Valentine’s Day gift ideas Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to the memory of St Valentine, who secretly performed weddings for Roman soldiers forbidden to marry. Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to woo your beloved with flowers, cards, gifts or candlelight dinners or a combination of all of these.  How do you make this day memorable for your loved one? Are you running out of Valentine’s Day gift ideas? At a loss, when it comes to buying Valentine’s Day gifts? With a little help from Deidaa, you will emerge a winner this Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day 2017, you can be predictable and do the following:

Valetnine’s Day gift ideas buy flowers:

Flowers take the stress out of Valentine’s Day gift shopping. Unless your lady love suffers from hay fever, you are unlikely to go wrong with flowers. But have you tried buying flowers on Valentine’s Day? Chances are, you will fork out five times the amount you will normally pay. The flowers will be in full bloom. They will end up in a rubbish bin a few days later, taking with them the memories of another Valentine’s Day!

Organise a candlelight dinner:

You are unlikely to get a booking at a decent restaurant on Valentine’s Day, unless you have booked well in advance. You may have to pay extra surcharge on Valentine’s Day. Many popular restaurants do not take bookings. Valentine’s Day romance may vanish into thin air while you wait in serpentine queues before you can squeeze in. Once in, you may be so close to your neighbouring table that you may be able to eavesdrop into their romantic conversation and vice versa. And if the weather gods turn their wrath on you, your Valentine’s Day celebrations may have a soaking finale.

You can follow Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Deidaa and do things differently this Valentine’s Day:

Plan a romantic getaway:

You may hire a beachfront bach. There are several options available to suit different budgets. It will be wise to invest in a designer silk scarf with red roses printed on it. The roses on the scarf will last a long time and so will the memories associated with Valentine’s Day. Follow Deidaa’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas and place the scarf  in a gingham lined hamper along with a floral maxi dress. You may add a hand beaded clutch bag for special effects.  Do not forget to put a sprig of lavender and some pink ribbons. Place the gift hamper on a table decorated with soy candles and laden with cheese, wine and fresh fruits. You will be geared up for one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.

Depending on your lady love’s preference, you may substitute the beachfront bach with a mini cruise. You may like to swap the dress for designer silk kaftans and the rose scarf for beach bags with roses printed on them.

At the end of the day, what makes a Valentine’s Day memorable is the spirit of caring and thoughtfulness. Love defies age. It transcends barriers and conquers all. Let us celebrate love and romance this Valentine’s Day.

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