Deidaatip – make the most of EoFY sales

Deidaatip – make the most of EoFY sale

‘EoFY sale’ – the word itself is enough to get most of us into a tizzy. We brave the winter chill, rug up in beanies and boots and march resolutely towards the nearest shopping mall, armed with our trusted credit cards! We scout the stores for best bargains, determined to nudge other like minded shoppers out of the race. The ‘brave’ among us thrive on ‘sales’, energised by the competition and aggression, while the timid cower in fear, elbowed out by their more aggressive counterparts.

How do we make the most of EoFY sale? Practise caveat emptor

EoFY sale is the mother of all sales. At the end of financial year, every store tries all the tricks in the trade to reduce inventory.  EoFY sale is on cars, clothes and household items. I even spotted an EoFY sale on printing ink! No doubt, more items go on sale at the EoFY sale than any other sale. Along with good merchandise, samples, seconds and rejects are also out in full force. It is a good time to practise the rule of ‘caveat emptor’ or ‘buyer beware’ i.e., the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.

Brave the serpentine queues in front of the trial rooms and try the clothes to ensure they fit you. Some garments look good on display but do not do you any justice, when worn.Trial rooms are safe havens for a close inspection of the clothes you have selected.  Do not take too long – unless you are unfazed by the ‘stony glare’ of the one next in queue. Shop for shoes in the morning. Feet swell up by the evening. Walk the length and breadth of the store wearing the shoes of your choice. Do they feel comfortable? Are they too snug or too narrow? You may seek advice from a qualified shoe fitter. Ill fitting shoes are best avoided. If in doubt, SOS Deidaa.  A couple of members in the Deidaa team are qualified and experienced adults’ and childrens’ shoe fitters.

How do we make the most of EoFY sale? get a shopping buddy

Do not shop alone. Take a trusted friend, sister, mother or daughter with you. You are likely to make less mistakes if you get some honest, unbiased advice. You could take your other half as well. Make sure he/she is an avid shopper like yourself. My other half has the ‘let me go ‘ expression within fifteen minutes of hitting the stores. Soon after, he nods off on the first empty couch he finds or heads to the food court.

How do we make the most of EoFY sale? be hydrated

Shopping at EoFY sales can be emotionally and physically draining. The crowds and the clutter can take a toll on your nerves. Trial rooms can be asphyxiating. Carry a mini water bottle with you. Make sure it is not leaking. I had an embarrassing moment once, when unknown to me, I was leaving a trail of my crime wherever I went. If you suffer from claustrophobia, go out for fresh air now and then.

How do we make the most of EoFY salE? shop online

You can do all of the above or shop online, far from the madding crowd, in the comfort of you own home, sipping  a hot cuppa, snuggling under a duvet, dressed in your jammies! Online sales often commence before sales at bricks and mortar stores. If you are a savvy online shopper, you are sure to scoop up a few bargains. Look for online fashion stores like Deidaa, who offer secure shopping, world wide free shipping, no questions asked returns and online support.

Use EoFY sale to your advantage. Do not shop on an empty stomach. Do not shop when you are feeling low. You may end up binge shopping. Detect the gaps in your wardrobe, draw up and adhere to a ‘critical items to shop for’ list. The list, however, does not prevent you from picking up a few precious gems! Do not fail to share your EoFY shopping experience with other members of Deidaaratti (Deidaa Mail Club) on this forum!






Deidaa reviews the need for Vivid Sydney in winter

Why do we need Vivid Sydney in winter?

As the mercury dips and the beanies, puffas and mittens take hold of our lives, we inexorably drown in a sea of grey, charcoal and black. That is when we are hit with a craving for warmth and colour. Festivals like Vivid Sydney, have an intrinsic link with this universal craving for warmth and colour in winter.

what is vivid sydney?

Vivid Sydney simulates traditional pyrotechniques by streaming light on monuments and buildings via drones, notable among them being the sails at the Sydney Opera House. Supported by cutting edge music and mind blowing light art, Vivid Sydney is an audio visual sensory delight.

vivid sydney and The impact of colour on human psychology

Colour is known to have a deep impact on the human mind. Red is associated with warmth, energy and stimulation. Blue depicts serenity and trust. Green is restful and reassuring. Purple symbolises luxury, royalty and sophistication. Yellow and orange spell comfort and uplift the spirit. Nature covers nearly the entire spectrum of colour in spring, summer and autumn. In winter, however, nature withdraws its bounty, leaving the world listless and grey. We need to infuse colour in our lives in winter.

where do we find colour in winter?

We often commit the crime of cramming our wardrobes with grey, charcoal and black in winter. What we fail to fathom is that we must inject ‘ happy hormones’ into our winter wardrobe through induction of colour. A vivid red blazer or a rich purple duffel coat may do the trick. Are you a die hard black loyalist? You may opt for a black jacket embellished with gold print and beading. Still too intimidated to wear colourful blazers or floral print pants? You may opt for a pop of colour in your scarf. A red pashmina worn with a grey or black coat never fails to create an aura of warmth and colour. The roses in your garden may wilt, but they can continue to bloom on your scarlet rose scarf. A beaded clutch bag can be the highlight of your winter formal wear.

Most of us would like to wish the winter away. Sadly, it is not going anywhere till a month or two. Why not work around it, with a little help from Deidaa? After all, my Buddhism teaches me, winter always turns into spring.



Deidaatip how to wear 2016 colours

How to WEAR 2016 colours:

Vibrant oranges, vivid emeralds, radiant orchids and rich marsalas have been on top of the colour charts since the last few years However, the fashion pundits have predicted a clear shift in 2016 colours from brilliant and intense colours to soft hues like quartz pink and cornflower blue. Soft aqua, buttercup yellow and lilac complete the pastel story.

How do fashion designers work with this pastel palette? And what does it mean for you, the end customer? A pastel colour palette is not easy to work with. You can wear pastels if you have peaches and cream complexion and a perfectly contoured body. However, if you have a pale or sallow complexion, pastel clothes or make up will draw colour from your face. Pure pastel colours are not recommended for dark skin tones either. Traditionally, a pastel colour palette has been shunned in winter.  But this winter, we can use a few simple trick to use 2016 colours to our advantage.

#Rule 1

Combine pastels:

You do not have to dress up in quartz pink from head to toe. You do not want to look like a tub of gelato. The trick is to combine two or more pastel colours e.g., a cornflower blue blazer worn with a quartz pink blouse. This breaks the monotony of a single pastel colour and adds warmth to an otherwise cool palette.

#Rule 2:

Wear pastels with neutrals:

A quartz pink blazer looks chic worn with black and white printed top, a pair of black trousers a pair of patent peep toe shoes. For a more formal occasion, you could wear a black off shoulder top with a peach skirt – a frothy concoction of lace and tulle.

#Rule 3:

Wear pastels with bright colours:

A snorkel blue (also on trend) pant suit can be teamed up with a printed blouse in peach, lilac grey and pink. A graphic printed kaftan in pastel colours can be worn under an aqua overjacket trench coat

#Rule 4:

Wear pastels as accessories:

Are you a neutral colour loyalist? You can liven up your black, white and khakis and charcoal garments with scarves in pastel colours.  Get rid of some of the stark neutrality of you black dress with a bejeweled quartz pink clutch bag. The options are endless.

#Rule 5:

Wear dusty pastels:

Are you a brunette or a red head? Are you dark skinned? Wear dusty pastels instead of pure pastels. Instead of quartz pink you may wear a salmon pink. The cornflower blue may be replaced with a colour bordering on teal. You could also select from colours like  ivory, coral and sage.

2016 is not all about pastel colours – snorkel blue, green and red are hitting the headlines as well. It is a matter of selecting right. Need help with selection of right colours for your body shape and skin tone. SOS Deidaa at and the Deidaa team will come to your rescue in no time.


Is the coral scarf the right colour choice?

What is the right colour choice for your complexion?

We covet what we do not have. We go under the knife, use spray tan and botox, to achieve what we aspire to be. However, you do not have to go to such extreme lengths. Using a few simple tricks to select right coloured clothes and accessories you can look good in your own skin.

Right colour choice – Colour is relative

Let us clarify at the outset, colour is not absolute. A shirt or top may look pristine white in broad daylight. Under fluorescent light it will acquire a tinge of blue. An incandescent bulb will impart a yellow tint to the shirt. If you wear the white shirt under artificial light, it may add a ghostly pallor to your face.

Right colour choice – Working with primary colours

As a rule of thumb, primary colours like fire engine red draw colour from the face. Red and white are advancing colours. They make you look bigger than you are. However, you can work around the primary colours by using the tints and tones of these colours. You may opt for a coral dress instead of a red version or an emerald clutch bag as an accent to break the monotony of a black dress. Pure black sharply defines your body contours, so stay away from black unless you are blessed with an hour glass figure.Charcoal or ivory are more flattering than stark black or pristine white.

Right colour choice – Working with pastels

Pure pastels like baby pink, lilac and powder blue are traditionally deemed right for girls with light eyes and hair. However, dusty pastels like peach, caramel and sage are flattering to most complexions and body shapes.

Right colour choice – working with vivid colours

It is high time we shattered the myth that girls with pale complexion should stay away from wearing vivid colours. Bright colours like rust, coral and tangerine add warmth to your cheeks and sparkle to your eyes. This summer, it is about colour and bling, so wear your vibrant kaftans and colourful maxi dresses with aplomb. Still a little diffident? Make small beginnings, start with a colourful beach bag or a fringed scarf and come back for more when you collect compliments by the bagful.

Go girls! Get your colours today!

Online fashion shop – to trust or not to trust

Online fashion shop – to trust or not to trust

Recent reports of how an overseas online fashion shop is luring unsuspecting customers into long term commitments, set me thinking. How is it that you go back to some online fashion shops time and again; others you would not touch with a barge pole.

Online fashion shop a case study:

Deidaa is an established online fashion shop in Australia. If you are looking for paisley pashmina scarves, digital printed scarves, tie dye kaftans or hand beaded clutch bags, you are likely to land up at Deidaa’s online fashion shop. How does Deidaa offer best value and a pleasant online shopping experience to its customers?

Deidaa online fashion shop loads quickly:

How many of us have walked away from sites that take forever to load? This is a balancing act for an online fashion shop. An online fashion shop, by its very nature, has to be image rich. However, images can slow down a website, as can superfluous content. Deidaa makes an effort to optimise images and  minimise irrelevant content.

Deidaa has an attractive landing page:

An attractive landing page is like an eye catching shop window. Deidaa’s landing page does not tell all, but gives a clear insight into what Deidaa offers e.g., handcrafted and artisan made paisley pashmina scarves, tie dyed kaftans, digital printed dresses, hand beaded clutch bags and more.

Deidaa provides adequate information:

Deidaa’s products i.e.,  dresses, kaftans, clutch bags and scarves are backed up with clear images and ample information. If a floral maxi dress or a kaftan comes in multiple sizes or colours, this is obvious to the customer. The customer can easily select the preferred colour or size.

Deidaa responds quickly and effectively:

Deidaa is quick to respond to customer queries and requirements.  A customer from Kualalumpur, Malaysia urgently need a paisley clutch bag for a wedding. Deidaa made sure that the bag reached her within the deadline. Deidaa, thus, scored a happy customer. She went away with the promise to recommend Deidaa to all her friends.

Deidaa invokes trust:

Will you put your money in a black hole? Neither will I. A website that does not create trust resembles a black hole. Deidaa gives the customer a sense of security. Deidaa is security certified. The landing page has glowing testimonials and reviews from happy customers. Deidaa offers easy and quick transaction.  Its payment gateway is safe, simple and has universal currency. With world wide free shipping, cumbersome calculations are history.  You pay for the product only. Refund is assured. Thoughtful gestures like free gift wrapping on request add the icing on the cake.

Deidaa takes the risk out of online shopping. It makes  virtual shopping experience as real as possible. Happy customers are the key to Deidaa’s success. Customer satisfaction is Deidaa’s supreme mantra.

Deidaatip how to survive Boxing Day sales

Boxing Day sales work around two myths.

Boxing Day sales are an annual event:

They perhaps used to be. Since the economic downturn, markets have not recovered fully. Retailers are capitalizing on every opportunity to declare a sale. Ranging from Boxing Day sale, Easter weekend and Anzac Day celebrations, Mothers’ Day sales, Valentine’s Day sales and EoFY sales, they have it all. Boxing Day sales have lost much of their sheen.

There are genuine markdowns on full priced goods at Boxing Day sales:

This may be partially true, at best. Many stores create a ‘seconds’ lines for sales and factory outlets..

How do you shop savvy at Boxing Day sales:

Buyer beware:

Shop prudently.Make a list of things you really need and stick to the list. Inspect the goods at point of sale. A sale is seen as an opportunity to bump off defective pieces, shop soiled items, one off samples. It is illegal for retailers to sell defective or substandard goods unless explicitly declared at point of sale.

Know your rights:

Most shops put a ‘no refunds, no exchange disclaimer’ on sale items. In reality, sale items should be governed by the same refund policy as full priced items. Do not shop at stores that put up notices like ‘no refund, no exchange on sale items’. Many online designer stores like Deidaa offer no questions asked refund, even on sale items.

Avoid herd mentality:

There is no reason for you to jump into the fray, because half a dozen women are hunched over a pile of stretchy t- shirts, which are disappearing at an alarming speed. Do you really need half  a dozen cheap t- shirts or would you rather spend your dollars on an investment piece like a designer silk scarf?

Get a shopping buddy:

Do not shop alone. Ideally hire a personal shopper. If not, take a friend, sister or daughter who can give you an informed opinion. Daughters can be brutally frank at times, but come up with some very valuable suggestions.

Do not shop on an empty stomach:

An empty stomach has a nefarious connection with some shopping disasters.

Do not shop when you are upset:

Retail therapy is like chocolates. It has the ‘feel good factor’. If you are having an emotional downturn, chances are, you will do binge shopping.

Do not shop in a hurry:

Take time to try on garments and footwear. Brave the serpentine queues in front of the trial rooms during sales. Right fit is critical to garments and footwear. How many near new garments do you have in your wardrobe, practically unused because they are tight around the bust or hips or the fabric is not soft and breathable. Shoes that look good in the store turn out to be too narrow or too high, giving you blisters, bruises and broken ankles.

Make Boxing Day sale shopping a relaxed affair. Do not get into a frenzy. Pick up right clothes and accessories in the right sizes. Take a break at mid – day. Have a leisurely lunch with your shopping buddy. Who knows, at the end of the day you may have unearthed a few hidden gems!



Holiday tips 2016 – how to recharge your batteries

Holiday tips 2016 – How to recharge your batteries

End of year holidays mean different things to different people – for some it is ‘we time ‘ with family and friends, while for others, it is recharging the batteries to face the year to come. While my other half likes to fill his holidays with activities, I like to soak up the atmosphere, explore local cuisine, culture and crafts, stimulate my mind and get the creative juices flowing. At this time of the year we are loath to talk schedules and planning, however if we avoid some ‘silly’ mistakes this silly season, the recharge and unwind exercise need not degenerate into a nightmare.

Holiday tips 2016 – Do your homework:

If you are traveling to hitherto unexplored territory, it pays to do some homework. Familiarise yourself with local culture. Learn about protocols you need to follow and precautions you need to take.  Carry a smart traveler booklet with you. Make photocopies of your travel documents and credit cards carry one set with you; leave the other set with a trusted friend or family member at home. Get sufficient travel insurance. Notify your bank about your travel plans. Buy a local SIM card (available at most airports) or use mobile apps to stay connected. Roaming facilities on your mobile phone can cost you an arm and a leg.

Holiday tips 2016 – Pack savvy:

Pack colorful, light weight and crease resistant kaftans. Rolled up, these little numbers can fit the nooks and crannies of your suitcase. Kaftans are perfect as daywear or beachwear. They can be dressed up and down. They are compatible with most cultures. Carry sturdy and comfortable shoes like ballet flats. It is a good idea to wear sneakers while flying. If you are changing flights, the trek from one gate to another can be a good 5 km walk. No kidding, I did that just yesterday at Changi International Airport and ended up feeling very sorry for the woman who was walking ahead of me, wearing a pair of high boots. Another travel friendly accessory is a sling bag. A sling bag holds your essential documents while leaving your hands free for the trolleys.

Holiday tips 2016 – Travel light:

It is wise to travel light. The fewer luggages you have, the less vulnerable you are to loss and theft. Think before you pack the evening dress or the fancy pair of shoes. Beautiful indeed, but do you really need it on a hiking trip? Carry minimal or no precious jewelry. Costume jewelry is fun and if you lose an earring or two it does not weigh on your conscience or your purse.

Holiday tips 2016 – Carry a scarf:

Carry a scarf, in fact two. I cannot highlight enough the versatility of the humble scarf. At the beach, a scarf is a pareo, a bandanna and a throw over bathers. On a sunny day, it is an effective headscarf. If it is nippy, a scarf tied in a dead man’s knot around your neck protects you against the chill. Some religious monuments require you to cover your head, shoulders or legs. Scarves are handy on such occasions.

Holiday tips 2016 – Expect the unexpected:

Go with an open mind. If you have seen ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ you will realize those that enjoy the most are the ones who embrace and accept. Explore local cuisine, crafts and culture. It helps though, if you make sure that the local signature dish does not contain seafood you are allergic to.

Last but not the least, unwind. After all, this is about recharging the batteries.



Giftophobia how to combat the fear of exchanging gifts

Are you affected by giftophobia around this time of the year – the fear of giving and receiving the wrong gifts? We know it is the thought behind the gift that matters. However, won’t it be nice if your near and dear ones actually find your gifts useful?

Here are the top 5 tips to master the art of buying gifts.


Get to know the people you are buying the gift for. Observe their lifestyle, hobbies and interests. Your favourite aunt is Scottish, crafty and crotchety (pun intended). She is an active member of the lacemakers’ guild and loves all things handmade. Will she not love a paisley pashmina scarf or a kaftan with a hand crochet yoke?

The colleague who sits next to you loves the neutral palette. However, she does wear a statement scarf when attending boardroom meetings. Pick up a digital printed scarf that will add an accent to her understated elegance.


Be a good listener. What has your bestie been talking about lately? The big wedding she has to attend shortly and how she is desperately looking for some beaded clutch bags to go with her spectacular outfits. Or how she can’t wait for the holiday in Bali, where she will do nothing but soak up the sun. This one could definitely do with some kaftans and beach bags.


Your little niece is not that little any more. She is taking baby steps towards adulthood. She is experimenting with beauty and fashion. She will perhaps love the cotton pompom and fringed scarves or the sequinned beanies.


For your other half, who also wins the title of the ‘Barbeque King’ hands down, you could pick up some cooking aprons with funky slogans.

COMBAT GIFTOPHOBIA – Go by the stars:

Follow astrology. I am a typical Virgo and love organizers and memo boards, while my charismatic Libra friend loves flamboyance and colour.

You could do all of the above or take the easy way out by giving cash, gift cards or vouchers. These are practical and quick, but lack the personal touch. And most of these gift cards simply sit in our wallets, till they are past their use by dates!

If you are still in trouble over buying gifts, write to us and we at Deidaa, the good samaritans, will come to your rescue.




Is your summer wardrobe beach and travel ready?

Is your summer wardrobe beach and travel ready?

Thirty Four sleeps to Christmas!! The holiday season is nearly upon us. After working hard throughout the year, we are ready to spend a few days soaking up the sun at the beach, catching up with friends and family at backyard barbeques or packing the bags and traveling to exotic locales.  Are our wardrobes keeping pace with our holiday plans? Is our summer wardrobe beach and travel ready or festive enough?

Summer wardrobe – beachwear

Australian beaches are pristine and Australia is famous for its beach culture worldwide. Beach culture goes hand in hand with beachwear. Beachwear should be flirty, floaty and feminine. Lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, chiffon and georgette are ideal for beachwear. Silhouettes like wrap dresses, drawstring tunics and kaftans in floral, graphic and animal prints are on trend this season. Quick to dry and water repellent beachwear dresses can double up as cover ups over bathers or swimsuits.

summer wardrobe – travel

If you are traveling, pack lightweight clothes. Blended georgette dresses and tops are sturdy, crease resistant and take the rigours of travel well. If you are heading off to Northern hemisphere you may want to carry tops and dresses that can be paired with cardis, worn over pullovers or under blazers.

summer wardrobe – maxi dresses

Maxi dresses can double up as casual daywear and beachwear. They come in a wide variety of fabrics ranging from floral cottons to georgettes in vibrant colours. Maxi dresses can be dressed up and down and are ideal for poolside bar be ques.  Accessorised with hoop earrings, stacked bangles and espadrilles maxi dresses make that easy transition from casual to party wear.

summer wardrobe – scarf

Carry a lightweight scarf. Scarves can be worn as sarongs over bathers, can be wrapped over bare shoulder or tied around the neck for some added warmth.

During the holidays, your little ones can be quite a handful. Why not try something different this season?  Replace the usual toys with eye catching kids’ apron sets as stocking fillers and your little will soon be engrossed, decorating the Christmas cake or roasting corn cobs at the bar be que, leaving you with some ‘me time’.

Last but not the least, if you are planning the great outdoors experience do not forget your slip, slap, slop kit – a box of wet wipes, a spritzer, a lip balm fortified with UV protection, a sun block and moisturiser. Carry a floppy hat. Complement your sexy summer clothes and beach wear with comfortable flip flops and have a blast!!


Frockaholics’ Guide to Race wear

Caulfield Cup this afternoon heralds the beginning of racing season and your ultimate nightmare is almost coming true – you have nothing to wear!! The frocks you have a re a size too small, they look tired or, worse still, the prints on them are outdated. How do you revamp your race wear wardrobe?

PROBlem 1: Your RACE WEAR wardrobe is overly populated with jeans, t- shirts and tracky daks.

Solution – Get your tracky daks out of the way. Tracky daks, though comfortable, are slob garments. They are ok to take your pooch out for walks, but are a definite no – no when it comes to dressing for the races.

Dresses and hats with coordinated clutch bags for women and suits with roses on the lapels for men are part of a time honoured dress code. Caulfield Cup has a reasonably relaxed dress code. For men, a tie and a jacket are not mandatory, smart trousers, shoes and long sleeved shirts are. Women are encouraged to wear summer dresses or tailored coordinates. A formal fascinator can be replaced with sequined hats or floral headbands.

Races are as much about dressing right as they are about horses.  By dressing right you are only showing your respect for the tradition and etiquette of horse racing.

Problem 2: RACE WEAR Dresses are out of date.

Solution – Invest in frocks that do not date. A well tailored LBD in a classic style is a good example of this.  Make sure the dresses have ample seam allowance (extra fabric inside the dress) which can be taken out or in response to a fluctuating silhouette.

Invest in over jackets in medium weight, all weather fabrics. Thrown over the dresses, these jackets can define or camouflage your contours. Long  jackets have a slimming effect and can effectively conceal the extra kilos you may have gained.

Problem 3 – Cannot select colour or print

Solution – If you have the adventurous streak, opt for the bold and the beautiful – bright reds, tangerines, cobalt blues and emeralds. Opt for feminine frocks, clinched at the waist. Floral dresses work well as racewear. Go wild with African animal motifs or leopard print dresses.  If you want to celebrate all things Polynesian, wear the frangipani or the hibiscus print with gusto. Replace the traditional fascinator with frangipani in your hair and usher in Pacific rhythm in racewear.

It is a myth that black and white suit most women. Black clearly outlines the body contours. It is recommended for women with perfect body shape. White is an advancing colour and makes you look bigger than you are. If you still prefer solid colours, opt for not black, but charcoal and not white, but ivory.

The trick to wearing solid colours is to accessorise correctly. Read more about how to accessorise racewear in the next post in Deidaa’s ‘Frocks and Fillies’ series.