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Fashion Trends 2018 – Style Tips from Deidaa

Coming back to blogging after a brief hiatus. Was snowed under with wholesale orders and Valentine’s Day sales at the beginning of the year.

Some of you have written to me asking for a post on fashion trends 2018. Here it is then, the top fashion trends 2018.

 1. Fashion trends 2018 colour my world:

There is no room for neutrals in 2018. Blacks and greys take a backseat. Bright saturated colours – purple, tangerine, chilli red, primrose – rule. Wear them as monochrome or colour blocked. If head to toe bright hues intimidates you, play with tints and tones of primary colours. Opt for colourful accents and accessories. A printed silk scarf or a floral tote bag in bright colours can lift up your spirit and style.

2. Pattern play:

Experiment with clashing patterns – florals with dots, stripes with retro prints. It is the time we debunked a few fashion myths. Print on print is no longer considered a fashion faux pas.

3. Bling is good:

Like Gordon Gekko in Wall Street say yes to greed. Usher in the ’80s glamour. Flaunt opulence. Wear satin and sequins in dresses, on beaded clutch bags and pretty much everything.

4. Japonism returns:

Japonism or the Western obsession with Japanese art and design has resurfaced. Kimonos and obis are out in full force. Chrysanthemums, cranes and cherry blossoms are popular motifs.

5.Earn your stripes:

Stripes in all avatars – vertical, nautical and diagonal – are visible on the runways. Wear awning inspired bold stripes on skirts, dresses and culottes.

6. Shake and shimmy:

Shake the night away in fringed dresses. Get your boho fix with fringed scarves. Cotton scarves double up as bandannas, sarongs or ties for your beach totes. What could be better, if they are fringed and come in trendy prints like leopard or butterfly?

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