How to re-use calico bags – ecotips from Deidaa

Looking back to my childhood, I recall my grandfather going to the markets every morning. He would bring back fresh fruits and vegetables in weathered calico bags. Most households either had no refrigerator or refrigerated produce was frowned upon. Plastic bags had not raised their hydra heads yet. The vendor would pour veggies into the calico bag or wrap them in banana leaves.

Let’s stop to think for a moment to think, how many times can you re-use the different types of re-usable options.

  • The green re-usable bags found at the supermarkets should be used 37 times.
  • Paper bags should be used 43 times
  • Calico bags should be used 7100 times

What do you do with so many calico bags, someone asked on another forum. That set me thinking. What do you do indeed? But then, I discovered so many ways to re-use calico bags.

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