New Year's Eve 2018

New Year’s Eve 2018 Fashion Tips

Caught up in the Christmas festivities? Did not realize when the New Year’s Eve party snuck up on you?
Here are some quick and easy tips to get you sorted for the big night tomorrow.


1. New Year’s Eve 2018 Glam up:

Sparkle and shimmer are the way to go on New Year’s Eve 2018. Wear tulle skirts with sparkly underlays or sequinned jumpers over midi skirts. If you are ringing in 2018 at a resort, opt for sequin-spangled tunics and shimmering dresses.  Exercise caution while wearing sequins. Sequins reflect light and can make you look bigger than you are. If you are on the curvier side, opt for black or matt sequins. Select a kaftan dress that has sequin highlights like beaded necklines. Incorporate the sequin theme in accessories like sequinned beanies and clutch bags.


2. Flaunt the bling:

Wear rhinestones, crystals, diamantes on dresses, clutch bags and shoes. Prefer understated to flamboyant? Wear the classic LBD by all means, but add a pop of colour with a baroque beaded clutch bag.

3. Ruffle your lace:

Lace and ruffles have ruled 2017. Why not combine both and wear a ruffled lace skirt? Round off with a velour clutch bag and you are in sync with trends New Year’s Eve 2018.

4. Go boho:

Are you heading to a festival on New Year’s Eve 2018? Embrace the Bohemian spirit. Dress up in flowing maxi dresses and colourful sheer tunics with crochet accents. Complete the look with hoop earrings, stacked bangles and espadrilles or thongs.

5. Get sporty:

Sportswear has become mainstream. Pair up graphic tees and demure lace skirts with statement sneakers. Sneakers can be a fun alternative to skyscraper stilettos. They work well as party footwear and do not give you sore feet at the end of the night.

6. Strike a balance:

On New Year’s Eve 2018, strike a balance between glamour, comfort and safety. Carry a mini bag or crossbody bag with your bare essentials. A wrap or shrug tucked in your bag will save you from an early morning chill. Have fun and be safe!! Thank you for your enormous support in 2017! You can look forward to some exciting fashion from Deidaa in 2018.

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