DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas Christmas 2017

We are ten sleeps away from Christmas. Your gift buying has gained momentum. Buying gifts is only a part of the game. Presenting gifts in an interesting manner, completes the package. You have two options. You can get a shop assistant to wrap your gifts in nondescript wrapping paper. You can put some tender loving care into DIY gift wrapping ideas.

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Melbourne Fashion Week 2017 – Deidaareview

As the spotlights switch off, what trends emerge from Melbourne Fashion Week 2017?

Melbourne Fashion week 2017 In full bloom

At Melbourne Fashion Week 2017, florals ruled the runways. Bold flowers in vivid colours complemented demure floral sprays in primrose. Deidaa’s floral maxi dresses, adorned with poppies and daisies, resonate with this theme.

In sync with nature

Tropical themes influenced the prints, silhouettes and embellishments on playsuits and dresses. Cockatoos and Macaws
nestled amidst hibiscus and frangipani. Designers at the Global Indigenous Runway excelled in this. They gave a contemporary twist to raffia dresses, woven corsets and face masks. Deidaa has a close affinity with the Pacific nations. The tropical theme is close to Deidaa’s heart. Deidaa’s digital tropical printed kaftan and hibiscus silk scarf are best sellers.

All stitched up

Cow girl embroidery adorned sheer frocks, playsuits, midi and maxi dresses. Deidaa works with master embroiderers. Deidaa’s beaded clutch bags are an ode to beaders and embroiderers.

Over the rainbow

For once, the Spring – Summer runway felt like spring. Fire engine reds, hot pinks, yellows and tangerines took precedence over winter colours. Deidaa celebrates colour in all its manifestations. Deidaa’s Australia scarves celebrate the colour of Australian flora and fauna.

Borrow stripes from drapes and awnings

Bold stripes from the furnishing department reinforced the resort look. Preppy black and white stripes were cheek by jowl with curtain and awning stripes. Deidaa’s kaftan dress, with bold black and white stripes, incorporates this trend.

Sparkle in silver

Metallics are not going away. Silver bomber jackets and dresses paired up with understated skirts and blazers. Do you yearn for the metallic look but will not wear metallic all over? Deidaa’s beaded clutch bags in gold and silver tones can add the metallic quotient.

Swinging sixties

Frills and ruffles were everywhere. Red dresses with tiered ruffles, palazzos and culottes, playful tops showed up everywhere. Deidaa’s ruffled lace skirt is a fine example of this.

Embrace diversity

This show was inclusive. It catered to women of all sizes. Models belonged to different ethnicities, age groups and genders. Deidaa applauds fashion week for doing this. Deidaa upholds diversity. Deidaa caters to women of all sizes, ethnicities and preferences.
Melbourne Fashion Week 2017 was by far the most eclectic show. It showcased new talent alongside veterans like Carla Zampatti.
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Fashion Trends Winter 2017

I was greeted by a dismal grey sky this morning. I realised, to my dismay, winter is around the corner. How do we brace ourselves for winter? Do we follow fashion trends winter 2017 and add colour to our winter wardrobe or do we drown in a sea of grey and black?  Follow deidaatip for fashion trends winter 2017 and steal a dash of sunshine to warm the cockles of your heart this winter.

Fashion Trends Winter 2017 Greenery:

Fashion trends winter 2017 is driven by nature. Colour forecast for winter 2017 is awash with veggie patch greenery, azure, primrose and cobalt blue. Not inspired by green or yellow? Select a shade from the blue palette that is emerging strongly in 2017. Azure, cornflower blue, lapis are ruling the runways.Going out for a formal evening? Opt for Deidaa’s cobalt blue dress with peek a boo shoulders. Team it up with a grey chantilly lace wool scarf, as an accent. Light and elegant, this lace scarf is the perfect wrap for nippy winter evenings. Other than blue,  various shades of pink are emerging as an option. Show your support for the sisterhood of women by carrying a hot pink beaded clutch bag. A shocking pink pashmina and a dash of candy floss pink lipstick can be the perfect pick me up combo for a dull winter morning.

Bringing in the ’80s

Hippie themes of the ’70s is giving way to the glitz and glamour of ’80s. Usher in the ’80s with Deidaa’s rhinestone encrusted, beaded clutch bag, a perfect pick me up for any plain dress.

Head to toe florals:

If head to toe florals are not quite your cup of tea, you may add florals to your winter wardrobe with a designer silk scarf. Opt for the regular floral scarves or go for one of Deidaa’s Australia scarves, if you are passionate about Australian flora and fauna.

Statement stripes:

Wondering how to get away with the bold, graphic striped look that has fashion in its grip this winter? Combine vivid stripes with neutrals. Layer Deidaa’s striped black and white kaftan with a neutral cardi and master the art of tackling four seasons in a day.

Trends come and go. The trick is to not be intimidated by them but bend the rules to suit your lifestyle and preference. Need a  little bit of help in the styling department? Send a message to and Deidaa’s wardrobe uplifters will find the right mood elevators for you in the styling department.





Goodbye 2016, hello 2017

As 2016 draws to an end, it is time to say goodbye 2016, hello 2017. Deidaa reflects on the year gone by with satisfaction and gratitude –  satisfaction for every milestone reached and gratitude for the support received from  loyal members of Deidaaratti (Deidaa Mail Club).

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017 – 2016 wrap up

2016 had its share of macro and micro challenges. Departure of stalwarts like David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Zsa Zsa Gabor and the incredibly sad deaths of mother – daughter duo Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher left the world of show biz poorer. Fashion lost a giant, Franca Sozzani, editor of Italian Vogue.

However, it was not all despair and gloom. There were new beginnings and new possibilities, like pizza delivering drones and the ninth planet.

On a micro level, 2016 worked well for Deidaa. Deidaa’s pre – Christmas sales sky rocketed in 2016, thanks to the patronage of old and new members of Deidaaratti. Deidaa’s 2016 range of digital printed plus size kaftans and silk dresses proved popular over Christmas. Deidaa’s Australia scarves, inspired by Australian flora and fauna were received well by one and all.

Deidaa was nominated for the Westpac Australian Business of Tomorrow award. Deidaa was mentored by a leading figure of the furnishing and home ware industry.

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017 – 2017 teaser

Not one to rest on its laurels for too long, Deidaa is already looking ahead. On the cards are an exciting new range of plus size kaftans, printed silk scarves, long floral maxi dresses and so much more. Little deidaarattis are not forgotten either. Deidaa’s hobbywear range of kitchen aprons and other lifestyle products are poised for major expansion. In addition, Deidaa has a few aces up her sleeve.

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Deidaaspeak – Dress like Olympians

Deidaaspeak – dress like Olympians introduction:

Have you been glued to the television in the past few days? Are you bleary eyed in the morning and sleep walking to work? Have velodromes and running tracks invaded your dreams? Clearly, you have been bitten by the Olympics bug. For a frenzied fortnight, the Olympics rule our lives – how we work around the Olympics, what we eat (TV dinners of course) and where we sleep (decidedly, on the couch). It is no wonder then, the Olympics impacts upon what we wear. Athletes’ uniforms come under intense scrutiny and set the dress code for the next season.Talking of uniforms, the Canadians take the gold, dressed  in signature red, black and white.


Designers have been roped in to create uniforms for athletes participating in Rio Olympics 2016. While Ralph Lauren has designed Olympics uniforms for Team America in white, blue and gold, Stella Mc Cartney has been at Her Majesty’s Service, designing a range of chic sportswear for the British Olympians. Team Great Britain’s Rio Olympics uniforms are a collaboration between Mc Cartney and Adidas. They are deemed to be the most ‘successful Olympics range ever’ and are already a sellout in the UK and beyond. Teams France and Italy are not far behind, wearing Lacoste and Giorgio Armani respectively. Even China has jumped on the bandwagon, recruiting a fashion designer to dress their national teams. The island nation of Tonga has drawn upon traditional motifs, silhouettes and colours, with its flag bearer wearing a tapa cloth lava lava.  Aussies wear retro blazers with green pinstripes, accentuated with gold scarves and green and gold ties. The Aussie blazer combines history with modernity. Its inner lining features names of all Australian Olympics gold medalists. It is also a smart garment, designed to hold headphones.


In 2016, most Olympics uniforms have been designed to service long term wear. They can be worn outside of the Olympics. These uniforms have the potential to become trendsetters this season. If you cannot get the exact Olympic gear, you may get into the team spirit by acquiring something close to the team colours or motifs. For instance, you could select from Deidaa’s Australia scarves, to get into the Team Australia spirit. Deidaa’s Australia scarves are the result of an year long research into Australian flora and fauna. Each Australia scarf features a familiar Australian plant. Wear Deidaa’s Australia scarf like a lava lava or as a neck piece and dive headlong into the Olympics spirit.

Deidaatip – Dress like Olympians


Deidaatip – dress like Olympians

Since time immemorial, there has been a connection between fashion and Olympics. Athletes and what they wear at the Olympics, have been subjects of animated discussions on fashion forums. Olympians like Serena Williams, Usain Bolt and Australia’s very own Stephanie Rice are acknowledged fashion icons. Athletes are being increasingly used by apparel and lifestyle companies to promote their products.

Designers are being roped in to create Olympic uniforms, Stella McCartney for the British athletes and Ralph Lauren for their American counterparts. Athletes from Australia are wearing the traditional green and gold colours with chic accessories like gold scarves and ties. If you do not have access to the gold scarf, do not lose heart. You may pack a few hot numbers from Deidaa’s new range of Australia scarves, if you are lucky enough to travel to Rio to witness the Olympics. If not, you could join your mates at the local pub and enjoy Olympics on the big screen. Do not forget to wear one of Deidaa’s Australia scarves!

Full feature on fashion at Rio Olympics 2016 coming soon on Deidaa! Go Australia!