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Dior and Deidaa: Lessons Learnt

“We were leaving a period of war, of uniforms, of soldier women with shoulders like boxers”. “I turned them into flowers, with soft shoulders, blooming bosoms, waist slim… and skirts opening up like blossoms. ” Christian Dior, thus summarised his ‘New Look’.
Christian Dior was a fashion designer and entrepreneur who reinvigorated post-war French fashion industry.
The first Christian Dior atelier opened on 24th October 1947. Within 10 days, the House of Dior had reached its projected financial goals for the whole of 1947. Christian Dior ruled French fashion for the next 10 years until his death in 1957. Dior produced over 12,000 garments per annum, 60% for private clients. The House of Dior accounted for 75% of French fashion exports.
What contributed to Dior’s success? What are the lessons learned from Christian Dior’s life and work?

Dior and Deidaa: Perfect Timing

Dior’s timing was perfect. The war had ended. Women had lived with the slogan of ‘make do and mend’ and boxy, conservative shapes for too long. Dior’s silhouette was curvaceous. His dresses combined miniscule corsets with petticoats that flared out from the waist. He used yards of expensive French fabric. He faced criticism for profligacy and waste. Very soon, though, women, craving femininity, and elegance lapped up Dior’s ‘New Look’. Dior and Deidaa: Deidaa learns from the maestro. Deidaa keeps a finger on the pulse of the customer. Moving with the times, Deidaa continues to focus on eco-friendly fabrics. Deidaa’s clothes and accessories are versatile, catering to the modern day woman.

Floral and feminine:

The flower remained a recurrent theme in Dior’s collections. Corolla, the Lily of the Valley, the Tulip lines reflected Dior’s passion for flowers. He shared this passion with his younger sister Catherine, who was a horticulturist. She worked as a sales agent at the wholesale flower markets of Paris. Dior’s successors like Yves Saint Laurent and Raf Simons followed this key Dior code. Deidaa derives inspiration from flowers. Bird of Paradise and Fuchsia adorn Deidaa’s printed silk scarves. Daisies and poppies bloom on Deidaa’s short beachwear dresses and maxi dresses.

Art and History:

Dior followed 18th century art and architecture. Exaggerated silhouettes, embroideries and woven silks, ornamental rococo motifs adorned Dior dresses. The curvilinear art nouveau motifs find expression on Deidaa’s kaftans. Like Dior, Deidaa’s forte is embroidery and crafting, as seen on Deidaa’s clutch bags.

The Spirit of Haute Couture:

Dior’s ‘New Look’ revived the spirit of haute couture in France. Since 1947, Dior maintains two different workrooms, flou (soft dressmaking) and failleau (tailoring). Minute details and fine workmanship are hallmarks of these workrooms. Deidaa does not claim to be haute couture and is wary of the frequent abuse of the term ‘haute couture’. Deidaa creates affordable scarves, kaftans, maxi dresses and bags. Nonetheless, all products are quality controlled. Customer satisfaction is uppermost on Deidaa’s mind. Deidaa offers the best user experience.

Team Work:

Dior’s laurels rest on not only Dior, but his successors as well. Yves Saint Laurent, who succeeded Dior, created the youthful trapeze line. Having worked in India, Gianfranco Ferre had a penchant for embroidery and textiles. His silhouettes were lavish and opulent. John Galliano was theatrical and extravagant. His designs for Dior were characterized by his signature bias cut. Like Dior, Deidaa works with a team. Team@deidaa makes a significant contribution to the success of Deidaa’s design aesthetic.
Christian Dior died in 1957. His legacy continues in feminine and floral dresses, in handcrafting, workmanship and details.

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