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Men’s Fashion 2018 – Deidaa Offers Styling Tips

Guilty as charged… I have been procrastinating. I am getting requests from male members of Deidaaratti (Deidaa Mail Club), for a post on men’s fashion 2018. I have not risen to the occasion so far. Not that I am sitting quietly. My notebook is filled with jottings from several fashion shows. I am following the fashion pundits with the fervor of a keen fashionista. I have, now, collated the nuggets from several sources. Below is the gist of my research… 5 major trends that are emerging in men’s fashion 2018.

Men’s fashion 2018 earn your stripes:

Groundbreaking… as Miranda Priestly would say in The Devil Wears Prada. But it is a fact. Vertical stripes are the new go-to trend in men’s fashion 2018. Thick or narrow, colourful or muted, vertical stripes have hijacked the male wardrobe. They are on all items of menswear like shirts, t-shirts, bomber jackets and track pants.

Return of the retro:

As part of this look, you will see lots of browns and camels. Wear your tan blazer with a turtleneck sweater. True to the boho spirit, no-fuss denim jackets stage a comeback.

It is ok to be fatigued:

Complementing the brown palette are khaki and army green. This trend is flowing from military wear. It includes shearling lined trenches, jackets with large pockets, duffle coats and fatigue prints.

Checks and plaids:

Another Miranda Priestly moment… when did checks go away? Checks are on jackets, trousers, scarves, and caps. Checks, however, can be tricky. Windowpane checks, for instance, can add to your girth. Ginghams hover between corporate and Friday dressing. If unsure, wear checks or plaids in accessories. A plaid cashmere scarf worn with a neutral jacket will ensure you are on trend.

Cross your body:

Men’s fashion accessories are my favorites. The right scarf, socks, belt or bag can add an edge to a man’s wardrobe. The cross – body bag has replaced the briefcase. This trend is reflective of a more relaxed sartorial style at work. Being an eco-warrior, I vote for crossbody bags made out of canvas and compliant PU. Crossbody bags combine comfort with versatility. You can opt for a plain or patterned bag. If you are not faint-hearted, you may select a crossbody bag with funky, gender-neutral motifs.

Pineapples and palm trees:

Finally, to my preferred trend, tropical. This trend is back, but with a difference. The bright colored and often ill-fitted Hawaiian shirt has been replaced. The outlook is muted, paired with fitted jeans or chinos.

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