Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019… a new look

Mother’s Day is a month away, but it will be upon us in no time. Like all good online marketers, I tell my clients to plan ahead and shop early. You have to factor in the time required for shipping. Deidaa offers free express shipping close to all major festivals and occasions. Nonetheless, as we approach busy times, postal services become busy. There are errors and delays, especially for deliveries overseas and to outlying areas.

Mothers and daughters, often share an inexplicable bond. Most daughters, young and old, try to do something special for their moms on this day. Have you thought about celebrating Mother’s Day 2019 with a new twist?

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Men’s Fashion 2018 – Deidaa Offers Styling Tips

Guilty as charged… I have been procrastinating. I am getting requests from male members of Deidaaratti (Deidaa Mail Club), for a post on men’s fashion 2018. I have not risen to the occasion so far. Not that I am sitting quietly. My notebook is filled with jottings from several fashion shows. I am following the fashion pundits with the fervor of a keen fashionista. I have, now, collated the nuggets from several sources. Below is the gist of my research… 5 major trends that are emerging in men’s fashion 2018. Continue reading Men’s Fashion 2018 – Deidaa Offers Styling Tips

T-Shirt, Cross Body Bag, Scarf, Kaftan – Travel Essentials

Hi folks, back after a month of intense travel. I have a love-hate relationship with travelling within my country of origin. I am rattled by the delays and the crowds, but enthralled by its nature, crafts and cuisine.

If like me, you are bitten by the travel bug, these are a few handy tips for you. Continue reading T-Shirt, Cross Body Bag, Scarf, Kaftan – Travel Essentials

Melbourne Cup Day 2017 Racewear Fashion Tips

We are five sleeps away from the big day, Emirates Melbourne Cup Day. Melbourne Cup Day is the jewel in the crown of the Spring Racing Festival. Like a jewel, the Melbourne Cup Day is about glamour and sparkle. It is colourful and flamboyant. There is room for adventure and experimentation. Here are the top 5 fashion tips for Emirates Melbourne Cup Day, 2017:

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Racewear Hats Fashion Trends 2017- Fashion Tips Deidaa

…  put a hat on your head and you’ll get noticed … in just a few words Tziporah from Advanced Style Documentary summed up the importance of fashion accessories in a woman’s wardrobe. And on occasions like the spring racing carnival, the importance of fashion accessories like racewear hats assumes mega proportions. Continue reading Racewear Hats Fashion Trends 2017- Fashion Tips Deidaa

Things to do in Melbourne Deidaa tip

I get asked time and again where do I get my creative ideas from. There is no secret formula I can let you into, that will help unleash your creativity. It is part nature and part nurture. If you have the creative potential, nourish it with things to do in Melbourne.

Things to do in melbourne Soak up the atmosphere:

Visit art galleries and museums.Melburnians are blessed with access to world class art galleries like the National Gallery of Victoria. NGV International has focused on international artists and designers like Monet, Degas, Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt, Andy Warhol and John Paul Gaultier. Just across the road from NGV International is its local counterpart, the Ian Potter Centre. Ian Potter Centre has stellar displays of Australian and indigenous art. It has held exhibitions like 200 Years of Australian Fashion, Melbourne Now and the recently concluded Who’s Afraid of Colour. These exhibitions focussed on the colour, craft, depth and cultural diversity of Australian design. Deidaa’s designers contribute to Australian design  by being  inspired by colour, craft and cultural diverstiy. Deidaa’s digital printed kaftans, designer silk scarves, beach bags, floral maxi dresses and beaded clutch bags combine colour, craft and diverse cultural influences. If you have missed these exhibitons, there is still plenty to see at the Australian Art Collection and Joseph Brown Collection. Do not miss John Brack’s iconic painting, Collins Street, 5 pm.

Attend  musicals, theatres, ballets, operas and allied events:

Melbourne has always had a rich repertoire of musicals, ballets, operas and other events.Cirque de Soleil’s Kooza or Totem, ballets like The Nutcracker and musicals like Aladdin provide an insight into the wonderful world of costuming with intricate handbeading and rich textiles like silk, organza and brocade.

Explore history:

Australian history is unique and fascinating. In 1877, Thomas and andrew Chirnside, leaders of the Victorian squattocracy built a 60 room Italiante mansion in Werribee. It is Victoria’s largest and most elaborate private residence. Visit the Werribee mansion and be transported to an era of corsets, bonnets and bustles, lace bedspreads, chintz curtains and furniture covered in damask. Borderie anglaise, beads and embroidery are everywhere.

 Connect with nature:

Are you ready to venture out to the fringes of Melbourne? Mornington peninsula is a treasure trove of beaches, wineries, spas, olive groves and farmers’ markets. If you drive to Portsea at the far end of the peninsula, visit Fort Nepean. The Fort Nepean precincts offer a rare glimpse into how life was, for those who arrived in Australia on ships. Many lost their battles with typhus, dysentery and measles en route. Those who made it to the shores were subjected to a disinfecting process at the quarantine centre. Take a look at the military uniforms and coarse cotton straightjackets meant to prevent measles patients from doing self harm! Here, you will encounter some of Australia’s unique flora and fauna. As keepsakes, take some good photographs or jump online and get some Australia scarves featuring Australian flora from Deidaashop. If you are the adventurous type, go surfing or scuba diving at Portsea beach. Carry all your beach essentials in colourful beach bags. Remember to throw in some sparkly kaftans as cover ups for bathers. Finish off with fish and chips at the iconic Portsea hotel and ice cream scoops from the famous gelato shop in Dromana.

This is only a sampler of things to do in Melbourne. Follow #deidaablog to get a sneak peek of what you can do in and around Melbourne.

Got some tips on things to do in Melbourne? Post comments and suggestions on deidaablog or at,  #regram @deidaafashiononline, tag #deidaafashionline. Each post, comment or regram is rewarded with a #coupon code for 10% discount across all products at deidaashop.

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Are you traveling this Easter?

Are you traveling this Easter? Easter holidays are the first big break of the year. Most of us look forward to putting up our feet and chilling with family and friends. How will you relax these Easter holidays? Some of us may go camping and pitch a tent in the wild. Others will head to the beach and soak up the last remnants of summer. Whatever you do, if you follow five cardinal holiday rules, you will not go wrong.

Traveling this Easter? Plan ahead:

Caravan parks, hotels, motels, sea side resorts get full quickly, especially the good ones. Book early, if you are looking for hired accommodation.

Pack light:

Traveling with a truckload of luggage is no fun. After all, you are trying to get away from everyday, humdrum life. Pack lightweight clothes like kaftans. Kaftans fold into nothing and fit into the nooks and crannies of your bag. Caftans lend themselves to layering and can be worn across seasons. Digital printed kaftans can be dressed up and down. Kaftan dresses can be worn across cultures and geographical boundaries. Select crease free fabrics like polyester georgette.

Do your research:

If you are visiting a place for the first time, get some prior information about local weather, law and order, culture. Does your accommodation come with heating/cooling? Does your caravan park provide fresh linen and towels? Speaking from personal experience, I have had to sweat it out without a fan, with the mercury touching high 30 degrees. Pack some scarves. Scarves or shawls are the most versatile travel accessories you can think of! They offer protection from winter chill or summer heat. They can be worn as headscarves or sarongs over bathers. Scarves are handy if you have to cover your head or shoulder when you are visiting religious places.

Don’t be caught unawares:

Pack a dress or two, especially if you are going on a cruise. You may have to attend one or two formal events and a light silk dress accessorised with a clutch bag or designer silk scarf will ensure you are dressed for the occasion.

Travel safe:

If you are traveling this Easter, carry your essentials like passports, credit cards and phones in a secure cross body bag. Replace your precious jewelry with fake trinkets, pompom scarves or colourful beach bags. Do not be a sitting duck for criminals in unfamiliar surroundings. Moderately priced, colourful fashion accessories can add to your travel wardrobe as much as precious baubles, without disturbing your peace of mind.

Last but not the least, have a blast traveling this Easter. Make the most of these Easter holidays.  After all, most of us  may have to wait till Christmas for another good sized break.

Got some travel tips to share? Post your comments, suggestions, tips on Deidaa and receive a couponcode for 10% discount across all merchandise at deidaashop.

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Paisley Deidaa Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf Introduction:

Is it fashion? Is it art? Is it wearable art? This is a dilemma nearly everyone faces when viewing the Dutch designer duo Viktor Horsting & Rolf Snoeren’s work. Viktor & Rolf are avant garde, provocative and rebellious. Yet their creative genius and technical virtuosity is overpowering.

Paisley Deidaa Viktor & Rolf:

Viktor & Rolf Fashion Artists exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria features 35 garments from the designers’ various collections. An entire collection, originally presented by a single model, is inspired by the Russian Babushka dolls. It begins with a hessian dress and culminates in an elaborate floral cape. What catches my eye is a double layered coat dress dotted with intricately embroidered paisley motifs. It is amazing how the paisley motif continues to inspire designers and craftsmen, be it Viktor & Rolf or be it Deidaa. This humble tear drop shape originated in Persia, traveled to South Asia and found immense popularity in the royal courts of Europe in the 19th century. The paisley is a fashion classic and regularly re-emerges on the fashion runways.

Viktor & Rolf Collections:

The Viktor & Rolf Fashion Artists exhibition features garments from the duo’s Cutting Edge Couture, Red Carpet Dressing and Wearable Art shows. The Cutting Edge Couture collection combined masculine structures with feminine details like pleating. Jackets were volumious and ball gowns sculptural with parts missing. Faced with economic downturn, Viktor & Rolf perfected the art of destruction – cutting corners and slashing budgets.

The Red Carpet Dressing collection was a sarcastic comment on the practice of stars getting paid to wear designers’ dresses at red carpet events. The coat dresses, capes and strapless dresses were fashioned out of heavy duty nylon carpets.

The Wearable Art collection featured garments that were fashioned out of fabric from broken picture frames on the runway at the Paris’ Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2015 fashion week. This collection completely blurred the line between fashion and art work.

The exhibition features the series of dolls commissioned by the duo on the occasion of their solo exhibiton at the Barbican Art Gallery in London. The dolls were dressed in replicas of their original work.

The wallpaper that adorns the walls of the exhibition hall is a digital collation of Viktor & Rolf’s working sketches.This wallpaper has been specially created for the exhibition and is available for purchase. Open till late February 2017, this exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to view the surreal and cerebral work of Viktor & Rolf.

Trans-seasonal clothing – time for the switch?

Is it time to switch to trans-seasonal clothing?

It was a bitterly cold winter morning. I was on my way to work, covered head to toe in woollies. However, the minute I entered my workplace, I was transported from Alaska to Bermuda. The central heating at my workplace had reached its peak. I was well equipped to cope with the Bermuda weather in winter. I heaved a sign of relief as I got rid of my woollies and dressed down to the kaftan dress I was wearing underneath!

That’s when it struck me! Isn’t it time we got rid of the seasonal stereotypes and took stock of the new realities? Do we live in defined seasons any more? Most of live, work and party in controlled environments. We travel between hemispheres jet setting between seasons. And if you happen to live in a city like Melbourne, you have to dress for four seasons in a day.

Made out of medium weight fabric, trans-seasonal clothing lends itself to layering and suit the contemporary lifestyle better. Read more about how to adapt to trans-seasonal clothing in Deidaa’s next post, coming soon…

Melbourne Spring Racing Festival wrap up

deidaa reviews melbourne spring racing festival

What a grand spectacle! The roses were in full bloom, the frocks were a feast for the eyes and the fillies were faster than lightning. That was Melbourne Spring Racing Festival 2015. It was a riot of colour, tangerine, cobalt blue, marsala, fluorescent yellow, hot pink, vivid red and coral. Floral prints vied with the spectacular roses of Flemington Race Course for attention.  Slim ‘6os shift dresses, lace sheaths or tiny off shoulder numbers were everywhere. Shoulder barred or spaghetti strap maxi dresses reinforced the spring summer theme. Headwear ranged from bold fascinators to floral wreaths.  Turbans, hair jewelry and tiaras were cheek by jowl with fedoras and wide brimmed sun hats. Clutch bags with side slings were popular because of their obvious convenience.

The six top fashion trends that emerged from Melbourne Spring Racing Festival were:

 Lace in racewear:

Lace and mesh took the centre stage this Melbourne Cup carnival. Lace sloppy joes teamed up with palazzo pants. Lace tie up tops were worn with gently flared skirts. Lace sheath dresses and maxi dresses dared to bare.  Mesh overskirts and pouffy ‘50s dresses reinforced the lace theme

 Colourful racewear:

This cup season was about colour. Tangerines, hot pinks and corals, cobalt blues and teal dresses stole the thunder from the blooms at Flemington Race Course.

Horizontal striped dresses in fluro colours made a statement. Cobalt blue appeared to be a popular choice for menswear

 Off shoulder racewear:

Off shoulder or shoulder barred dresses were popular. Jennifer Hawkins made a spectacular entry in a fluoro yellow shoulder barred dress complemented by stark black accessories.

 Statement head pieces as racewear:

Traditional fascinators faced stiff competition from wide brimmed sun hats and bowler hats. A few avant garde shapes were spotted, as were fedoras, pixie hats, miniscule pearl numbers and spiked tiaras. Fresh flowers in headwear epitomized the spirit of spring.

 ‘70s revival as racewear:

The boho trend made inroads into the strict monochrome dress code of Derby Day. Tiered peasant skirts in liberty prints, midi skirts, bell bottoms and gentle flares appeared now and then.

 Beaded Clutch bags as racewear:

Race wear is incomplete without accessories. Melbourne Spring racing festival 2015 was no exception. The frocks were complemented with boxy minaudiere clutch bags and envelope bags with side slings. Ethnic bags with pompoms and danglers infused boho chic into the racewear wardrobe.  When it came to silhouettes for clutch bags, boxy minaudieres and envelope bags won hands down.

The Melbourne Spring Racing Festival 2015 relived the era of elegance and gaiety. The rain came, as predicted, but was not enough to put a damper on the festive mood. On the contrary, it added to the fashion with a few brollies, not to mention the Bunnings brolly that was spotted somewhere! We forgot our worldly worries these few days and lived in times where carefully coiffured ladies partook of high tea served in sliver service and bone china and dandies roamed the streets of London.