Things to do around Melbourne Deidaa tip

A big shout out to all members of Deidaaratti who responded so warmly to Deidaa’s recent post – Things to do in Melbourne.  ‘Things to do in Melbourne’ deserves a sequel i.e.,  ‘Things to do around Melbourne’.

There are many unsung nuggets around Melbourne that are perfect for weekend getaways.

A little over an hour’s drive from Melbourne, nestled in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, is the spa town of Daylesford. With over 65 mineral springs in the region , Daylesford is the ideal place to get away from the hustle bustle of city life. There is something for everyone.

Things to do around Melbourne Convent Gallery

With my deep interest in art, crafts and textiles, my first stop in Daylesford had to be the Convent Gallery. This gallery is a treasure trove of international and Australian art and artefacts. The artworks are on display by rotation. Most are for sale, with the prices and the artist’s statements clearly displayed. An erstwhile convent, as the name suggests, this gallery has a carefully preserved chapel with some of Australia’s oldest stained glass windows. The vivid colours and geometric patterns of stained glass windows have often influenced Deidaa’s digital printed kaftans, especially the ones with beading around the neckline. At the convent gallery, a roof top infirmary and a nun’s cell have been left urestored to provide a rare glimpse into the lives of those who lived in the gold rush era. The Bad Habits Mediterranean restaurant at the gallery offers breathtaking views of Daylesford township. The gallery shop has an eclectic mix of jewelry, scarves, knitwear, candles and soaps on sale.

Things to do around Melbourne Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa

For those seeking spiritual upliftment and relaxation, Daylesford and Hepburn Springs have several day spas, healing retreats and yoga ashrams. Make sure you pack a few flowing digital printed kaftans as the right attire for your karmic salvation. Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa has been opertaing since 1895. Surrounded by greenery, this bathhouse draws water from Hepburn mineral springs. It offers private bath, spa, relaxation pools, steam and salt therapies. Pack your spa essentials in one of Deidaa’s roomy beach bags and head towards the bathhouse for a couple of hours of absolute bliss. Alternately, you may book an accommodation with a private spa. We stayed at the Mahala apartments. Conveniently located, these apartments are decorated with crewel embroidered cushions and hand embroidered block printed throws. The in-room spa, with a view of the lily pool and falling maple leaves, is an added bonus

Things to do around Melbourne Lavandula Farm

Tucked away in the hills, is the Lavandula Swiss Italian farm. This European style lavender farm is a feast for the senses, with rolling hills covered in lavender, herb and veggie gardens. The historic barn hosts a quaint shop that sells lotions, potions and pot pourris for you and your furry friends. The La Trattoria cafe sells lavender scones, lavender tea and even lavender champagne! Celebrate the colour purple this winter with a few lavender sprigs pinned on Deidaa’s lilac wool scarf interspersed with chantilly lace.

Things to do around Melbourne Boathouse Restaurant

Daylesford Lake is a haven for birdwatchers (of the feathered variety). You may have close encounters with a variety of ducks, geese, peacocks and coots. Do not get too close. They can become quite aggressive, especially if you feed them. You may do paddle boating or grab a bite at the iconic Boathouse Restaturant which was burnt down but has since been rebuilt and is open for business. Another hidden gem is the Book Barn, the second hand book shop that specialises in selling rare and unusual books. If you want a bird’s eye view of Daylesford, you may go up the spiralling staircase of the tower at the nearby Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens. The gardens boast of walkways and a good selection of firs, pines and begonias.

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Things to do in Melbourne Deidaa tip

I get asked time and again where do I get my creative ideas from. There is no secret formula I can let you into, that will help unleash your creativity. It is part nature and part nurture. If you have the creative potential, nourish it with things to do in Melbourne.

Things to do in melbourne Soak up the atmosphere:

Visit art galleries and museums.Melburnians are blessed with access to world class art galleries like the National Gallery of Victoria. NGV International has focused on international artists and designers like Monet, Degas, Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt, Andy Warhol and John Paul Gaultier. Just across the road from NGV International is its local counterpart, the Ian Potter Centre. Ian Potter Centre has stellar displays of Australian and indigenous art. It has held exhibitions like 200 Years of Australian Fashion, Melbourne Now and the recently concluded Who’s Afraid of Colour. These exhibitions focussed on the colour, craft, depth and cultural diversity of Australian design. Deidaa’s designers contribute to Australian design  by being  inspired by colour, craft and cultural diverstiy. Deidaa’s digital printed kaftans, designer silk scarves, beach bags, floral maxi dresses and beaded clutch bags combine colour, craft and diverse cultural influences. If you have missed these exhibitons, there is still plenty to see at the Australian Art Collection and Joseph Brown Collection. Do not miss John Brack’s iconic painting, Collins Street, 5 pm.

Attend  musicals, theatres, ballets, operas and allied events:

Melbourne has always had a rich repertoire of musicals, ballets, operas and other events.Cirque de Soleil’s Kooza or Totem, ballets like The Nutcracker and musicals like Aladdin provide an insight into the wonderful world of costuming with intricate handbeading and rich textiles like silk, organza and brocade.

Explore history:

Australian history is unique and fascinating. In 1877, Thomas and andrew Chirnside, leaders of the Victorian squattocracy built a 60 room Italiante mansion in Werribee. It is Victoria’s largest and most elaborate private residence. Visit the Werribee mansion and be transported to an era of corsets, bonnets and bustles, lace bedspreads, chintz curtains and furniture covered in damask. Borderie anglaise, beads and embroidery are everywhere.

 Connect with nature:

Are you ready to venture out to the fringes of Melbourne? Mornington peninsula is a treasure trove of beaches, wineries, spas, olive groves and farmers’ markets. If you drive to Portsea at the far end of the peninsula, visit Fort Nepean. The Fort Nepean precincts offer a rare glimpse into how life was, for those who arrived in Australia on ships. Many lost their battles with typhus, dysentery and measles en route. Those who made it to the shores were subjected to a disinfecting process at the quarantine centre. Take a look at the military uniforms and coarse cotton straightjackets meant to prevent measles patients from doing self harm! Here, you will encounter some of Australia’s unique flora and fauna. As keepsakes, take some good photographs or jump online and get some Australia scarves featuring Australian flora from Deidaashop. If you are the adventurous type, go surfing or scuba diving at Portsea beach. Carry all your beach essentials in colourful beach bags. Remember to throw in some sparkly kaftans as cover ups for bathers. Finish off with fish and chips at the iconic Portsea hotel and ice cream scoops from the famous gelato shop in Dromana.

This is only a sampler of things to do in Melbourne. Follow #deidaablog to get a sneak peek of what you can do in and around Melbourne.

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Last Minute Easter Tips Deidaa

Has Easter snuck upon you? Are you underprepared and overwhelmed this Easter? Once again, guardian angel Deidaa has come to your rescue. Why not follow these last minute Easter tips to do things differently this Easter?

Last minute Easter tips – chocolates with a twist:

By now, we are all aware of the ill effects of sugar. Obesity, hyperactivity in children and several other nefarious illnesses can be traced to these innocent looking white granules. Many of my friends are actively trying to wean their children off sugar. But what is Easter without chocolates? With a little bit of imagination you can strike a balance between healthy eating and chocolate crush. Coat fruits like banana slices, strawberries, raspberries or blueberries with melted chocolate. Make kiwi fruit paddle pops. Kids will snap up these healthy treats in no time. Better still, involve your kids in this chocolate making activity. Make sure they wear their kids’ aprons or else you wll end up with chocolate coated kids. In fact, Deidaa’s parent and child party animal apron is ideally suited to a parent and child joint cooking spree. Don’t limit yourselves to chocolate making. Simple baking or making edible Easter eggs can be as much fun.

Last minute Easter tips – get crafty:

Are your kids driving you up the wall these Easter holidays? Worse still, have they become mini webaholics? Give them some fun projects this Easter. Get them to decorate Easter eggs with foil wraps, stamps and stickers.Create Easter grass by putting green wrapping paper through a paper shredder. Wrap fuzzy twine around bowls to create bird’s nests. Use egg shells as candle holders for votives or stick a few lavender sprigs in carefully cut eggshell mini vases and voila’ – your stunning centre piece for Easter brunch is ready. Ideas are endless. Empty coffee bottles can be given a coat of paint and a pair of bunny ears to become Easter lolly jars, buntings can be made out of bunny or Easter egg cutouts, old shoe boxes can be covered in foil and decorated with tinsel to become treasure chests for Easter egg hunts.

Last minute Easter tips – reinvent and reuse:

Think differently this Easter. Fashion bunny fold napkins from inexpensive cotton scarves. Opt for funky designs like butterfly or cheetah prints. These scarves could be little takeaways for your guests that will remind them of happy times spent together.

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Happy Easter and thank you for your continued support to Deidaa

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Winter 2017 – what is in and what is out

As I was soaking up the sun this morning, I was painfully aware this sunshine will not last for long.  Winter 2017 is just round the corner. Most of us need to revamp our wardrobes every season – but how? How do we know what is in and what is out? What is this year’s fashion and what is recycled from last year? How do we separate wheat from chaff? Here are a few Deidaatips for Winter 2017.

1. WINTER 2017 Stock up on basics:

Winter is about utilitarian garments. Stock up on bomber jackets, trench coats and puffas. Try off beat colours like baby pink and pastel blue. Top up with scarves, beanies and gloves.

2. Include oodles of pink:

Invest in a pink pashmina, wear designer silk scarves splattered with hot pink fuchsias.

3.Wear velvet:

Yes, velvet. This vintage fabric is back with a bang. If you are unsure about wearing velvet in your main garments – after all, velvet is shiny and makes you look bigger than you are – wear it in accessories. You can’t go wrong with a black velour clutch bag, embellished with diamantes’.

4. The small bag returns:

Totes have been replaced with mini bags or small bags. Remember winter 2017 is ruled by the ’80s. Flaunt your bling. Carry a small bag covered with rhinestones. Wear it as a sling bag or carry it as a clutch.

5. Wear your stripes:

Loose, flowing garments in bold stripes is what the fashion pundits are excited about. Wear a bold black and white striped kaftan with leggings or tights. Another ’80s icon, leggings and tights are back. As the mercury dips, top up the kaftan with a puffa jacket. I love my puffas and can be guilt free about wearing puffas in winter 2017. The humble puffa is fashionable all of a sudden. Again, the trick lies in trying new colours like purple in puffas.
Opt for greenery, ’80s shoulders, flower power, shimmer and pleats. Follow deidaatips for fashion trends in winter 2017 and beat the winter chill with new found confidence.
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