Deidaa Reviews Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Show

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Show Introduction:

If you landed up at the recently concluded Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Show expecting to see bagpipes, kilts and paisley scarves, you were bound to be taken aback. The show was a smorgasbord of auditory and visual delight. Over 1200 performers presented a grand spectacle at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia. An illuminated replica of the Edinburgh castle, built brick by brick, provided the perfect backdrop for this awe inspiring show.

Cultural Diversity and Deidaa:

At the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo show, military bands, dancers and musicians from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Norway and Switzerland performed in perfect harmony. Drummers from Basel, Switzerland matched the precision of marching girls from New Zealand. Contemporary highland dancers wearing tartan skirts and argyle socks rivalled the traditional haka¬†performed by Maori dancers.¬†The cultural blend at the show resonated with Deidaa’s mantra of unity in diversity. Deidaa too, works closely with artisan communities from across the globe. Deidaa’s paisley scarves, hand beaded clutch bags, hand tie dyed kaftans bear testimony to such artistic and cultural collaboration. Deidaa incorporates in its range, handcrafted details like applique and crochet. Age old textile techniques like tie and dye are used to arrive at colourful kaftans.

Tribute to the past and Deidaa:

A tribute paid to the distinguished Scottish general Hector Mcdonald struck a chord with Deidaa. Deidaa believes that homage paid to the past strengthens the present. Deidaa acknowledges the contribution of designers like Alexander Mcqueen to fashion. Incidentally, one of Alexander Mcqueen’s most dramatic collections, ‘Highland Rape’ highlighted how Scotland was ravaged by wars.

The Royal Edinburgh Miltary Tattoo Show concluded with rendition of the national anthems of the UK and Australia. As the mellifluous strains of the universal song of friendship and farewell ‘Auld Lang Syne’ filled the air and fireworks lit up the stadium, another great show came to an end, hopefully to return again.