Deidaa Styletips on trend and within budget

Deidaa styletips on trend and within budget!!

Does your wardrobe look outdated and tired at the beginning of every season? You have nothing to wear to the races and the pre Christmas functions and your ‘Miss fat bank balance’ friend will score over you at every event? Do not cry over a wardrobe full of wrong choices. The key to being on trend is to invest in a few key staples – a crisp white shirt, well fitted jeans, a little black dress – and combine these with on trend accessories every season.

Deidaa styletips accessories the fairy Godmother’s magic wand

Accessories are the fairy Godmother’s magic wand that can transform every Cinderella into a princess.  Throw a chevron pleated pashmina scarf around your neck to celebrate that hot new trend – chevron. Lightweight and multi coloured these scarves are perfect Spring accessories, just what the style doctor ordered for some tired garments in your wardrobe.

Another accessory trending at the moment is the ‘mini bag’. The cavernous ‘it bag’ is somewhat passé’ this season. Bigger than the micro bag, the mini bag holds all the weapons in your arsenal – credit cards, bronzers, lipsticks, smart phones – without breaking your back and shoulders, literally! Mini bags with side straps can be slung across the body or over the shoulder, leaving the hands free to grab a caffeine fix when you are making the early morning dash to work or uni.

The beaded clutch bags are the more formal versions of the ‘mini bag’. The new generation beaded clutch bags come with metallic side slings. They can be clutched or slung when you go to the races. They are sequined and beaded with Aztec or animal motifs. The boxy minaudiere’ is classy and timeless.  Hand embroidered or embellished with chainmail or rhinestones, a  minaudiere’ can elevate a staple LBD into a red carpet ensemble. Every bride deserves the ivory minaudiere’ encrusted with faux pearls and diamantes’.

You do not have to break the bank to stay on trend. Combine a few in season accessories with investment staples and don’t tell your ‘Miss fat bank balance’ friend how you get it right – every time! Cheerio!

Are you being size bullied?

Are you being size bullied? reinforcing fashion stereotypes

Recently, a popular television network did a story on how plus size women are sidelined by clothing stores. If you are anywhere above a size 14, you have little choice when you are shopping for clothes. This is a sad commentary on a society that celebrates and reinforces fashion stereotypes.

Are you being size bullied? who defines a plus size?

Who defines what a plus size is?  A bunch of self –proclaimed fashion gurus who wear blinkers and have a narrow tunnel vision? Isn’t it time we saw the rainbow at the end of the tunnel? We are living in a globalised world that has little room for narrow fashion stereotypes. Beauty means different things to different people. In many emerging markets, a woman with curves is considered to be feminine and beautiful.

Are you being size bullied? dispelling the myths

While extra flab makes you predisposed to certain illnesses, it is a myth that all plus size women are unhealthy and all skinny women are fit. A woman may be naturally curvaceous or have a big bone structure, but may be otherwise fit. On the contrary, resorting to extreme measures and fad diets to look like some of the high priestesses of fashion can be outright unhealthy.

An ex Miss World was ridiculed by the media because she had committed the ultimate crime of making an appearance at an international fashion festival without shedding the extra kilos post childbirth. The media failed to notice how resplendent she looked, basking in the glory of motherhood. Why this unrealistic urgency about getting back to size zero, again to comply with the so called fashionable body proportions?

are you being size bullied? getting it right

If you elect to go under the knife or go on a diet, please seek professional help. Alternately, you can play with floral, animal and geometric prints, colours and necklines to create an optical illusion of a desired body shape. Kaftans in mid-weight fabrics like georgette and receding colours, flowing maxi dresses, tunics with box pleats that hide the mummy tummy can be flattering to a plus size silhouette. There is abundant choice in plus size maxi dresses and kaftans online.

Let us be comfortable in our own skin. Let us use fashion to our advantage … with a little help from professional stylists and plus size online stores.