling. It minimises waste. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.The digital printed kaftan you received as a Christmas gift may be too flamboyant for you. It is an ideal regift for your cousin in Cairns who would love some colourful throw overs for bathers.

How do you get your regifting karma right?

Thoughtful regifting:

Think if your regift will be useful to the receiver. The long floral maxi dress is a little too long for you. Perhaps your lissom cousin has the right body shape for it. You are a homebody, while your bff is an avid party goer. She will use the beaded clutch bag more than you would.

Regifting outside the same circle of friends or family:

Regifting within the same circle of friends or family has bruised many friendships and created bad blood between family members. If you regift your mother in law the designer silk scarf she bought for you after intense research, you will no longer be her favourite daughter – in – law.

Regifting new items:

Do not regift an item if you have used it. Remove tell tale signs that may give away your little secret. Re wrap the regift in new packaging. Look carefully for gift tags and personal notes. These have an uncanny knack of surfacing at the most inopportune moments. Come clean if you are caught in the act. Explain to the original giver or the receiver why the gift was not right for you but why it could be right for some one else.

Regifting to charity:

Spread some cheer for the less fortunate.  Regift to charity. Be mindful of the fact that charities are not dumping grounds.Do not give anything that is unusable. Unfortunately, charities have to spend time and money to get rid of dumped goods. These resources could be better used elsewhere.

Have a swap party:

How about a post Christmas girls’ night in? You could swap your unwanted gifts over cupcakes and matcha tea. Your child may have to wait for a few years to grow into the kids apron chef hat set she has received from her favourite aunt, but your friend’s daughter, who is a whiz kid in the kitchen, is the right size for it.

Follow a few simple rules and regift with confidence.

Have you been regifted your own gift? Share your thoughts on regifting with Deidaa.

Deidaa reviews Oscars 2016 fashion

Oscars 2016 fashion: Pastel rules

The curtains have come down on Oscars 2016. Leo De Caprio has finally taken home the golden man. For us fashionistas, it is time to take stock of the frocks or take a closer look at Oscars 2016 fashion. Who wore what? Who ruled the red carpet and who was slammed by the fashion pundits?

At Oscars 2016, the pastel palette ruled the roost. Emily Blunt was royalty personified in a quartz pink gown handcrafted with beads and crystals. Lady Gaga in an Oyster pink dress made an unusually subdued entry, as did Jennifer Jason Leigh and Louise Roe.

Deidaa has incorporated the pastel palette in her dresses, kaftans and scarves.

Oscars 2016 fashion: Abundance of colour

Oscars 2016 fashion had its quota of staple blacks. However, colours like cobalt blue and flamenco red were worn with a stunning effect. Charlize Theron won hands down when it came to wearing colour. Her flamenco red spaghetti strap gown with a deep cleavage and a long train had us gasping for more. Tina Fey accentuated the stark simplicity of her cobalt blue Versace evening gown with a statement Bulgari choker.

Cobalt blue and flamenco red will be seen in Deidaa’s range of scarves and dresses in 2016.

Oscar 2016 fashion: Ode to nature

Oscar 2016 fashion paid homage to all things natural. Green colour found favour with many celebrities who walked the red carpet. Australia’s very own Kate Blanchett wore a pale green Armani Prive’ dress embellished with hand crafted silk flowers and crystals. Isla Fisher wore a Marchesa dress emblazoned with larger than life flowers. Amy Poehler added the oriental touch dressed in an Andrew GN dress, decorated with orchids and butterflies.

Nature plays a big role in Deidaa’s 2016 scarf collection. Team@deidaa has been doing extensive research on Australian flora in 2015. Results of that research will be manifest in Deidaa’s 2016 scarves.

Oscars 2016 fashion: Metallic shimmer

Not everyone was subdued at the Oscars. Naomi Watts provided the glamour quotient, dressed in an oil spill, sequinned Armani Prive’ dress. Morgot Robbie dazzled in a metallic gold Tom Ford dress accessorised with a stark black clutch bag.

Puffball dresses and off shoulder gowns were high on popularity charts. Branded jewelry and hand beaded boxy clutch bags completed the red carpet look.

As Oscars 2016 drew to an end, it was obvious that in 2016, fashion will be ruled by nature, the pastel palette and the sensuality of Spain and its flamenco dancers.

Deidaa Reviews Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Show

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Show Introduction:

If you landed up at the recently concluded Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Show expecting to see bagpipes, kilts and paisley scarves, you were bound to be taken aback. The show was a smorgasbord of auditory and visual delight. Over 1200 performers presented a grand spectacle at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. An illuminated replica of the Edinburgh castle, built brick by brick, provided the perfect backdrop for this awe inspiring show.

Cultural Diversity and Deidaa:

At the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo show, military bands, dancers and musicians from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Norway and Switzerland performed in perfect harmony. Drummers from Basel, Switzerland matched the precision of marching girls from New Zealand. Contemporary highland dancers wearing tartan skirts and argyle socks rivalled the traditional haka performed by Maori dancers. The cultural blend at the show resonated with Deidaa’s mantra of unity in diversity. Deidaa too, works closely with artisan communities from across the globe. Deidaa’s paisley scarves, hand beaded clutch bags, hand tie dyed kaftans bear testimony to such artistic and cultural collaboration. Deidaa incorporates in its range, handcrafted details like applique and crochet. Age old textile techniques like tie and dye are used to arrive at colourful kaftans.

Tribute to the past and Deidaa:

A tribute paid to the distinguished Scottish general Hector Mcdonald struck a chord with Deidaa. Deidaa believes that homage paid to the past strengthens the present. Deidaa acknowledges the contribution of designers like Alexander Mcqueen to fashion. Incidentally, one of Alexander Mcqueen’s most dramatic collections, ‘Highland Rape’ highlighted how Scotland was ravaged by wars.

The Royal Edinburgh Miltary Tattoo Show concluded with rendition of the national anthems of the UK and Australia. As the mellifluous strains of the universal song of friendship and farewell ‘Auld Lang Syne’ filled the air and fireworks lit up the stadium, another great show came to an end, hopefully to return again.

Online fashion shop – to trust or not to trust

Online fashion shop – to trust or not to trust

Recent reports of how an overseas online fashion shop is luring unsuspecting customers into long term commitments, set me thinking. How is it that you go back to some online fashion shops time and again; others you would not touch with a barge pole.

Online fashion shop a case study:

Deidaa is an established online fashion shop in Australia. If you are looking for paisley pashmina scarves, digital printed scarves, tie dye kaftans or hand beaded clutch bags, you are likely to land up at Deidaa’s online fashion shop. How does Deidaa offer best value and a pleasant online shopping experience to its customers?

Deidaa online fashion shop loads quickly:

How many of us have walked away from sites that take forever to load? This is a balancing act for an online fashion shop. An online fashion shop, by its very nature, has to be image rich. However, images can slow down a website, as can superfluous content. Deidaa makes an effort to optimise images and  minimise irrelevant content.

Deidaa has an attractive landing page:

An attractive landing page is like an eye catching shop window. Deidaa’s landing page does not tell all, but gives a clear insight into what Deidaa offers e.g., handcrafted and artisan made paisley pashmina scarves, tie dyed kaftans, digital printed dresses, hand beaded clutch bags and more.

Deidaa provides adequate information:

Deidaa’s products i.e.,  dresses, kaftans, clutch bags and scarves are backed up with clear images and ample information. If a floral maxi dress or a kaftan comes in multiple sizes or colours, this is obvious to the customer. The customer can easily select the preferred colour or size.

Deidaa responds quickly and effectively:

Deidaa is quick to respond to customer queries and requirements.  A customer from Kualalumpur, Malaysia urgently need a paisley clutch bag for a wedding. Deidaa made sure that the bag reached her within the deadline. Deidaa, thus, scored a happy customer. She went away with the promise to recommend Deidaa to all her friends.

Deidaa invokes trust:

Will you put your money in a black hole? Neither will I. A website that does not create trust resembles a black hole. Deidaa gives the customer a sense of security. Deidaa is security certified. The landing page has glowing testimonials and reviews from happy customers. Deidaa offers easy and quick transaction.  Its payment gateway is safe, simple and has universal currency. With world wide free shipping, cumbersome calculations are history.  You pay for the product only. Refund is assured. Thoughtful gestures like free gift wrapping on request add the icing on the cake.

Deidaa takes the risk out of online shopping. It makes  virtual shopping experience as real as possible. Happy customers are the key to Deidaa’s success. Customer satisfaction is Deidaa’s supreme mantra.