Goodbye 2016, hello 2017

As 2016 draws to an end, it is time to say goodbye 2016, hello 2017. Deidaa reflects on the year gone by with satisfaction and gratitude –  satisfaction for every milestone reached and gratitude for the support received from  loyal members of Deidaaratti (Deidaa Mail Club).

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017 – 2016 wrap up

2016 had its share of macro and micro challenges. Departure of stalwarts like David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Zsa Zsa Gabor and the incredibly sad deaths of mother – daughter duo Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher left the world of show biz poorer. Fashion lost a giant, Franca Sozzani, editor of Italian Vogue.

However, it was not all despair and gloom. There were new beginnings and new possibilities, like pizza delivering drones and the ninth planet.

On a micro level, 2016 worked well for Deidaa. Deidaa’s pre – Christmas sales sky rocketed in 2016, thanks to the patronage of old and new members of Deidaaratti. Deidaa’s 2016 range of digital printed plus size kaftans and silk dresses proved popular over Christmas. Deidaa’s Australia scarves, inspired by Australian flora and fauna were received well by one and all.

Deidaa was nominated for the Westpac Australian Business of Tomorrow award. Deidaa was mentored by a leading figure of the furnishing and home ware industry.

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017 – 2017 teaser

Not one to rest on its laurels for too long, Deidaa is already looking ahead. On the cards are an exciting new range of plus size kaftans, printed silk scarves, long floral maxi dresses and so much more. Little deidaarattis are not forgotten either. Deidaa’s hobbywear range of kitchen aprons and other lifestyle products are poised for major expansion. In addition, Deidaa has a few aces up her sleeve.

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Wish all members of Deidaaratti a Happy and Prosperous 2017!


Recharging batteries these holidays – fashiontip

These end of year holidays, I retreated into nature for a few days… away from the trappings of urban life. I realised how invaluable this experience was for my mental and physical wellness. It is not enough to simply get away. For effectively recharging batteries, you have to get a few things right.

Follow a few fashion tips from Deidaa this holiday season to make the most of your end of year getaway:

Recharging batteries travel light:

Do not carry the burden of superfluous luggage. Pack low maintenance and versatile items of clothing. Crease free, lightweight and colour ful printed kaftans work well as beach wear or cover ups over bathers. In tropical climates, these tunics can be worn as dresses. Teamed with cardis and leggings, caftans serve as effective outwear in light winter. A wide variety of kaftans are available at online stores in Australia, in floral, paisley or geometric prints. Plus size kaftans flatter generous body shapes. Kaftans are multicultural and can be be worn in different countries across the world.

Follow the KISS principle:

Keep it simple. If the monochromatic palette is your poison, carry a few colourful fashion accessories like cross body bags as mood elevators. Cross body bags are nifty travel companions. They hold the bare essentials like sunnies, credit cards, phones etc. They can be slung across the shoulder, giving you the hands free option.

Wrap it up:

Speaking of fashion accessories, do not forget to pack a couple of wraps, a digital printed silk scarf and a boho cotton scarf that can double up as a sarong over bathers or as a bandanna. A fashion wrap can be worn in a dead man’s knot or wrapped over shoulders giving protection against the elements and adding a festive touch to a basic outfit.

Be prepared:

Do not be caught unawares. Always carry a light weight, free size semi – formal dress. You never know who you meet and where you get invited to.

Create memories:

Make these holidays a lasting experience. Good photographs create happy memories. Be photo ready. Combine a solid coloured dress with a printed scarf or a floral beach bag. You  do not have to carry the whole photgraphic paraphernalia. Smart phones take good pictures. If you are having a good time , it reflects in your photographs. Come back refreshed, ready to dive headlong into a happy and exciting 2017!



Deidaatip – how to dress on New Year’s eve 2016 -17

Are you already drowning in the whirlpool of pre – Christmas festivities? Do you realise the night of all nights, New Year’s eve is yet to arrive? Here are a few fashion tips for you to ace the party scene this New Year’s eve 2016 – 17.

New Year’s eve 2016 – 17 Ooze confidence:

Embrace the ’80s. ’80s fashion is about unabashed hedonism. Flaunt the baubles, swing the bling, shimmy the night away in metallic fringe dresses and star spangled mini dress. Intimidated by all out bling? Opt for sequinned accessories like a beaded clutch bag or a sequinned beanie in exotic colours like gunmetal grey, fire engine red or shimmering purple.

Go disco:

The tiny niche from the ’70s – disco – still prevails. Wear fluorescent leggings, neon dresses and lacquered jeans.

Revel in blue:

Cobalt blue ruled the ’80s. Opt for cobalt blue dresses. Rejuvenate your eyes with cobalt blue and gold tones.

Embrace artisanal:

From Mcqueen to Valentino, the runways are replete with hand beaded dresses, crochet tunics and applique blouses. Follow the fashion pundits and reveal your crafty side.

Be dramatic:

Wear lace, ruffles, statement jewels, lingerie inspired outerwear..

Cast a spell:

Create an aura of mystery. Wear sheer dresses and voluminous sleeves that reveal rather than conceal. Select wafer thin camisoles in flesh, old rose and soft coral tones.

Dare to be different:

Opt for a LWD (little white dress) instead of the somewhat hackneyed LBD. Team it up with a black beaded clutch with a diamante’ clasp.

Go cold shoulder:

Bare one shoulder or both, let the neckline plunge, in front or at the back. A bare back adds to the aura of mystery.

Hold on to your senses:

Keep your bare essentials secure in a clutch bag, preferably with a side sling. Tuck a designer silk scarf into your bag to save you from an early morning chill. Wear sensible block heels or platform shoes in metallic hues (thankfully these are in fashion). Go easy on the wine.  Have fun and be safe!!

Free Express Post Australia Post

Free Express Post

Do you still have to do last minute Christmas gift shopping? It is not too late yet. Shop with confidence at Deidaa. On request Deidaa offers free express post from 18.12.2016 to 22.12.2016. In addition, Deidaa offers a free gift wrapping service. On request, Deidaa will wrap your gifts with free recycled, handmade paper and send it to your designated address. Deidaa takes the stress out of gift shopping this Christmas. Follow Deidaa’s giftopedia on or @deidaafashiononline on instagram to cure your giftophobia (fear of giving and receiving gifts). Read deidaablog for gift buying and wrapping ideas! SWtill stranded? SOS Deidaa at

Deidaatip DIY gift wrapping

As we inch towards the silly season, we tend to get drawn into a gift buying frenzy. Buying gifts is only part of the game, presenting gifts in an interesting manner, completes the package. When it comes to gift wrapping, you have two options – you can get an already overworked shop assistant to wrap your gifts in some nondescript wrapping paper or put some tender loving care into DIY gift wrapping.

DIY gift wrapping – raid your pantry:

Stain or marble butcher paper or plain brown paper with beetroot or turmeric. Decorate with stamps made from cross sections of okra or potato.

Stimulate young minds:

Get the youngest members of the family involved. Ask them cut out Santa or Christmas tree stencils and put these on plain paper. Spray colour on the exposed area with tooth brush. You may use two or three colours. Make sure you get rid of excess paint before you start spraying. Otherwise you will end up with blobs. Remove the stencils and scribble some hand written personal messages within the Santa or Christmas tree shapes. Won’t nan and pop love this? They will also love gifts wrapped in paper decorated with impressions of little hands and feet. You can get the family pet to join in the fun. Spread out some plain paper in the backyard. Put some edible food colour under the paws of your four legged friends and give them a free run of the backyard. Soon you will have DIY gift wrapping paper printed with pug marks.

Explore the outdoors:

Explore the bush or  foreshore for sea shells, driftwood, flowers, leaves, twigs, driftwood and pine cones. Give them a coat of metallic paint or use them untreated as gift toppers.

Re-use and recycle:

We, at Deidaa, don’t let go of any opportunity to use remnants of trims and baubles. Use vintage photographs, twines, lace, doilies, fabric, buttons and embroideries from discarded clothing to decorate your gifts. Recycle wicker baskets, empty coffee jars and cardboard boxes. Make bon-bons out of mailing tubes. You may personalise gift wrapping by using old maps and travel brochures to wrap gifts for a friend who has a nomadic streak or use sports pages from old newspapers as gift wrapping paper for the soccer crazy dad.

Practise Furoshiki:

Practise the Japanese art of Furoshiki i.e., use cloth or scarf to wrap a gift. The cloth or scarf can be re-used later.

If you are running short of ideas, reach out to Deidaa for help. Deidaa offers free gift wrapping. Please visit for more information. On request, Deidaa will wrap you purchase in handmade recycled gift wrapping paper – free of cost. Deidaa donates all fabric shreds to a handmade paper making unit that transforms these fabric remnants into recycled paper.

More Deidaatips coming your way this festive season.