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Racewear Hats Fashion Trends 2017- Fashion Tips Deidaa

…  put a hat on your head and you’ll get noticed … in just a few words Tziporah from Advanced Style Documentary summed up the importance of fashion accessories in a woman’s wardrobe. And on occasions like the spring racing carnival, the importance of fashion accessories like racewear hats assumes mega proportions.

After all, what is racewear without headgear?  Who can forget Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, hiding her flower girl persona at the races at Ascot under a wide brimmed hat? Hats in all shapes and sizes, wide-brimmed, fedoras, trilbys, fascinators and top hats have been a part of the race wear hats tradition since the 19th Century.  If you can afford it, you should wear a designer hat. If you are on a budget you may wear a scarf as a turban or a sequinned beret.  The headscarf and the beret can be used later at pre-Christmas or New Year’s Eve parties or at bar be ques by the beach.

Racewear hats – guest interview:

This week, we bring to you a guest interview with milliner and fashion designer, Valentina Dobric

How did it all begin?

From childhood, I had a keen interest in music and art. I would sing in choirs. I worked as a singer in Belgrade Opera. When I migrated to Australia, I could not find work as an opera singer. I made friends with a lady who ran a ballet school and made some ballet costumes for her. I enrolled at Melbourne School of Fashion. I did a Diploma in Costume Design and Millinery from Swinburne University. I went on to do a Bachelor of Art and Design (Fashion Design).

What is your design aesthetic?

I combine influences from theatre, art and music. I derive my creative direction from a happy blend of vintage and avant – garde techniques. I create outfits for red carpet events, pre – Christmas functions and weddings.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by nature, history, art and vintage costumes. Designers like Dior, Chanel and Balenciaga amaze me. I learn from their eye for detail, selection of colours and accessories. I look at not only the garment but what goes into the making of the garment and why.

Any fashion trends that you would want our readers to follow this Spring Racing Carnival?

I do not strictly follow trends. My work is an expression of what I feel within.  I create unique and original headpieces. No two hats are alike.

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