Melbourne Cup Day 2017 Racewear Fashion Tips

We are five sleeps away from the big day, Emirates Melbourne Cup Day. Melbourne Cup Day is the jewel in the crown of the Spring Racing Festival. Like a jewel, the Melbourne Cup Day is about glamour and sparkle. It is colourful and flamboyant. There is room for adventure and experimentation. Here are the top 5 fashion tips for Emirates Melbourne Cup Day, 2017:

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Derby Day Racewear Fashion 2017

Goodbye Caulfield Cup, Hello Derby Day…
Fashion at Caulfield Cup 2017 saw a profusion of ruffles, colour and florals. Pinks and corals were cheek by jowl with cobalt blue and emerald green. Cut out dresses were popular, as were the strapless avatars. Headbands co-existed with turbans, traditional racewear, wide-brimmed hats and fascinators. Caulfield Cup does not have a strict dress code. Relaxed and eclectic choices in dresses and accessories abounded.
Derby Day is the inaugural event of Melbourne Spring Racing Festival. Unlike Caulfield Cup, Derby Day is a traditionalist’s delight. It is set in the classic mode, with strict etiquette and dress code to follow. Derby Day is about monochrome, about tints and tones of black and white.

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Put a Hat on Your Head and Get Noticed

Put a Hat on Your Head and Get Noticed Introduction

…  put a hat on your head and you’ll get noticed … in just a few words Tziporah from Advanced Style Documentary summed up the importance of fashion accessories in a woman’s wardrobe. And on occasions like the spring racing carnival, the importance of fashion accessories assumes mega proportions.

Hat Options

After all, what is race wear without head gear?  Who can forget Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, hiding her flower girl persona at the races at Ascot under a wide brimmed hat? Hats in all shapes and sizes, wide brimmed, fedoras, triibys, fascinators and top hats have been a part of the race wear tradition since the 19th Century. However, the trend setters among us have always dared to think differently and redefine tradition. From Paul Poiret to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, men and women have worn turbans with aplomb. Why not tie your favourite scarf as a turban or a bandanna? A crochet snood, a flapper headband or a sequined cap can be alternatives to the traditional fascinators. More versatile than the hattinators and the fascinators, the head scarfs, snoods and beret can be used later at pre Christmas or New Year’s Eve parties or at bar be ques by the beach.

Clutch Bag Options

A racewear frock needs a racewear headgear and a racewear clutch bag. The boxy clutch is trending at the moment. Fashioned out of chain mail, hand beaded embellished with rhinestones, the variety is endless.  Opt for a classic Gatsby clutch or add a hint of ethno chic with a brocade bag with danglers. A classic clutch bag does not have side slings, hence the name clutch. Side slings are a recent modification to classic clutch bags. They make room for fluid movement and keep your hands free for the mint juleps and the canapés.

Footwear Options

Racing footwear should be sensible footwear. Stilettos look cool but do not feel cool, especially when stuck in the grass. Worse still, they can result in painful injuries. Smart wedges in patent leather are a wise choice and save you the embarrassment of walking bare feet at the end of the day.

The trick to getting it right is about giving your outfit one central focus. It is wise to accessorise a  flamboyant frock with muted accessories. A bejeweled clutch should be offset by minimal jewelry. A statement hat should be worn with an understated dress.

Follow Deidaa’s ‘Frocks and Fillies’ series for an event by event breakdown of fashion tips for the racing season.