fashion lessons at the royal wedding

Fashion Lessons Learnt from the Royal Wedding

There was much anticipation. We waited with bated breath to see what the bride would wear on her wedding day. I am, of course, talking about the royal wedding of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex to Meghan Markle. Come D- day and there she was, walking down the aisle, in a Givenchy gown, elegant in its simplicity.

Fashion lessons learned from the royal wedding, elegance prevails:

Step aside the anti – fashionists. Elegance ruled at the royal wedding. We saw sculpted hats, sorbet coloured dresses and clutch bags in all avatars. Priyanka Chopra in a custom Vivienne Westwood lunch suit outshone many of her peers. Lesson one learned from the royal wedding. Ditch your ripped clothes and tattoos for pastels, floral dresses, and fascinators.

Clutch bags rule:

Lesson two. You cannot carry big bags and be ladylike at formal events. Take a leaf out of Kate Middleton’s style file and select a clutch instead. You can rest your hand on the clutch or hold it with both hands for an insta-worthy photo. It holds your essentials without clashing with your style and posture.

Accessories matter:

Not everyone wore pastels. Amal Clooney in a primrose yellow sheath dress matched the sunshine. The other person who dared to be different and pulled it off, was Lady Kitty Spencer, Diana’s niece. Lady Kitty Spencer wore a forest green A-line dress with an engineered floral print. Kitty Spencer sure knows how to select the right accessories. To offset the flowers on her dress, Kitty wore orange shoes and carried an orange clutch. Lesson three, you do not have to match clutch bags and shoes to the colour of your dress. Pick a colour from the print or accents and highlight it with bags, shoes or jewellery in the same colour.

Recycle and re-use:

Kate Middleton sent out a subtle yet strong message about re-use and recycling. She was radiant in her Alexander Mcqueen coat dress she had worn earlier. In one royal stroke, she upheld thrift and sustainability. Lesson four, embrace slow fashion. Invest in well-made classics and wear them longer.

Age is a number:

Lesson five came from none other than the Queen herself. Her love of bright colours is well known. She was resplendent in a lime green coat. We got sneak peeks into the green and purple floral dress underneath. She finished it off with a lime and purple hat. Lime green is symbolic of birth and growth. The queen, thus, inspired us to enjoy life, taking its ups and downs in our stride.

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