Spring-Summer 2018 fashion trends

Spring – Summer 2018 Fashion Trends

The wind has lost its bite, we are ditching the puffas in favour of lighter trenches. Is spring around the corner? Is it time for some Spring – Summer 2018 wardrobe mapping?
What are the defining looks of Spring – Summer 2018? How much can we re-vamp and what do we need to buy?
This, then, is the future of fashion:


Spring – Summer 2018 Fiesty Florals:

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking… as Miranda Priestly of Devil Wears Prada fame would say. No doubt, florals come back every spring. But they always come back with a new twist. Florals in Spring Summer 2018 are not shrinking violets. They are bold and all over, as seen in Deidaa’s poppy dress.

Colour my World:

Spring – Summer 2018 is not for the faint-hearted. In 2018, runways are awash with saturated hues like red, cobalt, emerald and primrose. Uplifting rainbow colours wipe out the gloom of a grey winter.

Pretty in Pastel:

Gelato pastels complete the colour story for Spring – Summer 2018. Sorbet colours like pink and green vie with the sizzling reds and canary yellows. Lilac makes a major comeback.
Fluid dresses in cobalt blue or soft peach seem to be a natural choice for pre-Christmas evenings.

Power Play:

Spring – Summer 2018 revives the aura of the 1980s… ruled by powerful women. Everything was larger than life in the ’80s… baubles, hair, business suits. Exaggerated sleeves and power shoulders pay a tribute to the 80’s woman.

Shimmery Sundays:

If the ’80s are making a comeback, glitter cannot be far away. Glitter, in Spring Summer 2018, is not confined to evenings alone. Glitter is on the streets, on crossbody bags and beach maxi dresses.

Fringe Benefits:

In keeping with the ’80s maximalism, fringes are swishing across summer scarves. Crossbody bags, shift dresses and totes are acquiring a swing.

Palm Beach Glamour:

Hawaiian prints on dresses and tropical kaftans are recreating the beach – socialite look

Earn your Stripes:

The stripe saga continues. Awning stripes and pinstripes are courting florals and dots this season. Wear this trend in layers. Use a sheer striped kaftan as a cover up for polka dotted swimwear. Sheer and diaphanous is another major story of Spring -Summer 2018.

Bagged Out:

I carry two bags, a handbag for my critical essentials and a roomy tote for books, water, scarf and sunnies. I am on trend this season. Models have been styled with two bags. Handbags are being paired with voluminous totes that have replaced the mini-bag.

Sakura Season:

Japonism has captivated designers since long. Kimonos, Mandarin collars and Obi sashes resurface this season. Cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums and cranes adorn everything.
The countdown has begun. You have a couple of weeks to stock up on your Spring Summer 2018 wardrobe. Need help? SOS Deidaa at info@deidaa.com.au. A Deidaa elf will come to your rescue, pronto!
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