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Get Your Re-gifting Karma Right in 2018

Holidays are over, a new year has dawned on us with the promise of new beginnings. A niggling problem persists. After every Christmas, most of us end up with gifts we have no use for. Do we regift these unwanted gifts? Emotionally speaking, using a gift is the least we can do for someone who has spent time, money and effort to source the gift for us. Rationally thinking, re-gifting is not a sin. Re-gifting is recycling. It minimises waste. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. The digitally printed kaftan you received as a Christmas gift may be too flamboyant for you. It is an ideal regift for your cousin in Cairns who would love some colourful throw-overs for bathers.
How do you get your re-gifting karma right?Thoughtful re-gifting:
Think if your regift will be useful to the receiver. The long floral maxi dress is a little too long for you. Perhaps, your lissom cousin has the right body shape for it. You are a homebody, while your BFF is an avid party goer. She will use the beaded clutch bag more than you would.
Re-gifting outside the same circle of friends or family:
Regifting within the same circle of friends or family has bruised many a relationship. If you regift your mother in law the designer silk scarf she bought for you after intense research, you will no longer be her favourite daughter – in – law.
Re-gifting new items:
Do not regift an item if you have used it. Remove telltale signs that may give away your little secret. Re-wrap the regift in new packaging. Look for gift tags and personal notes. These have an uncanny knack for surfacing at the most inopportune moments. Come clean if you are caught in the act. Explain to the original giver or the receiver why the gift was not right for you but could be right for someone else.
Re-gifting to charity:
Spread some cheer for the less fortunate.  Regift to charity. Be mindful of the fact that charities are not dumping grounds. Do not give anything that is unusable. Unfortunately, charities have to spend time and money to get rid of dumped goods. These resources could be better used elsewhere.
Having a swap party:
How about a post-Christmas girls’ night in? You could swap your unwanted gifts over cupcakes and matcha tea. Your child may have to grow into the kids’ apron chef hat set, she has received from her favourite aunt. Your friend’s daughter, who is a whiz kid in the kitchen, is the right size for it.
Follow a few simple rules and regift with confidence.

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