Trans-seasonal clothing – time for the switch?

Is it time to switch to trans-seasonal clothing?

It was a bitterly cold winter morning. I was on my way to work, covered head to toe in woollies. However, the minute I entered my workplace, I was transported from Alaska to Bermuda. The central heating at my workplace had reached its peak. I was well equipped to cope with the Bermuda weather in winter. I heaved a sign of relief as I got rid of my woollies and dressed down to the kaftan dress I was wearing underneath!

That’s when it struck me! Isn’t it time we got rid of the seasonal stereotypes and took stock of the new realities? Do we live in defined seasons any more? Most of live, work and party in controlled environments. We travel between hemispheres jet setting between seasons. And if you happen to live in a city like Melbourne, you have to dress for four seasons in a day.

Made out of medium weight fabric, trans-seasonal clothing lends itself to layering and suit the contemporary lifestyle better. Read more about how to adapt to trans-seasonal clothing in Deidaa’s next post, coming soon…