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T-Shirt, Cross Body Bag, Scarf, Kaftan – Travel Essentials

Hi folks, back after a month of intense travel. I have a love-hate relationship with travelling within my country of origin. I am rattled by the delays and the crowds, but enthralled by its nature, crafts and cuisine.

If like me, you are bitten by the travel bug, these are a few handy tips for you.

1. T-Shirt, Cross Body Bag, Scarf, Kaftan – Tee on:

If you are looking for versatility and comfort, don’t look beyond the humble tee. Wear it with jeans or shorts. If you are travelling from summer to winter, begin with a single t-shirt and layer tees in multiples over jeans or leggings as you approach cooler climates.

Wear the tee knotted over shorts or bathers at the beach or wear it under jackets and coats to beat the chill. T-Shirts can double up as casual daywear or cool clubwear. They can work as nightshirts if you forget your regular ones. If you are prone to allergies and rashes, opt for organic cotton tees. Chemical free and rain-fed, organic cotton is good for you and the Mother Earth.
T-shirts make great gifts, especially the ones with quirky slogans. Those with a slice of Australiana can be great souvenirs or keepsakes. After all, who can say no to a koala t-shirt?

2. T-Shirt, Cross Body Bag, Scarf, Kaftan – 

If your travel involves walking, camping, glamping, a crossbody bag is a must-have. The printed ones add funk and colour to your travel wardrobe. Keep the crims at bay. Select crossbody bags with zipped inner compartments for valuables. Outer flaps can hold your sunnies, small change and sanitisers. Bags with waterproof lining keep your belongings dry in wet weather. Adjustable straps allow you to carry your bag close to or away from the body.

3. T-Shirt, Cross Body Bag, Scarf, Kaftan – 
Wrap up:

Another accessory you can’t beat in versatility is a scarf. Worn as a headscarf it protects you from the sun. Tied in a dead man’s knot, it fends off the early morning or late night chill. Thrown over the shoulder, it transforms a simple dress into eveningwear. A headscarf or shoulder scarf is mandatory when you enter several religious places. Scarves are available in a variety of patterns, colour and weight. Select a scarf that is lightweight, crease-free and travel-friendly. A lightweight pashmina is worth its weight in gold when it comes to in-flight comfort.

 4. T-Shirt, Cross Body Bag, Scarf, Kaftan – Passion for Kaftan:

Are you visiting a resort or chilling at a beach? Lightweight kaftans are manna from heaven for you. Colourful and comfortable, kaftans are ideal for cover-ups. They scrunch up into nothing and fit the nooks and crannies of your travel bags. If you wish to blend in, kaftans are accepted across cultures. They are trans-seasonal and lend themselves to layering.
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