Recharging batteries these holidays – fashiontip

These end of year holidays, I retreated into nature for a few days… away from the trappings of urban life. I realised how invaluable this experience was for my mental and physical wellness. It is not enough to simply get away. For effectively recharging batteries, you have to get a few things right.

Follow a few fashion tips from Deidaa this holiday season to make the most of your end of year getaway:

Recharging batteries travel light:

Do not carry the burden of superfluous luggage. Pack low maintenance and versatile items of clothing. Crease free, lightweight and colour ful printed kaftans work well as beach wear or cover ups over bathers. In tropical climates, these tunics can be worn as dresses. Teamed with cardis and leggings, caftans serve as effective outwear in light winter. A wide variety of kaftans are available at online stores in Australia, in floral, paisley or geometric prints. Plus size kaftans flatter generous body shapes. Kaftans are multicultural and can be be worn in different countries across the world.

Follow the KISS principle:

Keep it simple. If the monochromatic palette is your poison, carry a few colourful fashion accessories like cross body bags as mood elevators. Cross body bags are nifty travel companions. They hold the bare essentials like sunnies, credit cards, phones etc. They can be slung across the shoulder, giving you the hands free option.

Wrap it up:

Speaking of fashion accessories, do not forget to pack a couple of wraps, a digital printed silk scarf and a boho cotton scarf that can double up as a sarong over bathers or as a bandanna. A fashion wrap can be worn in a dead man’s knot or wrapped over shoulders giving protection against the elements and adding a festive touch to a basic outfit.

Be prepared:

Do not be caught unawares. Always carry a light weight, free size semi – formal dress. You never know who you meet and where you get invited to.

Create memories:

Make these holidays a lasting experience. Good photographs create happy memories. Be photo ready. Combine a solid coloured dress with a printed scarf or a floral beach bag. You  do not have to carry the whole photgraphic paraphernalia. Smart phones take good pictures. If you are having a good time , it reflects in your photographs. Come back refreshed, ready to dive headlong into a happy and exciting 2017!