Valentine’s Day gift ideas Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to the memory of St Valentine, who secretly performed weddings for Roman soldiers forbidden to marry. Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to woo your beloved with flowers, cards, gifts or candlelight dinners or a combination of all of these.  How do you make this day memorable for your loved one? Are you running out of Valentine’s Day gift ideas? At a loss, when it comes to buying Valentine’s Day gifts? With a little help from Deidaa, you will emerge a winner this Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day 2017, you can be predictable and do the following:

Valetnine’s Day gift ideas buy flowers:

Flowers take the stress out of Valentine’s Day gift shopping. Unless your lady love suffers from hay fever, you are unlikely to go wrong with flowers. But have you tried buying flowers on Valentine’s Day? Chances are, you will fork out five times the amount you will normally pay. The flowers will be in full bloom. They will end up in a rubbish bin a few days later, taking with them the memories of another Valentine’s Day!

Organise a candlelight dinner:

You are unlikely to get a booking at a decent restaurant on Valentine’s Day, unless you have booked well in advance. You may have to pay extra surcharge on Valentine’s Day. Many popular restaurants do not take bookings. Valentine’s Day romance may vanish into thin air while you wait in serpentine queues before you can squeeze in. Once in, you may be so close to your neighbouring table that you may be able to eavesdrop into their romantic conversation and vice versa. And if the weather gods turn their wrath on you, your Valentine’s Day celebrations may have a soaking finale.

You can follow Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Deidaa and do things differently this Valentine’s Day:

Plan a romantic getaway:

You may hire a beachfront bach. There are several options available to suit different budgets. It will be wise to invest in a designer silk scarf with red roses printed on it. The roses on the scarf will last a long time and so will the memories associated with Valentine’s Day. Follow Deidaa’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas and place the scarf  in a gingham lined hamper along with a floral maxi dress. You may add a hand beaded clutch bag for special effects.  Do not forget to put a sprig of lavender and some pink ribbons. Place the gift hamper on a table decorated with soy candles and laden with cheese, wine and fresh fruits. You will be geared up for one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.

Depending on your lady love’s preference, you may substitute the beachfront bach with a mini cruise. You may like to swap the dress for designer silk kaftans and the rose scarf for beach bags with roses printed on them.

At the end of the day, what makes a Valentine’s Day memorable is the spirit of caring and thoughtfulness. Love defies age. It transcends barriers and conquers all. Let us celebrate love and romance this Valentine’s Day.

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Celebrate Australia Day 2017 Deidaatip

Are you in love with Australia’s sunny beaches, its unique flora and fauna, its laidback lifestyle? Celebrate Australia’s larrikin spirit on Australia Day 2017 with recommendations from Australia’s leading online store, Deidaa.

Australia Day 2017 chuck a shrimp on the barbie:

Like a true blue Aussie, round up friends and family and have a backyard bar be que. Needless to say, this is the perfect occasion to flaunt your culinary skills and statement apron. You and your mini me can wear a coordinated parent and child bbq apron and chef hat and be  neighbourhood bbq celebrities.

It the weather man predicts sunshine, you can head to the beach on Australia Day 2017. What could be better than a good swim to shed the extra kilos gained over the festive season? Wear a poppy print floral maxi dress, feel the sun and sand on your face, carry a lightweight kaftan in your beach bag to throw over bathers and a cotton pompom scarf to wear as a bandanna. Barely 40 klometres from the CBD, the Mornington Peninsula is dotted with spectacular beaches.

Head to the bush:

If you would rather be in the bush, pack your worldly possessions in a sturdy canvas tote and pitch your tent at a regional camping site.

Pack a picnic:

Have you decided to do the right thing and not ‘chuck a sickie’ on Friday to make a long weekend of the Australia Day holiday? You can still take a day trip to nearby hotspots. Wear a pretty floral dress, pack some freshly baked scones in a retro print shopping bag and have your Jane Austen moment at Werribee Park or Carlton Gardens.

Do nothing:

At times doing absolutely nothing can be refreshing. Grab a good book, wear a kaftan lounger and lie in a hammock in your backyard with a pot of freshly brewed tea by your side.

Present day Australia embodies the spirit of friendship and diversity. Let us embrace this spirit on Australia Day 2017.


Get your regifting karma right

Holidays are over, a new year has dawned upon us with promises of new beginnings. A niggling problem persists. After every Christmas, most of us end up with gifts we have no use for. Do we regift these unwanted gifts? On an emotional level, using the gifts is the least we can do for someone who has spent time, money and effort to source these gifts for us. Rationally thinking, regifting is not such a sin it is made out to be. Regifting is recycling. It minimises waste. One man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.The digital printed kaftan you received as a Christmas gift may be too flamboyant for you. It is an ideal regift for your cousin in Cairns who would love some colourful throw overs for bathers.

How do you get your regifting karma right?

Thoughtful regifting:

Think if your regift will be useful to the receiver. The long floral maxi dress is a little too long for you. Perhaps your lissom cousin has the right body shape for it. You are a homebody, while your bff is an avid party goer. She will use the beaded clutch bag more than you would.

Regifting outside the same circle of friends or family:

Regifting within the same circle of friends or family has bruised many friendships and created bad blood between family members. If you regift your mother in law the designer silk scarf she bought for you after intense research, you will no longer be her favourite daughter – in – law.

Regifting new items:

Do not regift an item if you have used it. Remove tell tale signs that may give away your little secret. Re wrap the regift in new packaging. Look carefully for gift tags and personal notes. These have an uncanny knack of surfacing at the most inopportune moments. Come clean if you are caught in the act. Explain to the original giver or the receiver why the gift was not right for you but why it could be right for some one else.

Regifting to charity:

Spread some cheer for the less fortunate.  Regift to charity. Be mindful of the fact that charities are not dumping grounds.Do not give anything that is unusable. Unfortunately, charities have to spend time and money to get rid of dumped goods. These resources could be better used elsewhere.

Have a swap party:

How about a post Christmas girls’ night in? You could swap your unwanted gifts over cupcakes and matcha tea. Your child may have to wait for a few years to grow into the kids apron chef hat set she has received from her favourite aunt, but your friend’s daughter, who is a whiz kid in the kitchen, is the right size for it.

Follow a few simple rules and regift with confidence.

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Golden Globe Awards 2017 fashion handmade, metallic

Celebrity fashion has a ‘trickle down’ effect on rag trade. While the Oscar film awards night is the holy grail of celebrity fashion, Golden Globe awards 2017 fashion is the prequel to  the Oscars.

Golden Globe Awards 2017 fashion metallics

What was trending on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards 2017? Golden Globe Awards 2017 fashion was ruled by handcrafted details and metallics. Monochrome was abundant to keep the black and white loyalists happy. However, true to the ’80s spirit, neutral dresses were peppered with sequins and beads. Blake Lively’s Atelier Versace dress with silver pockets and Thandie Newton’s Monse off shoulder white dress with a fiery hem were examples of the neutral with metallics accents trend.

Quantico star Priyanka Chopra shimmered in sequinned Ralph Lauren, as did Naomi Harris and Sophia Vergara. Drew Barrymore and Australia’s award hopeful, Nicole Kidman was resplendant in off shoulder silver dresses. Nicole was, however, upstaged by Emma Stone, who bagged the best actress award, dressed in a silver star spangled pale pink Valentino dress. TV actress Tracee Ellis Ross not only won the best actress award for her role in the TV comedy Black-ish, she easily was one of the best dressed in a hand beaded silver sheath dress.

Clearly, metallics will rule in 2017. If you are intimidated by metalics, try them as accessories. A metallic beaded clutch bag combined with a class LBD will ensure you are on trend.

Golden globe awards 2017 fashion pastel

Stark monochromes were softened by the presence of the pastel palette – dove grey, coral, salmon. Jessica Chastain’s cornflower blue Prada dress had beaded embellishments. Lily Collins looked exquisite in an old rose Zuhair Murad tiered lace dress with vintage Harry Winston diamonds.

Golden Globe Awards 2017 confirmed pastels highlighted with lace and hand beading will be cheek by jowl with monochrome in 2017. This new trend is reflected in pastel digital printed kaftans and designer silk scarves. Lace infused pashminas can add a touch of luxe to your formal wardrobe in 2017.

Golden globe awards 2017 fashion yellow

Sarah Jessica Parker gave a new meaning to versatility when she wore a Vera Wang bridal gown, reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress.

Natalie Portman paid tribute to Jackie Kennedy, a character she plays on-screen, dressed in a ’70s inspired long shift. Reese Witherspoon, Viola Davis and Emily Ratajkowski were part of the yellow brigade.

Naomi Campbell, Julia Louis Dreyfus and Carrie Underwood were architectural in sculpted dresses, while Zoe Saldana was pretty in pink ruffles.

Evan Rachel Wood in an Altuzarra pant suit and Octavia Spencer in a navy suit kept the androgyny banner flying.

The animal kingdom did not go missing altogether. Kerrie Russell in leopard print, Anne Chlumsky in a kelly – green gown and Judith Light in zebra stripes rooted for the environment. Looking for leopard prints and zebra stripes? You may find them on Deidaa’s cotton scarves with fringes or beaded clutch bags.

Lifetime achievement award winner Meryl Streep’s fiery speech provided a fitting finale to yet another Golden Globe Awards night.

Fashion Trends 2017 Natural Handmade Multicultural

Fashion Trends 2017 Natural Handmade Multicultural

The end of year holidays and New Year’s eve festivities have made way for a new dawn. We are in the new year and looking forward to new beginnings.

What is your fashion mantra in 2017? Follow 5 simple tips and you will be in sync with fashion trends 2017.

Go green:

Think organic.  Look at your veggie patch or the neighbourhood beach for inspiration. Colour your world with kale, sage, cobalt, azure, primrose and tangelo in 2017.

Embrace handmade:

If organic is making headlines, can handmade be far behind? Opt for artisan made – crochet kaftan dresses for women, macramé bra tops, beaded plus size kaftans and maxi dresses.

Earn your stripes:

Bold stripes rule the runways in 2017. This is good news for fashionistas. Stripes are naturally flattering. They add height and subtract weight. If you are already tall, you may minimise the linear effect with a combination of narrow and wide black and white striped kaftan.

Reinvent the ‘80s:

Flaunt the baubles. Drown in ruffles and flounces, sparkle in spandex leggings and neon sweaters.  Carry beaded clutch bags unabashedly adorned with sequins and super sized rhinestones.

Go pint size:

Talking of bags, the other bag that is making waves is the ‘mini’. This ‘mini’ bag barely has room for a lipstick or two. It is the minimal accessory with the maximum effect.

So what is out? Go easy on skinny jeans. Replace white sneakers with flamboyant athleisure shoes. Kitten heels make a comeback. The cold shoulder look makes way for cut away sleeves or the one shoulder silhouette. Corsetry takes a backseat. Relaxed elegance makes its presence felt.

Stay tuned for exciting posts on fashion trends, events, party wear, race wear and beach wear tips. Are we missing something? Can we do better? Don’t forget to send in your suggestions and comments.