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Artisans – what you and I can do to save their crafts

In this day and age, we are swamped by fast fashion, bulk fashion, cheap fashion and assembly line fashion. However, it is heartening to note that there is a growing community of consumers, still in a minority albeit growing, who are swapping the hype and gloss of high street stores for artisan crafts. What can you do to join their ranks?

Save artisans – ask questions:

Ask questions before you buy. Who has designed the product? Is it an original design or a cheap imitation? Who has made it? Is it being made in ethically managed workshops or in sweatshops that are little better than hell holes? Are the producers receiving a sustainable wage? Do they have access to food, shelter and basic facilities like potable water?

Save artisans – abandon the herd mentality:

Do not succumb to the lure of big stores with big budget marketing campaigns. Seek out the unique scarf or a beaded kaftan that has elements of handcrafting.

Save artisans – be part of the initiative:

Many independent designers are doing yeomen work to reinvent and re – energise artisan crafts. Lend a helping hand to these people. Spread the word, support related events, buy and use artisan made scarves, kaftans, dresses, bags and so much more.

Save artisans – listen to a good story:

Many designers, who work with artisans and their communities, have good stories to tell. Personalise your shopping experience. Have a lively discussion with the designer and the maker. I can assure you interaction with independent designers and makers will be far more rewarding than encounters with robotic sales assistants who can say little beyond ‘next please’.

Save artisans – feel empowered:

You are the consumer. You can bring about a change with the choices you make. Artisan crafts are part of the legacy we are born with? Would you rather see them perish, drowned by the onslaught of mass-produced goods or would you extend your support by opting for an exquisitely beaded handbag or a unique hand tie-dyed kaftan? The choice is yours.



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