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Boxing Day Sale – How Not To Commit A Faux Pas

Boxing Day sale works around two myths.

Boxing Day sale is an annual event.

Boxing Day sale used to be a much awaited annual event. Since the economic downturn, markets have never recovered. Retailers are capitalizing on every opportunity to declare a sale. Easter weekend sale, Anzac Day sale, Mothers’ Day sale, Valentine’s Day sale, EoFY sale, they have it all. Boxing Day sale has lost much of its sheen. Before you flash your plastic fantastic, ensure the discounts  are genuine.

There are genuine markdowns on full priced goods at Boxing Day sales:

 This may be partly true, at best. Many stores create a ‘seconds’ line for sales and factory outlets.

Follow a few simple rules to shop savvy at the Boxing Day sales:

 Caveat Emptor:
 Make a list of things you need and stick to the list. Unscrupulous retailers may bump off defective pieces, shop soiled items, one-off samples. Inspect the goods at the point of sale. It is illegal for retailers to sell defective goods unless declared at the point of sale.
 Know your rights:
 Most shops put a ‘no refunds, no exchange disclaimer’ on sale items. In reality, sale items should be governed by the same refund policy as full priced items. Do not shop at stores that put up notices like ‘no refund, no exchange on sale items’. Opt for online stores like Deidaa who offer ‘no questions asked’ refund, even on sale items.
 Avoid herd mentality:
Do not jump into the fray, because you see others doing it. Do you need half a dozen cheap t- shirts or would you rather spend your dollars on a premium organic cotton tee?
 Get a shopping buddy:
 Do not shop alone. Ideally, hire a personal shopper. If not, take a friend, sister or daughter who will give you an informed and honest opinion. Daughters can be brutally frank at times, but come up with some very valuable suggestions.
 Do not shop on an empty stomach:
 It is a time – honoured fact that an empty stomach has a nefarious connection with shopping disasters.
 Do not shop when you are upset:
 Retail therapy is like chocolates. It has the ‘feel good factor’. If you are having an emotional downturn, chances are, you will do binge shopping.
 Do not shop in a hurry:
 Take time to try on garments and footwear. Brave the serpentine queues in front of the trial rooms during sales. The right fit is critical to garments and footwear. How many near new garments do you have in your wardrobe, unused because they are ill-fitting? Shoes that look good in the store may give you blisters, bruises and broken ankles. While shopping online, read the product descriptions and refer to size charts. Responsible e-commerce stores like Deidaa have detailed product descriptions and size charts. Deidaa has a team of design professionals who offer free and informed advice at no extra cost.
Make Boxing Day shopping a relaxed affair.  Buy clothes and accessories that suit your persona and lifestyle. Have a leisurely lunch with your shopping buddy. Gather a few friends and shop online from the comfort of your home over drinks and nibbles.

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