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Organic Cotton T Shirts – Why Are They Superior?

What is Organic Cotton?

 Do you know cotton cultivation for a shirt requires 700 gallons of water? Cotton farming accounts for 25% of the world’s insecticide consumption. Organic cotton uses minimal or natural irrigation. It is chemical free and derives from non- genetically modified plants.

 5 reasons why Deidaa’s organic cotton clothing is superior to conventional cotton clothing

GMO free:

Organic cotton does not use GMO ( genetically modified organisms)

Organic cotton uses minimal irrigation:

Mono crop cultivation of regular cotton requires excessive irrigation. This depletes natural resources and reduces the fertility of the soil. Organic cotton cultivation is rain-fed or irrigated by rainwater. Crop rotation techniques are integral to organic cotton cultivation e.g., cultivation of legumes follows an organic cotton crop. These techniques strengthen and nourish the soil.

Organic cotton is chemical free:

Conventional cotton farming uses herbicides to control weeds. Chemical pesticides can be carcinogenic. They can affect farm workers, flora and fauna and end users. Organic cotton does not use chemical pesticides and fungicides. Manual weeding is practised. Trap crops are planted to lure away harmful insects.

Organic cotton is harvested sustainably:

Conventional cotton farming uses chemicals to defoliate cotton plants. Organic cotton is defoliated through seasonal freeze or water management.

Organic cotton is hypo – allergenic:

Organic cotton is pesticide and fungicide free. It minimises exposure to toxins through absorption or inhalation.

Deidaa sources 100% organic cotton t-shirts from a reputed apparel brand. This brand is a member of fair wear foundation. Fashion and graphic designers collaborate in Melbourne, to develop artwork for the t-shirts. The t-shirts are printed in Melbourne using a toxin-free technique. There are no effluents from printing.

Deidaa’s organic cotton t- shirts offer unparalleled comfort. They are ethical and sustainable. Inspired by nature and illusion, Deidaa’s organic t-shirts add fun to fair wear.

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