Use calico drawstring bags

How to re-use calico bags – ecotips from Deidaa

Looking back to my childhood, I recall my grandfather going to the markets every morning. He would bring back fresh fruits and vegetables in weathered calico bags. Most households either had no refrigerator or refrigerated produce was frowned upon. Plastic bags had not raised their hydra heads yet. The vendor would pour veggies into the calico bag or wrap them in banana leaves.

Let’s stop to think for a moment to think, how many times can you re-use the different types of re-usable options.

  • The green re-usable bags found at the supermarkets should be used 37 times.
  • Paper bags should be used 43 times
  • Calico bags should be used 7100 times

What do you do with so many calico bags, someone asked on another forum. That set me thinking. What do you do indeed? But then, I discovered so many ways to re-use calico bags.

Re-use calico bags as shopping or library bags.

– Calico bags fold into nothing. I keep a couple of calico bags in my handbag. You never know when you need to shop or pick up a couple of books at the library.
You may even store a few calico bags in the boot of your car. Say no to plastic bags at the grocers, at stores, wherever you are offered one. Replace the plastic bags with your own calico bags. You will become a trendsetter in no time.

Calico bags as dust covers.

– Use drawstring calico bags to store delicate fabrics like wool and silk. Beaded clutch bags and shoes are best stored in drawstring calico bags.

Calico bags as travel bags.

Re-use calico bags to organise your travel cases. You may pack dresses and blazers in the bigger calico bags. Shoes can be packed in the medium-sized calico bags. The small calico pouches are good for packing jewellery and other small items.

Calico bags as tea towels or kitchen wipes.

This is an easy kitchen hack. Cut up the large calico bags into squares. Use the overlocking machine or pinking shears to finish the edges. Voila! You will have a few new kitchen towels ready! Add the French provincial look with stamps made out of cross sections of celery or okra.

Calico bags for furoshiki.

Embrace the Japanese art of Furoshiki. Use fabric from calico bags to wrap presents. Decorate your calico gift wrap with stencils, paint, leftover trims and baubles. Write a personal message on the calico wrap. The receiver will treasure this personalised calico wrap or better still, re-use it.

Calico bags for crafts.

– Keep your tweens engaged these school holidays. Give them some calico bags to cut up and make handkerchiefs or scrunchies. Craft activities minimise screen time and stimulate the mind.

Calico bags as bin liners

When your calico bags show signs of wear and tear, use them to line your bins for solid waste. Rest assured, your bin liner will decompose along with your organic waste. It will not pollute the environment and choke animals for the next 200 years.

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