Trends Spring Summer 2016

As we get ready to bid adieu to Winter 2016, we look forward to trends Spring Summer 2016 with a sense of anticipation and excitement. To many of us, summer means warmth, freedom and joy. We replace the dismal greys and blacks in our wardrobes with vivid floral prints and perky polka dots. What trends do we follow this spring summer?

Trends Spring Summer 2016 Tropical Wave

We are riding on a tropical wave this summer. Expect a profusion of palm fronds and pineapples, frangipanis and gardenias, flamingoes, macaws and hornbills. You see them on kaftans, dresses, scarves, bags and home ware . A complete tropical look may be too overwhelming for most of us. If you do not wish to look like you have stepped out of a resort holiday brochure,  combine any one item from the tropical range with understated neutrals.

Trends Spring Summer 2016 Embroider Everything

The sudden craze for Mexican peasant blouses and Ukrainian vyshyvankas stems from the folk theme. Tiered skirts and embroidered tops have been re – energised by fashion houses of Valentino and Gucci. Customers are giving ‘mass produced’ a miss in favour of the intimate feel of artisan made items from little known shops.

Trends Spring Summer 2016 of frills and flounces

Sleeves have sprouted frills and flounces this season. They are big, edged with ruffles, complementing the tiers of boho inspired skirts and dresses.

Trends Spring Summer 2016 Creepy crawlies

Insects have finally got the attention that was long overdue. Butterflies, dragonflies and beetles feature prominently alongside oversized floral prints.

Trends Spring Summer 2016 dots checks and stripes

Graphics and geometric prints are not going away. Polka dots, stripes and plaids abound in plenty and are clever tools to work around body shapes.

Trends Spring Summer 2016 sportify

A big event like the Olympics, leaves its imprint on everything when it happens. We can see athleisure emerging as a strong trend, inspired by the Olympics, lifestyle choices and comfort. Designers are opting for the middle path between leisure and athletics. This trend also acknowledges the shift towards multi faceted and versatile garments that service the needs of modern women.

Trends come and go. You do not have to follow trends blindly, but re – purpose fashion trends spring summer 2016 to suit your specific body shape, environment, lifestyle and preference. Need a helping hand? Do not hesitate to contact Deidaa. Deidaa offers styling advice that comes absolutely free with no strings attached.


Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2016

fashion trends Spring Summer 2016

As days become longer and nights warmer, as the barren cherry tree in my front yard begins to sprout new shoots, I can hear the footsteps of spring.

We all know reptiles molt or shed their external layer, but do we realise humans molt too? As we approach spring, we humans go through a molting process, shedding layers of winter clothes. Come spring – summer, we feel the need to explore new possibilities for our wardrobes, aka fashion trends Spring Summer 2016. What is making waves on the fashion runways this summer? What are the fashion pundits predicting? Will it be nature, will it be athleisure, will it be handcrafting or will it be a combination of all of these influences? How do you interpret these trends and adapt them to suit your persona, lifestyle and choice? Learn more in Deidaa’s next post on fashion trends Spring Summer 2016 and how to nail them.

Deidaaspeak – Dress like Olympians

Deidaaspeak – dress like Olympians introduction:

Have you been glued to the television in the past few days? Are you bleary eyed in the morning and sleep walking to work? Have velodromes and running tracks invaded your dreams? Clearly, you have been bitten by the Olympics bug. For a frenzied fortnight, the Olympics rule our lives – how we work around the Olympics, what we eat (TV dinners of course) and where we sleep (decidedly, on the couch). It is no wonder then, the Olympics impacts upon what we wear. Athletes’ uniforms come under intense scrutiny and set the dress code for the next season.Talking of uniforms, the Canadians take the gold, dressed  in signature red, black and white.


Designers have been roped in to create uniforms for athletes participating in Rio Olympics 2016. While Ralph Lauren has designed Olympics uniforms for Team America in white, blue and gold, Stella Mc Cartney has been at Her Majesty’s Service, designing a range of chic sportswear for the British Olympians. Team Great Britain’s Rio Olympics uniforms are a collaboration between Mc Cartney and Adidas. They are deemed to be the most ‘successful Olympics range ever’ and are already a sellout in the UK and beyond. Teams France and Italy are not far behind, wearing Lacoste and Giorgio Armani respectively. Even China has jumped on the bandwagon, recruiting a fashion designer to dress their national teams. The island nation of Tonga has drawn upon traditional motifs, silhouettes and colours, with its flag bearer wearing a tapa cloth lava lava.  Aussies wear retro blazers with green pinstripes, accentuated with gold scarves and green and gold ties. The Aussie blazer combines history with modernity. Its inner lining features names of all Australian Olympics gold medalists. It is also a smart garment, designed to hold headphones.


In 2016, most Olympics uniforms have been designed to service long term wear. They can be worn outside of the Olympics. These uniforms have the potential to become trendsetters this season. If you cannot get the exact Olympic gear, you may get into the team spirit by acquiring something close to the team colours or motifs. For instance, you could select from Deidaa’s Australia scarves, to get into the Team Australia spirit. Deidaa’s Australia scarves are the result of an year long research into Australian flora and fauna. Each Australia scarf features a familiar Australian plant. Wear Deidaa’s Australia scarf like a lava lava or as a neck piece and dive headlong into the Olympics spirit.

Deidaatip – Dress like Olympians


Deidaatip – dress like Olympians

Since time immemorial, there has been a connection between fashion and Olympics. Athletes and what they wear at the Olympics, have been subjects of animated discussions on fashion forums. Olympians like Serena Williams, Usain Bolt and Australia’s very own Stephanie Rice are acknowledged fashion icons. Athletes are being increasingly used by apparel and lifestyle companies to promote their products.

Designers are being roped in to create Olympic uniforms, Stella McCartney for the British athletes and Ralph Lauren for their American counterparts. Athletes from Australia are wearing the traditional green and gold colours with chic accessories like gold scarves and ties. If you do not have access to the gold scarf, do not lose heart. You may pack a few hot numbers from Deidaa’s new range of Australia scarves, if you are lucky enough to travel to Rio to witness the Olympics. If not, you could join your mates at the local pub and enjoy Olympics on the big screen. Do not forget to wear one of Deidaa’s Australia scarves!

Full feature on fashion at Rio Olympics 2016 coming soon on Deidaa! Go Australia!

Artisans – what you and I can do to save their crafts

In this day and age, we are swamped by fast fashion, bulk fashion, cheap fashion and assembly line fashion. However, it is heartening to note that there is a growing community of consumers, still in a minority albeit growing, who are swapping the hype and gloss of high street stores for artisan crafts. What can you do to join their ranks?

Save artisans – ask questions:

Ask questions before you buy. Who has designed the product? Is it an original design or a cheap imitation? Who has made it? Is it being made in ethically managed workshops or in sweatshops that are little better than hell holes? Are the producers receiving a sustainable wage? Do they have access to food, shelter and basic facilities like potable water?

Save artisans – abandon the herd mentality:

Do not succumb to the lure of big stores with big budget marketing campaigns. Seek out the unique scarf or a beaded kaftan that has elements of handcrafting.

Save artisans – be part of the initiative:

Many independent designers are doing yeomen work to reinvent and re – energise artisan crafts. Lend a helping hand to these people. Spread the word, support related events, buy and use artisan made scarves, kaftans, dresses, bags and so much more.

Save artisans – listen to a good story:

Many designers, who work with artisans and their communities, have good stories to tell. Personalise your shopping experience. Have a lively discussion with the designer and the maker. I can assure you interaction with independent designers and makers will be far more rewarding than encounters with robotic sales assistants who can say little beyond ‘next please’.

Save artisans – feel empowered:

You are the consumer. You can bring about a change with the choices you make. Artisan crafts are part of the legacy we are born with? Would you rather see them perish, drowned by the onslaught of mass-produced goods or would you extend your support by opting for an exquisitely beaded handbag or a unique hand tie-dyed kaftan? The choice is yours.