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Decoding Organic Eco Sustainable Living

Organic eco sustainable, these words are repeated often. What do they mean? In a nutshell, sustainable is a product, practice or lifestyle choice that sustains natural resources and communities for future generations.  The classical meaning of organic is anything that derives from plants or animals. Organic is now associated with environment-friendly or sustainable living.
Is it necessary for us to practise sustainable living? Or is it another fad that will fade out with time?
The spectre of global warming looming large. Major cities are becoming gas chambers. Taps are running dry. Tsunamis and earthquakes are wreaking havoc. The truth is, we do not have a choice anymore. Either we adopt sustainable living or we perish.
What do we do to become sustainable? We do not have to do a lot. If each one of us takes a few simple steps, we will make this world a much better place.

 Organic eco sustainable use sustainable fabrics:

 Buyer beware! Not everything natural is sustainable. Do you know cotton cultivation for a shirt requires 700 gallons of water? Mono-crop cultivation of regular cotton requires excessive irrigation. This depletes natural resources and reduces the fertility of the soil. Organic cotton cultivation uses minimal or natural irrigation and crop rotation techniques. These techniques strengthen the soil. Cotton farming accounts for 25% of the world’s insecticide consumption. Chemical pesticides can be carcinogenic. They can be harmful to farm workers, flora and fauna and communities. Organic cotton does not use chemical pesticides and fungicides. Deidaa’s 100% organic cotton t-shirts are sustainably sourced, designed and printed in Melbourne.

Steel yourself:

 Deidaa has introduced stainless steel utensils after painstaking research. Stainless steel combines sparkle with longevity and strength. Hard wearing and long lasting, stainless steel utensils are non-toxic. They have a high recycle and recapture component. Stainless steel production has low energy consumption. Stainless steel has a spirit of nostalgia. It takes us back to the days when food was cooked at home from fresh ingredients. Stainless steel lasts forever. It can be handed down from generation to generation. Stainless steel utensils offer an eco – friendly alternative to plastic containers

Homegrown is good:

Grow your own vegetables. Cook your own food. Make gardening or cooking a family activity. Kids can do simple and safe chores in the kitchen. They can fluff up the batter for healthy muffins or toss up a salad with veggies plucked from the backyard. Kids, so trained, will become environmentally aware early in life. Deidaa’sorganic cotton kid’s cooking aprons are free of toxic chemicals and pesticides. Neck bands are adjustable to allow easy wear and comfort. These novelty aprons come in fun party colours and motifs. They appeal to the parent and the child. A boring chore like healthy eating becomes an exercise in fun and games.
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